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It can be the top grossing event of the year for your company. And with a complete tradeshow coverage photographer you can raise your exposure – and your profits.

Your list of responsibilities as a tradeshow organizer is as long as your arm. But when you can hand over your need for quality, high-resolution images of the show to a reliable corporate event photographer, it’s less burdensome.


With Coldea Productions, you’re hiring experienced professionals who know the massive scope of complete tradeshow coverage photography. We’ve worked in venues with tens of thousands of square feet, shooting entertainment, exhibitors, speakers and awards shows.

From corporate headshots to exhibit photography, we know how to help businesses maximize their potential for reaching their customer base. Our services include shooting images in advance for your displays, as well as turning out clear, compelling photos for social media use after the show is over. In fact, we’re a comprehensive, creative services company, which means we can help you formulate a high-impact visual marketing plan.

Shooting Strategies in Conventions and Tradeshow Photography

The best tradeshow photographer understands that huge events warrant unique results. Convention coverage has to include large digital files of eye-catching images with messages that are on point.

There are crowds and, therefore, your professional photographer needs the expertise to capture clear shots of faces and choose creative angles to provide you with more than just “pictures.” You want to communicate the essence and the climate of the event to those who weren’t in attendance. Sometimes that includes blurring a certain depth of the field or striving to catch the crowd when it’s facing the camera.

By consulting with you in advance, we create a shot list to be sure that nothing is missed, such as principals who attend the show or notable speakers that raise your profile.

We help you in advance to create banners and exhibit booth images, offering our design ideas for your logo and overall branding strategy. You may have small, kiosk-sized booths or large exhibits that stand several stories tall. The important thing is that the tradeshow photography supports your mission.


Marketing with Tradeshow Coverage Photography

If you are in an industry that benefits from email blasts, you need your images of the show soon. A complete tradeshow coverage photographer will provide you with content, and you want it within days – not weeks.

At Coldea Productions, you get more than a quick turnaround. We offer a range of services that includes event videography, which you can stream during the show as well as afterward. What you want from your corporate event photographer is material to market your next show, and your next.

Conventions and tradeshow and corporate event photography enables industry professionals who couldn’t make it to the convention to add to your numbers. And the addition of remote attendance gives you more impressive statistics. A complete tradeshow photography services contribute to your ability to promote a standard that’s competitive in the marketplace and leverage high-quality photos.

Frequently Asked Questions About Working With A Trade Show Photographer

What kind of photos does a trade show photographer get?

We will capture whatever your show or expo needs! We will work closely with you to develop a shot list that ensures every moment is captured in high quality images. 

  • Group photos
  • Keynote speakers
  • Photo booths
  • Candid shots
  • Product shots
  • Trade show booth design
  • Exhibit photos
  • Signage
What are the benefits of trade show photography?

Fully capture the unique attributes of your trade show and get your prospects and vendors eager to plan for next year.

Why is event photography important?

You high quality images can be used in marketing materials, promotional content, website and print materials, and even event distribution next year. Capturing top-quality professional photos elevates the perception of your event and creates event recognition.

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