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Even a startup company with a staff of 30-year-old forward-thinkers needs such conventional aspects as employee and corporate headshots. You won’t survive without a social media presence and website images, so it’s important to find a good headshots photographer, even before you launch.


Employee and Corporate Headshots to Fit Company Culture

It’s not your grandpa’s corporate culture anymore – it doesn’t have to be formal to be effective. And even better, your company photography doesn’t have to look like everyone else’s.

While IBM may have spent half a century using a marbleized blue background, your corporate headshots may communicate your company’s vibe much better with a more contemporary look.

For instance, if you have a financial services company you might choose to digitally cut out the headshot photos and place them on a solid black or solid white background. If you’re in the music business you may want a brick wall or pillars behind you, while a design studio may want a colorful abstract scene.


Why You Need Employee and Corporate Headshots Now

If you don’t stay updated and current by re-shooting your employee and corporate headshots regularly, you risk being seen as rigid and outdated by potential team members, current staff and worse – by your clientele.

Also, new photos enable you to communicate who you are right now – not 30 years ago- when your images are updated. Not only does that extend your reach to a wider (and younger) client base, your executives can use them for more than just a framed portrait on the wall in their brick-and-mortar offices.

The main purpose of employee and corporate headshots is for marketing. Many clients don’t want to work with a company when they can’t find out who they are. What you get from an employee and corporate headshots photographer is a photo package you can use for promotional purposes. Images can be used for business cards, email blasts, websites and brochures.

When you hire Coldea Productions you get a creative services team. We can take your project from start to finish, beginning with a consultation. By discussing your goals, we can put together a plan where you put your best face forward, both through high-resolution headshot photos and a best practices strategic marketing program.

Advantages of Employee and Corporate Headshots

Digital photography is a bit like a coat of paint. Once you’ve prepped and done the work, the payoff is immediate. When you post your professional, high-quality photography, you are literally changing, or establishing, the face of your company’s image. And like the difference in quality you get when you hire a professional to paint your home or office, professional employee and corporate headshots photography makes an impression that you’re ready to do serious business.


You can be identified in your community and in the marketplace when you attach a headshot to such networking sites as LinkedIn and Facebook. It also drives your brand, which is a good reason to be deliberate about the style you choose for your employee headshots.

Nearly every company needs more connection to scale their business. Employee and corporate headshots are a means to do that.

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