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Financial Services Video Marketing

Providing clear and concise information about the services you provide can be difficult, especially when it comes to financial services. Leveraging the power of financial services video marketing is one of the keys to overcoming this challenge!

Here at COLDEA Productions, we have experience within the financial industry, including dealing with FINRA and broker-dealer regulations. We take complex ideas and reposition them into clear concepts for your audience. We produce testimonial videos to establish a human connection, presentation videos to describe your company, HR videos to attract top-tier talent, and financial product videos to explain your offerings.

There are many institutions that provide financial services to the public, and your financial company can benefit from a clear, planned out video marketing strategy. In recent years, experts have employed the power of video as one of the most effective ways to communicate directly with your clientele. Video marketing is incredibly popular for building content and garners more attention than traditional marketing.

When you manage a financial service, one of the most important marketing goals is to get people to trust you. With an expertly produced marketing video, your brand can appear not only polished and professional but also personable and honest. You can speak directly to your audience, and engage them in ways that you cannot replicate with traditional marketing techniques.

Video Marketing for Financial Services

Video marketing for financial institutions is quickly becoming the norm. Because video marketing is incredibly effective and has a lower cost per conversion than traditional marketing, it is no surprise that the leading companies in finance use video marketing regularly. By hiring a professional video marketing company, you will be able to produce high-quality content, which will solidify your brand’s image and create a cohesive story that your customers love to watch.

Video marketing can showcase your brand, put emphasis on a product or service, or draw attention to a new product launch. In recent yearsdigital marketing best practices have centered around financial services video marketing using such means as a YouTube Channel and posting on other social media platforms.

Video marketing increases customer engagement and can increase followers on social media. While traditional marketing is a high-cost option that is not always effective, video marketing is a proven way to garner more interest in your brand and services.

Video Marketing for Banks

Banks have a lot of competition nowadays, and it can be difficult to get new customers. By employing financial services innovation such as the power of video, you can set your bank apart, showing its unique qualities. If you are not using video marketing for your banking institution, you are losing out on a huge opportunity to attract customers.

You can make specific marketing videos for each branch of the bank, or post a how-to series on financial services and money management skills your audience would find useful. You can also simply show off the services that your brand offers that are better than the competition.

Whether you are making a single promotional video or a series of marketing videos for regular content, you will increase your followers and audience engagement when you utilize video marketing for your bank.

Financial Advisor Marketing Videos

Financial advisor marketing videos are quite popular. People are always looking for new ways to make the most out of their money, and they are eager to learn any new tips, tricks, or secrets a financial advisor may know. Marketing videos can feature questions that are often asked, or you can focus on your track record as a brand or person who knows how to properly manage money. Your expertise can be highlighted through an explainer video on your YouTube Channel with best practices for business owners and individuals seeking to improve their financial outlook.

Financial advisor marketing videos can make your brand seem posh, sleek, and luxurious, or you can appeal to people who want to deal with a brand that is more relatable and personable. It all depends on your specific market. Whichever direction you go, video marketing can help you achieve your goals.

Wealth Management Marketing Videos

Wealth management marketing videos allow you to appeal to customers who have accumulated wealth. By showing your audience the ways in which you can maximize their returns and how you are different from other wealth management brands, you are able to market your services effectively and generate leads and revenue.

In recent yearsfinancial advisors have been reaching out to a new audience with online options such as an explainer video about Google Wallet. Video marketing allows you to appeal to your target audience more effectively and increase your brand visibility.

Marketing Videos About Investments

Investments can be confusing, and marketing videos about investments are becoming quite popular. Whether you manage an institution that makes investments, or you are an investor yourself, making a marketing video about investments is a great way to get customers’ attention, which can quickly change to conversions.

By loading a YouTube Channel with relevant video content or maintaining a blog post with updated information, you gain traction with potential clients who see you as an industry expert.

Mutual Fund Marketing Videos

Mutual fund marketing videos are on numerous YouTube Channels right now, and if you are a portfolio manager or business that oversees mutual funds, you should create content that will interest potential clients. If you don’t have marketing videos for your mutual fund options, you are not keeping up with the competition.

Mutual fund marketing videos can be as simple as explaining what a mutual fund is and accomplishes, or they can be more brand-specific, and show what sets your services apart. Mutual fund marketing videos can be added to your website as well as social media outlets.

Other Types of Marketing Videos for Financial Services

There are many different types of marketing videos for a financial advisor. You can even have a daily video that goes over the differences in the market that day or a blog post with a prerequisite video guide that takes you step by step through the investment process.

You can also introduce individuals who work for your financial company, go over basic concepts, or create niche videos that are geared towards a smaller, more specific audience.

Video Marketing for Product Launches

If you have a new financial product that you are launching, you will want to create a marketing video that allows you to properly advertise your new services. When used in conjunction with a well thought out marketing strategy, marketing videos make your brand and products more visible and will generate excitement for your new products.

Home Page Videos for Financial Services

Videos about finance can be, in a word, boring. You can add interest to your home page by including a short video that introduces potential customers to your available services. Creating a homepage video that people want to watch can be difficult, but with the experienced experts at Coldea Productions, you can create a video that is engaging and makes your brand stand out.

Financial Services Event Videos

If your bank or other business is hosting or sponsoring an event, making a marketing video about it is always a good idea. You will be able to generate more interest in the event and share the video to social media.

Tips for Financial Video Marketing

Content-Length Matters

No one wants to listen to someone go on and on about finances for a long period of time, and you will lose viewers and potential clients if you create content that is too long. If your content is too short, you will not be able to get your point across. The ideal video length for marketing content is two minutes long. If you have a subject that takes longer than two minutes to discuss, it is best to break up your videos into two-minute long segments.

Update Regularly

By posting regular updates, you will keep your audience engaged, and you will be able to more effectively market new services and products. Regular updates will optimize your search engine ranking and keep your content feeling fresh and up-to-date. With relevant content regarding Google Wallet, Apple Pay, and other online services, your customers will feel as though you are a company that stays current.

Content Promotion is Key

Content marketing doesn’t reach its full potential without proper promotion. By implementing a well thought out marketing strategy, you will be able to create achievable goals and decide on the direction you want your brand to go. If your marketing team has never used video content before either on your website or on social media platforms, you may want to bring in someone who is well-versed in the field of video marketing.

Professionally produced and edited video content not only makes your brand look more polished, it is a great way to attract a higher quality clientele and increases leads and conversions. Coldea Productions is able to create content that is specific to your brand and audience and makes sure that your needs are met.

What Sets Coldea Productions Apart?

We are a highly esteemed video production and editing company located in southern California and serving nationwide. We specialize in marketing videos, animation, and photography, and pride ourselves on creating only high-quality content that our clients love. More than just a video production company, We also offer photography services, as well as 2D and 3D animation and effects.

Video Services Offered by Us

Coldea Productions has a long list of video services which include video production, video editing, photography, and animation.

Photography Services Offered by Coldea Productions

If you need photography services, Coldea Productions offers both standalone packages, or you can add photography options to your video services.

Why You Should Call Us

Coldea Productions can keep your business on the cutting-edge by using the best new marketing video techniques. We specialize in knowing how to make your ideas and concepts a reality. Whether you are a financial advisor needing a single explainer video or a content series that gives your brand a voice and an image, we can help you create content that will increase your audience engagement and visibility. Call us today so that we can take your business to the next level!

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