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Animation Services

Animation is a powerful tool to deliver important information and messaging. COLDEA Productions offers a wide range of animation services that can breathe new life into a business brand or supply an engaging and entertaining content vehicle for any personal or business application.

Whether you are in need of a boost to informational videos through 2D animation elements or you are looking for a complete animated production with 3D effects and animated character development, the talented team of creative specialists at COLDEA Productions can take your idea and concepts and bring them to life with professional animated productions and projects.

The average consumer attention span has never been lower. As the competition gets larger and stronger, it gets increasingly more difficult to get and keep people focused long enough to deliver your message. Animated images are natural eye-catchers, using motion, colors, and texture to draw people in. Even animated text put in motion through the use of kinetic typography is more effective at delivering and retaining information. CSS animations expand upon basic web text with fonts, colors and graphics and updating the look of websites with hyperlinks. We can animate properties through sophisticated software for a variety of commercial applications.

Animation Provides Control, Flexibility to Stand Out

At COLDEA Production, our impressive staff of animation and video professionals partners with you from initial concept development to final editing and distribution steps. Even simple Video Animation Services provide a great level of creative and content control with a heightened range of flexibility to get the information and message out in engaging, compelling, and marketable ways.
Animation videos used to highlight business products and services rise above the competition by keeping prospective customers interested in the message being delivered in an entertaining production. Effective use of the latest digital marketing techniques and social media targeted advertising opportunities requires the video content to compel interest and engagement within the first couple of seconds. Nothing can draw in viewers more than a professionally-produced animated video production from the creative, talented animation team at COLDEA Productions.
Videos have become an essential component of an effective digital marketing campaign. More people get their information and marketing exposure through online videos. The social media marketing industry is huge and driven by attention-getting, high-quality video. Targeted ad campaigns provide opportunities to tailor videos to the needs and preferences of their specific audiences. The animation is a great way to stand out among the competition to draw viewers in, generate traffic to your website, and increase revenue through higher conversion rates.

Animation Services for Wide Range of Industries, Applications

The animation is not just for Saturday morning cartoons anymore. Animated video elements are used throughout the business world for a wide range of uses and applications. Any video that is being used to tell a story, share information, or promote a product or service can be enhanced by the professional Video Animation Services at COLDEA Productions.

The following is a small sample of the ways animation can be used to improve the effectiveness and look of your next video.
Animators at COLDEA Productions use the highest production standards and quality, utilizing the ideal mix of animation design, artwork, and audio to present information and messages in the most dynamic and engaging format in the market. We work with you to design and create the ideal animation video elements and components to deliver your message in the most entertaining way. Whatever your business or the services and products you provide, we have animation solutions to meet your digital marketing needs.
Industries that can take advantage of animation services to improve the quality and effectiveness of business-related videos from training to marketing include:

Types of Animation Services

At COLDEA Productions, we offer a wide range of professionally created, highly effective options for animation services. Which combination of services works best for you depends on the purpose of the video, the story you have to tell, and your budget. We will partner with you to determine which type of animation options work best for you.
Our talented team of animators will take your concepts and work with you to transform them into professional-looking animated renderings custom created to your specifications and ideas.

2D Animation

Professionally curated 2D animation services at COLDEA Productions create valuable assets that provide unique marketing opportunities in today’s visual world. Animated videos help to present complex concepts and problems in an easily digestible and dynamic manner. An animation video displays essential communication elements in a straightforward, clear messaging platform. Animators rely on the use of two dimensions, width, and height, to transmit information or tell a story.
A storyboard will be created using a script to sketch the various scenes of the video. Computer animation programs speed up the process that was once exclusively done by hand, such as shading and coloring. Even with modern technological advances and using state-of-the-art equipment, animation rendering is a time-consuming, tedious process.
The creative, experienced animators at COLDEA Productions make the best use of the visual freedoms of the art form. The items, characters, and locations used in animation are limited only to the creative vision of our clients and our impressive team of professional animators. New worlds are created with each project, delivering messages in creative ways that could never be possible in real life.

3D Animation

The third D in 3D could very well stand for depth, which is the additional element animation adds to the equation. 3D animation creates realistic images used in major motion pictures, television commercials, video games, and many other applications in various industries. The process is an effective digital marketing tool that provides dynamic and compelling content that drives viewer interest.
Significant advances in the creation, production, and preservation technology for animation has changed the popularity and impact of animation applications throughout the world. Talented designers and animators at COLDEA Productions use the latest state-of-the-art equipment and processes to create 3D imagery for a wide range of industries and applications.

