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Video Marketing for the Industrial Manufacturing

You manufacture products, and you are exceptionally good at it! You ensure your entire team goes the extra mile to provide customers with the best manufactured products available. And you take pride in your work.

We produce industrial manufacturing videos, and we are exceptionally good at it! From creating visual storytelling videos of your manufacturing process to producing compelling product videos that showcase your offerings, we ensure your products and services are clear and concise. We help you differentiate yourself from other manufacturing companies so you can focus on delivering value to your clients.

The manufacturing industry presents many opportunities for professional video production to help to improve productivity, safety, training, marketing efforts, and other areas throughout the operation of a manufacturing or industrial business. From facility walkthroughs and training videos to digital marketing and trade show presentations, videos can be a big part of a manufacturing company’s operations.

The Internet has come a long way since having to wait minutes to download a single image. Advances in high speed and wireless connections allowed for the expansion of bandwidth needed to download and play high definition video files. Now, video is a standard media format on websites and social media for all kinds of industries and businesses. Video production in the manufacturing industry can help generate traffic, increase sales, and make the operation more efficient and smoother in many other internal areas.

Video Marketing Applications for the Manufacturing Industry

Most online users watch videos as part of their regular routine throughout the day. In the business world, videos have taken over as the most effective and popular method of communicating information – for both business-to-business and business-to-customer relationships. Manufacturing companies have a unique set of opportunities and challenges for a wide range of video uses and applications.

Professionally produced videos for video marketing campaigns have the ability to reach a broad selection of potential clients or customers in the manufacturing industry. The trick to effective digital marketing campaigns using video content is to make them targeted. You want specialized, high-quality video content that speaks to specific audiences – those most likely to result in quantifiable business success. In other words, you need to reach your target audience.

Online sites and social media properties are saturated with all kinds of video options competing for clicks and views, case studies show. The manufacturing industry is a competitive, no-nonsense business. The video production representing your corporate brand should reflect this – providing attention-grabbing, engaging, and impactful content that presents your company as an authority figure in the industry.

Videos and SEO

Prominent search engines like Google and YouTube treat video content in high regard as a valuable component of an effective campaign using Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques. As long as video content is fully optimized following the same guidelines and procedures as any other web content such as meta description, title tags, and keyword usage, it can perform as well or better than any other form of content.

Manufacturing Video Production Uses, Applications

If used correctly and produced professionally, videos can be valuable tools in the manufacturing industry for a broad range of commercial and in-house uses and applications.

  • Training Videos

Videos are ideal for any kind of training video presentation for anything from machinery operations to company policies and expectations.

  • Conference and Events

There is often a lot riding on corporate events and conferences in the manufacturing business. Expectations are high regarding all aspects of these large gatherings of industry or company personnel. High-quality videos can make major contributions to the success and smoothness of these types of events.

  • Product Launch Videos

Slick, engaging videos are a great way to unveil your latest product line or service. Professionally produced video presentations can grab target audiences and provide them with the information needed to make a purchase decision.

  • Testimonial Videos

There are not a lot of marketing techniques more effective than having satisfied customers sing your praises on camera in professionally produced testimonial videos.

  • Product Explainer Videos

Consumers learn quicker and retain information longer through video than reading a description.

  • Corporate Walkthroughs

Give prospective clients an inside look into your corporate operations with high-quality walkthroughs. Applicants and new hires can also be shown how the company operates through high-quality corporate walkthrough videos.

  • Social Media Videos

Perhaps nowhere else online have videos taken over the content more than on social media properties like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Linked In. Short, attention-grabbing, clever, and/or humorous videos on these platforms can be very effective at creating and growing your online presence.

  • Answer Client Questions

The manufacturing industry can be a complicated and ever-changing business that takes years of education and constant upkeep to fully understand. Videos can help answer the most frequently asked questions and can be used as reference materials for a manufacturing company for years to come.

Benefits of Manufacturing Video Marketing

One of the best uses of video in the manufacturing industry is as part of a comprehensive digital marketing campaign. Videos can help manufacturing companies create and expand an online presence, resulting in an increase in website traffic and conversions.

  • Online Presence

The primary objective of creating an online presence is to build up your brand and expose your company to potential customers and clients who are already searching for the products and services you offer. A brand video creates a visual imprint of your unique message that provides a greater chance for retention and name recognition.

  • Expand Customer Outreach

Online users turn to video content exclusively for advertisements and to gather information about all kinds of products and services. Video is the most effective and popular form of media to reach the maximum number of consumers and expand the outreach of your customer base.

  • SEO is a Powerful Marketing Tool

Every minute, hundreds of videos are uploaded to YouTube, the second largest search engine in the world behind Google. This presents a powerful marketing tool for videos that are property created for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Videos can help manufacturing businesses increase search engine rankings, website traffic, and the generation of sales leads.

  • Social Media Presence

Online users are using social media platforms to gather information of all kinds, from news to commercial purchasing decisions. Professional, impactful promotional and sales videos posted on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn can be effective tools to draw people to your website to generate traffic, interest, and sales. Short, high-quality videos that can grab users’ attention, while entertaining and informing can be extremely effective digital marketing elements to take your manufacturing company to the next level.

  • Catering to Mobile Users

Wherever you go these days, it seems everyone is plugged into their smartphones or tablets, and more of them are watching videos as the main form of online content. Videos targeting mobile users are typically shorter and flashier to quickly grab the attention of the user before they move on to the next video.

  • Making a Good First Impression

In video marketing efforts, you control the message. First impressions are crucial in today’s climate of scrolling and short attention spans. If a video can grab a prospective customer or client’s attention in the first few seconds of a dynamic, impactful video, there is a much greater chance of success to land them as an actual client.

  • Educate Your Clients

Manufacturing industry businesses can be complicated and confusing when dealing with intricate manufacturing and industrial products and methods. Video is a visual medium that can be effectively used to educate potential clients and customers about your manufacturing and industrial products and services.

  • Video Used in Email Marketing Campaigns

Using videos in email marketing campaigns can help to grab the recipient’s attention in those crucial first few seconds of receiving an email in their inbox. According to case studies, simply including the word “video” in the subject line of an email marketing campaign will serve to increase click-through rates. Attention-grabbing videos can have a significant impact on the effectiveness of email marketing efforts.

Why Choose Coldea Productions?

COLDEA Productions has a dedicated team of video production professionals and specialists experienced in creating high-quality videos for a variety of uses and applications throughout the manufacturing industry. Our impressive staff uses the very latest technological advancements, equipment, and processes to create dynamic, impactful, and effective video content aimed at your target audiences.

One of the most respected and highest rated corporate video production companies in Southern California, COLDEA produced professional videos for promotional, commercial, and in-house uses and applications. We also have available a wide range of specialty video and photography services using state-of-the-art special effects and 3-D technology capabilities.

An impressive portfolio at COLDEA showcases a large and varied array of professional video services and skillsets to fit all kinds of video production needs.

Video Services

Photography Services

COLDEA also offers professional photography services for video productions and independent projects.

Coldea Specializes in Video Production for the Manufacturing Industry

COLDEA Productions is a full-service professional video production house servicing the manufacturing and industrial industries by providing dynamic, impactful, and informational video content for a wide range of uses and applications throughout the industry.

Experienced, talented video production professionals are dedicated to creating effective video content for use in commercial, training, social media, and marketing purposes in the manufacturing community. For complete information on the professional video services we provide, contact a Coldea representative to get a free quote for your manufacturing business today.

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