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Fashion Photography

It’s been around as long as we’ve had cameras (150+ years), but one thing has remained the same: in most cases, the point of fashion photography is not to showcase yesterday’s look, but instead to focus forward, on the direction it’s taking tomorrow.

What kind of fashion photographer do I need?

That forward focus on your new line and its impact on the ready-to-wear market is what you need a professional fashion photographer to capture. And hiring the best professional for that role is de rigueur in your industry.

Like gamblers know, everyone has a “tell,” and how much of your poker face you disclose is between you and your photographer. In other words, how much do you want viewers to know about your new collection? Which pieces you choose to trot out onto the runway is one of the decisions you make, and then there’s the question, “What story do you want to convey with pictures?

Your photo professional needs to know that fashion is more than understanding white balance, aperture and image count. He or she has to have the capacity to translate your story. When your line calls for glamour photography, it’s important that a high fashion photographer can set a stage that matches the elegant tone of your designs. Boho style, punk, retro, art-school chic or classic – you need a photographer flexible enough to know what’s trending when it comes to showcasing your line accurately.

What’s the purpose of fashion photography?

Designers who are fresh out of FIDM know that in order to land jobs in the fashion industry, they’ve got to have photos that say their work has a look that’s both hot and haute. You’re going to post your designs on multiple social media platforms, and you want them to get attention.

Getting noticed, and remembered, by prospective employers is one thing. Selling your pret-a-porter merchandise is another. The target audience is different and, therefore, the shots must be too. A good model photographer knows how to draw attention to your clothing line, not the man or woman underneath them.

On a model,mannequin or a hanger, your photographer’s ability to showcase what’s good about your line will determine whether it outperforms competitors in the marketplace. And because you have a two-pronged trending toward what’s visible – a visual industry and a visual consumer – great photography can “sew it up,” in terms of sales and marketing success.

If you’re a model and your aim is to get your talent in front of modeling agencies in Los Angeles, for instance, you want a fashion shoot that’s different than an actor headshot. It may feel like you’re on the “America’s Top Model” runway, because it involves both street fashion shots and a high fashion wardrobe, but it’s important to show range. If you’re a photo modeling agency, you know that each of your models needs a different approach.

You don’t have to spend a fortune on stylists to get strong images of your work. A good photographer can create a product that comprehensively reflects what you offer.

Who can handle my creative photography needs?

Just like product promotion you’re building a brand. And when branding is closely aligned with what’s trending, you need a photographer who’s edgy enough to represent you accurately.

Whether your photo ends up on a news portal like the California Apparel News or on the wall in your showroom at the California Market Center, the statement has to be spot on.

What you’re getting with our team at Coldea Productions is staff photographers with an incredibly artistic bent. We interface with all members in your field, and we have the technical proficiency plus the instinct to bring your individual design to the page.

Our images are in demand by:

Modeling Agencies
You’ve got experts on the runway, and we’ve got behind-the-camera talent. As industry gatekeepers, you’re selective, so we communicate the message you’re sending that gets your models noticed. You don’t have time for amateurs.

Fashion Designers
Your statement has to get your merchandise in the doors of retail stores, so crafting an image that engages fashion professionals is the goal. We work with models whose bodies surrender to your ready-to-wear designs, maximizing the selling points.

You want to sell your image and your product, and we have experience with both. From studio setup and garment placement to executing shots that accentuate the positive, our work attracts the attention of consumers on every platform – online and in print.

Magazine Editors
Our shots tell a story that transcends what any wordy description can do. We work within your publishing guidelines, which means less work on your part. You want your photographer to be more informed than your readers, which is why we have our fingers on the pulse of what’s happening.

“A photograph is a document, just as much as an article or an essay, and picture editors are looking for concise images which clearly communicate an idea or an emotion,” says Fashion Net, an online fashion hub.

We know how to create fashion photography that offers your brand and reflects your artistic passion. And, at the same time, connects you to your target audience and gets you noticed.

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