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Company Video Production

Visual messaging about your products, services, and general brand can be improved and expanded with a company video that’s on-trend and professional in quality.  A high-resolution corporate video impacts the way you communicate from your desktop – to customers, employees, and the general public. Your voice is louder and reverberates more, which can move you from a mover and shaker to an industry leader.

By creating web videos for your site, a commercial for TV ads, or videos for Facebook and other social media, you can jump-start your marketing campaign. Videos can also help you communicate with your own staff in a more dynamic way.

How do I make a corporate video?

There are many different types of commercial video productions and they are designed to meet specific needs. Recruiting videos attract talent to your company. Training videos onboard them. Marketing videos reach out to help your bottom line. A product video will promote your merchandise and an explainer video will demonstrate their use.

A professional web video is a great example of the type of compelling content you can use on social media to get the kind of attention that expands beyond your existing client base. The message you choose will not only inform potential customers, but it also serves to define and reflect your company brand.

When you build a video marketing strategy, there are steps you can take that have a track record of proven success. One of those factors is a strong start – brainstorming with a creative team. You need an atmosphere of open discussion with a broadband approach to floating ideas. Even the concepts you don’t use this time around can become useful on a project down the line.

Communicate the aspects of your products and services that benefit your target audience – it has to resonate. Remember that a video is dynamic – it’s not just a list of features. It is a style where you show rather than tell.

Your storyboard has to align with your purpose and further the narrative that makes your company unique. Branding needs to match. By viewing the sequence of events planned for your final product, you can make changes to the plan while it’s in this early phase of the process.

The look, style, and appeal of your corporate video are all part of the takeaway your customers absorb from your project. The visual aspects of your commercial production join forces with narration, voiceovers, testimonials, etc. to provide an overall impression of your brand. That is one of the reasons you cannot post and promote an amateur-level product video if you want your company to be equated with a certain level of excellence.

The good news is you don’t have to tackle it alone. At COLDEA Productions we can take you through the process of discovering new revenue streams through the use of a powerful company video. We can help you showcase your products and services or create a broad corporate branding piece.

What is a company culture video?

There are a lot of reasons to communicate the values and personality of your company to others. It may contribute to sales, but it is certainly effective in drawing the best talent to your company as well as maintaining standards among all of your current employees and contractors.

A company culture video conveys your mission, ethos, and means of operation so those who identify with your purpose or seek to become associates know your expectations.

Recruiting Tool

One of the ways a company can win in the game of recruiting is to produce a company culture video. It’s an easy way to communicate the vibe of your company to a job candidate as well as document benchmarks and gauge the interests of the younger demographics in your industry.

Recruiting marketing is more important than you may think. Today’s job seekers are media savvy and they are paying attention. Those who are vying for tech jobs are particularly selective – they want to find a workplace with the elements they value and the culture they desire. A professional company culture video can sell them on it. They will have a reaction to your brand, one way or the other, and a positive image will keep them interested in the interview process.

Most importantly, authenticity is a preeminent value among job candidates. They want to know their employer is honest and straightforward with them, which your video can accomplish.

As counterintuitive as it seems, a company culture video can help you build a relationship with a prospective employee. One of the most effective qualities of videos is their ability to convey emotion, which is a primary component of a successful marketing tool – in this case, promoting the company to prospective employees.

Many of the applicants today want purposeful careers. More than the industry they choose, they tend to want a workplace with similar priorities or at least a feeling that makes them happy to be there. Prospective job candidates will reflect on the company culture you show them, so it’s an opportunity to promote the most desirable elements of your company and underscore what’s important for the success of your business.

Branding Tool

company culture video can also sway shoppers and lead to higher conversion rates. Many video viewers respond to them because they elicit a certain feeling or an inexplicable vibe. Video content continues to grow, and consumers want videos of brands they support. The reverse is also true – the more professional videos you produce, the more they are attracted to your brand. You’re more likely to add like-minded employees and gain clients for life that way.

A post on a career platform falls flat by comparison to a dynamic, engaging recruitment video and mere presence on social media isn’t enough to promote your company. The content is key. A great example of the downfall of exposure over quality is if you’re a game company that invests in an abundance of publicity – your business brand is accessible on BuzzFeed, Twitter, Instagram, etc., but your promo video is under par. It will undercut your aim and your response is unlikely to meet your expectations.

Advertising sites are one avenue for exposure, but again, your content needs to stand out. If you have a simple business listing on HotFrog, you can’t communicate company culture unless you add content such as a company video to your menu.

Some of the most popular ad sites are:

  • Yahoo! Local
  • Better Business Bureau
  • Merchant Circle
  • Angie’s List
  • Thumbtack
  • Manta
  • Insider Pages
  • Google My Business

Because it will be used repeatedly, your company culture video needs to be polished and professional in quality. There’s an ample return on investment when you hire a professional videography team.

How do you make a corporate video more interesting?

If you’re investing in a video marketing piece, you want it to hit the target. And when it gets in front of your potential customers, you’re one step ahead. But it also has to engage the viewer.

Your click-through rate is what leads to conversions, and the content of your video production is what determines whether or not they continue following your lead. Depending on the corporate video’s purpose – training, brand awareness, sales, etc. – there are suggestions for pumping up the content:

Recruiting Videos

  • Overview of company attributes
  • Interviews with other employees
  • Communicate core values
  • Reflect diversity and growth
  • Promote a recruitment event
  • Include a panel discussion
  • Answer their questions
  • Show supervisors interacting with teammates

Training Videos

  • Compelling narrative
  • Able to reuse
  • Intelligent subject matter
  • Interviews with company executives
  • Show passion
  • Create a unified voice
  • Show company history
  • Use humor when appropriate

Marketing Videos

  • Create trending content/going viral
  • Show remote teams
  • Infuse charity work/causes supported by the company
  • Use animation/graphics
  • Eye-catching
  • Customer satisfaction testimonials
  • Include branded merchandise
  • Use event footage

After you determine the types of videos your company needs, you can choose the footage and script that resonates with the intended viewer. People consume information differently – the video you create to amplify your keynote speech at a convention will probably not resemble the video for an HR awareness meeting about corporate safety, for instance.

Some features are true across the board for general use, such as the attraction to moving images over still photos … and the natural tendency for your eyes to move toward something visual over the power of text alone. Videos can be shared by those who view them, which is why they are so effective as marketing tools. You can exponentially reach more potential clients because each person shares your corporate video with their own group of friends and acquaintances.

How do I choose the best corporate video company?

Whether you need a company introduction video or you’re simply raising the profile of your brand with updated marketing materials, a commercial production company can help you.

COLDEA Productions is a creative services team that can take you from the pre-production planning stages through to your marketing strategy design and execution. If you’re a game company prepared to release a new product or a food-and-beverage establishment wanting to let people know your doors are open, it’s in our wheelhouse.

We are seasoned professionals with expertise in storytelling. We know how to craft your message so that it resonates with your target audience. We can create a culture video for new hires or an explainer video to reach a wider customer spread.

Our affordability means we can make a game-changing marketing video, design a piece that reflects your company culture, create something in-house, or make a suite of videos if that’s what you need. We also do live-streaming for your events – Zoom calls, conferences, or meetings with your sales team.

We handle every industry imaginable, providing aerial videography for real estate agents, sports coverage for executives and teammates, and product photography/videography for manufacturing. Let us know when it’s time to raise your profile, rebrand your company, or get ready to launch with a new company video.

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