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Live Streaming Services

Whether you are planning a large corporate conference or small business introducing a new product line, the professional live streaming services for events at Coldea Productions can help you expand your audience reach and draw the maximum number of quality attendees. Our team of industry specialists has experience producing live stream events of all kinds and sizes that offer different ways to attract large groups of viewers.

In these unprecedented times of social distancing due to the global coronavirus pandemic, it has never been more important to communicate through live video through a wide range of live stream services. The rise in live stream video technology and the widespread use and availability of high-speed wireless internet connections allows event planners a great way to reach remote audiences without putting them in danger.

Coldea Productions uses years of professional video production and live stream events to provide valuable live stream services for events of all kinds and sizes. We can help you filter live stream video and a range of content delivery networks for marketing, internal business, or personal communication needs.

How Does a Live-Stream Work?

Those of you who are old enough to remember the earliest days of live streaming will recall the frustration of waiting for your internet connection to catch up to the content. Online users would often find themselves staring at the “buffering” status for what seemed like hours. At a time before Facebook Live and high-speed wireless connections that can easily be called up your mobile device, dial-up internet, and slow computers would often make audio streams unlistenable and live stream video impossible to watch.

The technology has come a long way from those days with live events instantly and smoothly, capturing broadcasts on live streams that attract viewers worldwide. A virtual event is the best way for businesses of all sizes to present live events for the largest groups of interested consumers, corporate partners, and employees.

Benefits to Live Streaming Services for Events

Livestream and mobile technology have made it easier than ever to live events to reach massive amounts of viewers. The increasing popularity of apps like Zoom, Periscope, Facebook Live, Instagram Live, YouTube Live, and Ustream allows event planners and viewers to connect and engage in unprecedented ways.

Key benefits to the live streaming services for events at Coldea Productions include:

Attract Large Remote Audience

In-person conferences, seminars, and other large events are expensive and time-consuming for both the presenters and the attendees. Travel costs, venue rental expenses, and food and lodging budgets can add up quickly and limit audience access. There are no such costs or restrictions for live stream events available for viewers across the world on any desktop computer or mobile device with a stable, high-speed connection. There are no limits to how many people can view your live event at one time. These live video streams can also be recorded, extending their reach with on-demand access on a variety of platforms.

Present an Air of Urgency

Using a professional streaming service to live stream, your event adds a sense of uniqueness and urgency to the project. Presenting your event live on the internet gives off an air of excitement and expectancy that edited video cannot offer. Remote audiences will feel more engaged and invested when watching live content compared with taped events. This will create

a buzz and about your live event that will help you reach your goals and objectives.

Creates Interactive Experience

Livestream events present the unique opportunity to engage and interact with your audience in real-time. Depending on the type of event, time can be set aside to answer questions and address concerns directly from attendees. Posting polls and sharing results within the live event will give viewers input into the content and help drive the live event’s direction.

Types of Live Streaming Options for Varying Events and Applications

Coldea Productions brings a wealth of experience and skills to handle live streaming services for events of all kinds, types, and sizes. Whether you are planning a webinar, investor meeting, or any other type of event, our team of video production and Livestream professionals will deliver premium quality live video streaming services to attract large remote audiences.

The following are examples of the best live events that will help you reach your goals and objectives.

Corporate Communications

A rapid rise in digital technology and the availability to use streaming services for a wide range of corporate uses and applications have helped to keep business flowing and maintain productivity during these unprecedented times of social distancing and remote working requirements amid the global COVID-19 pandemic. You are able to host town halls, large conventions, and investor meetings without posing health risks to attendees while maintaining a consistent workflow without having to leave the office or home. Today’s digital world offers alternatives to traditional in-person gatherings without expense, hassles, or dangers.

Marketing Opportunities

With the increase in popularity and functionality of social media networks and other digital outlets with the ability to live stream from and to anywhere in the world, digital marketing through live video presentations has changed the way products and services are marketed and sold. Using live streaming services for events takes customer testimonials, explainer videos, and product demonstrations to new heights with branding opportunities that can draw large numbers of potential customers.

Using event apps like Periscope, Vimeo Livestream, Instagram Live, and a wide range of other social media outlets expands your remote audience reach exponentially, tapping into massive groups of potential customers. Livestreaming events are a powerful marketing tool that allows attendees to interact and engage in the presentation through Q&As, polls, and other creative communication interactions.

Concerts, Performances

One of the hardest-hit industries, when the world began social distancing, was the entertainment community. With concert halls, auditoriums, and theaters shuttered until it was safe to gather in larger crowds, performers of all kinds around the world turned to stream services with the ability to broadcast live performances of all kinds on the internet. This came with unique challenges that are, to this day, still being sifted through for the best solutions.

There is nothing like the energy and passion of a live crowd in a packed concert hall, but until it is safe to do so, live streaming services provide an alternative that can reach massive groups of remote audiences across the globe.

Tips for Planning Live Webcasting and Streaming

From sales and marketing conferences to corporate town halls and product line rollouts, live streaming services for events in the business world are highly effective and cost-saving alternatives to renting out large conference halls and auditoriums. Using a streaming service to attract remote audiences can achieve your goals and objectives without the added expense and health risks associated with large in-person meetings.

Following these planning tips for your next live streaming corporate gathering will help the live event go off without a hitch.

Event Registration

Having attendees register for your live event beforehand will allow you to better plan the Livestream and cater the content to maximize audience engagement and interaction. You can also gather user data for follow up communications and invitation to future events.

Practice and Testing

For many people venturing into the world of live streaming events, it is a new adventure that they should not jump into lightly. A big part of the necessary pre-production planning process is to have your presenters and performance practice in the appropriate setting to feel as comfortable as possible when the camera’s red light goes on and the live stream begins. All equipment and technical aspects should be fully tested and run through to ensure everything from a clean stream to the lighting, sound, and encoder are in proper working order.

Mobile-Friendly for All Devices

Everyone is walking around constantly checking their mobile phone for the latest engaging content. A large segment of your remote audience will be viewing your Livestream from a smartphone, tablet, or other mobile device. Ensure the technical preparation and video content are accessible and clearly viewed on the smallest screens on the market.

Audience Engagement

One of the most important features of a live streaming event is connecting, engaging, and interacting directly with your remote audience in real-time. Live chat features on streaming services, and social media platforms encourage audience engagement and interaction through Q&A sessions, relevant polls, and other interactive features and functions.

Why Choose Us?

Whether you are hosting a small event for your business or a large convention or trade show for a large corporation, Coldea Productions offers professional live streaming services for events of all kinds and sizes. We offer the smoothest production experience and attract the largest groups of viewers to expand your reach and brand awareness in your industry.

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Premium quality live-streaming services for events from the industry professionals at Coldea Productions can attract the largest online crowds. Live streaming events offer cost-effective solutions for alternatives to in-person gatherings and meetings. Contact Coldea Productions for complete information on our video production and live streaming services to get started today.

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