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When a home shopper can’t tour a house in person, the next best thing is a video walk-through. With the use of real estate videos, you can literally bring the house to the buyer without having to get the buyer to the house. If you’re in commercial real estate, we get your buyer to the building – virtually – without planes to catch or obligatory lunches.

Why do I need a real estate video?

It’s a dream come true for the hard-working real estate professionals, who sacrifice weekends to plant themselves in the living rooms of their listed properties and await visitors – rain or shine. That, along with lugging heavy signage and, time and again, being stood up by flaky home shoppers are all good reasons a real estate broker can be thrilled about the luxury of minimizing that form of sales.

That’s the beauty of video real estate. The increased reach to a larger customer base is what makes moving images in your marketing package a major plus for the real estate industry. Now you can give tours to buyers out of state or out of the country in a matter of minutes.

A professional video package works exponentially to bring your target audience – real estate shoppers – to you. With search engine optimization, your listing gets in front of the right sets of eyes, and then it does the persuading for you. A well-crafted marketing video does all the work. It sells the property through great imagery and even greater storytelling. Your product is visual, and it’s the sort of purchase that appeals to the senses. Nothing is more persuasive, or more sensual, than video, except for real physical contact. Charts and still photography are fine. But they’re everywhere. Video production is so much more dynamic.

What kind of real estate video marketing do I need?

real estate videos

Whether your real estate listings are luxury homes or industrial warehouse properties, you want a strong online presence, and nothing gets more noticed than moving images. Your promotional video has to do just that – promote your product, and that happens best when homeowners can view your listing as their next nest.

Are you in commercial real estate? You need tenants, and prospective tenants need you. Connect with your target customer with a real estate video package that enables them to virtually envision their business operation in your commercial space. The best real estate videos help them emotionally connect to the property you present to them.

There are many different approaches we take, depending on the style that suits you best. Would you like to include comments by the home sellers? Maybe some expert opinions are what will add legitimacy to your price points. You have a story to tell, and the approach differs with the message. And so does the camera work.

Drone imagery is a part of what we do at Coldea Productions. The best use of the bird’s eye view from drone imagery is in telling a story about the life and personality of the property, sometimes incorporating its history and, at other times, presenting its more recent high points. And the good news is you can choose the best features of the real estate to play up. Everyone knows the adage “location, location, location,” and the aerial view presents the significance of a property’s location. For instance, if the lots are spacious, drone images can enlighten potential customers regarding the placement of the homes. Or if you have a listing that’s a modest home, but in an impressive, high-end neighborhood, drone technology enables buyers to get an overall view. It’s an instant way to inform them of the tremendous value of your listing without having to just tell them how well it’s situated.

For commercial real estate brokers, real estate aerial videography from drones serves a lot of the same purposes. Drones can show distance from landmarks and give buyers an idea of the size of the building, its placement on the block, and surrounding businesses or retail outlets. Where aerial photography used to be a novelty, and investors would consider it a lucky break to get that kind of a view, you really don’t want to attempt to sell commercial properties without a video format.

real estate videos

Where can I get the best real estate video production?

You need a marketing package that sells the property. So, you need a team of filmmakers who know how to tell its story, cast the best light on the listing, and reach your target audience.

We know how to make a real estate video that has the singular goal of grabbing the attention of your customer base with methods that work. Our videos bring buyers into your home or office space. Once there, your product sells itself. From bare bones to luxury property – we’ve done it all.

Our researchers hone in on the needs of your particular client base, at the same time featuring your home or commercial property’s stand-out qualities. We sit down with you to create the best style for your needs. Sometimes that means a 2-minute video that feels like a feature film. In other cases, a narrated walk-through might be in order.

Do you want to attract executives? Done. Does your target customer value location? Done.

We don’t pre-package at Coldea Productions. It is a customized video product tailored to meet your needs. We work diligently to stay on top of market trends, so your project is a current, informative and compelling piece you can proudly distribute.

Our seasoned storyboard developers can streamline your message. If your client base is upscale, for instance, we may advise you to feature individual amenities, such as a weight room or wine cellar. If it’s a building in an industrial complex that you’re representing, your storyline will be entirely different.

You’re not just selling space, you’re selling a lifestyle. We understand that at Coldea Productions.