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A trade show is your chance to expand your client base, and your booth photography has to attract more attention than your competitors’ exhibits. The design matters, and with compelling images you can maximize your appeal and communicate who you are. At Coldea Productions, we begin the creative process with an in-depth consultation, so the project meets your specifications.

Booth construction involves a lot of complementary features, including:

Frames/covers: The strategy you use when building a booth involves designing an accurate reflection of your company that highlights its most compelling qualities. The best booths reflect an air of competence and professionalism, while also being approachable enough to maximize trade show traffic.

Banners: Driving home your brand is a priority when designing signage, and your booth photography should double down on that branding. For instance, a cutting-edge pharmaceutical company might choose images of modern research techniques to communicate forward-thinking. We specialize in creating marketing materials that are consistent with your messaging.

Tabletop displays: Trade show traffic is made up of potential clients, which is a golden opportunity to get in front of them. Getting results is more than just a game of numbers, but you get more solid leads when you boost the number of your visitors. Our booth photography is geared to attract crowds.

Literature: The face your potential clients see during a trade show is extremely important, of course. But even more critical is any material they take with them. To get results from your hard copy marketing projects, you need a professional.

Demo screens: Not only do attendees want a view of your products and services, but a surefire way to increase traffic to your booth is also through a compelling demonstration. This is where you can use high tech video and lights, or other attention-getting means. We offer booth photography at Coldea Productions, as well as professional videography and computer animation services.

The Advantage of Professional Booth Photography

As an exhibitor, you spend a lot of money establishing a visual presence at trade shows. Drawing traffic into your space is only successful when you deliver the goods.

The goal is to gain viable leads and increase sales, and your design has to communicate the quality of your products and services, which you do through vibrant signage and graphics. There are many examples where the best booth photography can make an impact on scaling your business.

Real Estate – The use of drone photography can show booth visitors the design and layout of your developments. You can also include aerial videography on your demo screen to attract crowds.

Auto/Boat Shows – Exhibitors in this industry need flashy booth photography to compete with live models attracting attention. When you’re marketing high-tech car parts or groundbreaking features you may want to play up the bells and whistles with professional videography.

If you’re the organizer of a trade show, conference or convention, you probably know the advantages of hiring a booth photographer. The lights, demos and overall energy of a corporate event make it the perfect environment to capture on film.

They’re more than memories … images from your event are a platform for expanding your exposure, which improves your numbers for next year’s convention. Booth photography benefits your exhibitors, vendors and corporate sponsors, which is always a boon to your business.

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