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A high-profile awards ceremony requires a professional awards presentation photographer for your company’s use, and later for its archives. As the event’s organizer, you want your extensive work to get maximum exposure to impact every party involved – from company executives to clientele.

Make it Memorable

Even the best event photographer needs something to work with, which means your first order of business is to produce a quality show. There are many considerations that contribute to an awards show’s success.

The best venue

So much is riding on the success of this event and choosing where it takes place is a huge consideration. Your attendees need easy access, which requires you to pay attention to details such as roadways into the city and the prevalence of parking.

Effective theme

It influences everything from the table settings to the set design. The theme is foundational to your event and can be decided years in advance. The glamour of the Oscars, for example, is baked-in, but the Academy also chooses themes. A few of them are: “Women and the Movies” in 1993, “Space Odyssey” in 2001, and “We All Dream in Gold” in 2016.

Scenic staging

Of course, your set design will be consistent with your theme and communicate your message clearly. And considering the stage is the backdrop for your awards presentation photography, it affects your permanent record of the event as well.

Great entertainment

Offering kudos to your award recipients may be your primary objective, but making it entertaining is necessary to please your audience.

Memorable moments

Awarding staff members, clients or associates personally has a much greater impact than sending them a cash reward. They’re being publicly recognized, which many people consider the greatest honor they can receive. But creative components to a typical awards script is the best way to send attendees home with a positive view of the host.

Event video

An event videographer may be the one who provides you that “wow moment,” so adding one to your budget is a good idea. A century of success in the motion picture industry tells you that audiences love moving pictures. The Coldea Productions team has experience in the L.A. film industry, and our creative services include event videography in addition to awards presentation photography.

Galvanize Your Branding

Mention “golden statue” and we all know it’s the Oscar because its image has been seared into our collective memory. That’s the effect of awards presentation photography.

You’ve poured time and money into creating your brand. An awards ceremony is the perfect time to reinforce your corporate identity through staging, food, entertainment, and gifting. Your awards presentation photography will reflect your brand when the project is completed.

As a creative services team, we understand the design and powerful effect of good branding. Your Coldea Productions event photographer consults with you before the event to strategize how to create the best images to communicate who you are.

The step-and-repeat photography at the entrance is obvious branding – it’s emblazoned with the corporate sponsor’s logo. But the high-resolution awards presentation photographer needs to double down on the brand promotion with shots from both the ceremony and the events surrounding it.

Awarding your customer base is an ingenious marketing tool, to begin with. The attention you give to your clients comes back to you with the increase in customer loyalty.

But what benefits you exponentially is the social media attention that award winners post during and following the event. Their marketing works in tandem with yours to reach a much wider audience. That’s why you need a professional awards presentation photographer who knows how to promote your brand and increase your reach.

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