Utilizing Instagram’s New Features to Increase Reach

Instagram, the photo app owned by Facebook, has evolved from a platform for selfies and staged food photos to a hub for news outlets, bloggers, and marketers. While users have always been able to add their text to their images, Instagram recently released options that let users add text to their pictures and send stickers […]

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Tips For Growing Your Audience on Social Media

Towards the end of 2021, research showed that 82% of American residents had social media profiles either for their personal use or businesses. Some with profiles on Twitter, Facebook, and others on LinkedIn engage their audience. Unlike youths who see social media as a networking tool, marketing enthusiasts have found a haven for generating leads. […]

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How To Turn Followers Into Clients

Social media has revolutionized the face of marketing for businesses. Today, everyone aims to build a brand presence and gather a string of loyal followers. But is getting more followers the end goal for a thriving business? The answer is no. An important fact that most people ignore is that growing social media following offers […]

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The Importance of Video Marketing for Dentists

Everybody can benefit from a good marketing strategy, and dentists are no exception to this rule. While this isn’t new, video marketing is becoming more and more critical for small businesses. With videos becoming the most used and consumed form of content online, having a video marketing strategy can be vital to position your business […]

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