Animated Logos

Bring your logo to life with animated features that will have your brand stand out and be noticed. An animated 3D logo gives your business an air of authenticity and promotes your brand as an expert in the field or in your industry. Various versions, angles, and sizes can be created for use in varying marketing applications.

Architectural Walkthroughs

Allow developers and investors the chance to see what a building or structure will look like even before construction begins. Video animation enables others to see what you see and walk them through various stages of development, construction, and the finished product without ever leaving their homes. 3D animation allows for the display of inner operation systems to show how they fit into the overall design.

Cartoons and Feature Films

The animated film sector has never been bigger with full feature animated films, short films, and features garnering more attention, acceptance, and popularity. 3D animation revitalized and transformed the animated film and cartoon industry into a billion-dollar industry.

Explainer Videos

3D animation allows the flexibility to create explainer videos that can break down methods and steps like no other medium or artistic endeavor. You have total freedom and flexibility to control the visuals to help explain the most complicated systems or concepts.


Medical Procedures

Complicated and dangerous medical procedures can be illustrated through animation for the purposes of training and other applications without having to use real people. Animation allows you to show different angles and perspectives that cannot be accessed in real-life examples.

Product Demonstration Videos

Creating a product demonstration video allows you to have complete control over the product and how it works. Without altering the way the product looks or acts, animation product demonstrations can show the inner workings and reverse angle perspectives that cannot be garnered from showing the actual product.

Video Games

The rise of 3D animation has changed the way video games are created, giving a real-life feel to any game world. Animation techniques provide depth and perspective. When a character moves, the whole scene adjusts in real-time, from angles to shadows.


Kinetic Typography

Motion creates emotion. Kinetic typography is the process of adding dynamic movement to text in order to communicate information while evoking engagement and emotion. Viewers of videos generally do like to have to read, even when watching information-based videos. A lot of text on the screen can be overwhelming and distracting. The right combination of text, timed movements, music, and additional visual emphasis can make text-based videos or segments more effective and visually appealing.

Videos that feature a song’s lyrics are a prime use of kinetic typography. Gone are the days of reading the lyrics on the back of album covers or cassette inserts. You can now find videos with the lyrics of your favorite songs with a simple search. The technology used to display the lyrics throughout the song is kinetic type/text, or kinetic typography.
Kinetic typography is widely used for informational and advertisement or commercial videos that take advantage of its eye-catching capability to dynamically convey important messaging.
Benefits of using kinetic typography to present text content include:
  • Viewer Attraction, Retention
  • Effective, Informative
  • Highlighting Priorities, Context
  • Aesthetically Pleasing
  • Viewable Without Sound

Character Animation

Animation videos come to life with character rendering that adds emotion and personality to your video presentation. Today character animation is widely used in short films, game development, social media content, and is a very popular tool for marketing and advertising. At COLDEA Productions, talented animation artists transform concepts, sketches, and ideas into animated characters and creatures.

Creative animators give characters life by applying the laws of physics to animated movements, gestures, body language, and facial features. These characters offer flexibility and unlimited artistic license to say and do whatever is needed to impart information in the most creative and entertaining ways.
Adding characters to animated marketing videos provide valuable benefits including:
  • Increased Storytelling Capabilities
  • Invoke Empathy, Engagement
  • Brand Identification
  • Audience Targeting
  • Viral Opportunities

Whiteboard Animation

There is something about receiving information on a whiteboard that provides a sense of comfort making it easier to absorb and retain the information. Explainer videos using whiteboard animation techniques are great ways to impart valuable information. While clear, engaging drawing is a key element to a successful whiteboard animation video, the most important aspect is … timing.

Watching a hand-drawn illustrator create images and concepts from a blank canvas is a hypnotic experience. The reveal of the art as it is created is a compelling, engaging hook to get the viewer interested and invested in the information and the way it is presented.

Benefits of whiteboard animation include:
  • Improves Understanding of Information
  • Entertains, Engages Viewer
  • Improves Memory Retention
  • Effective Training, Sales Tool

Animated Infographics

Print infographics have become a popular and accepted method of communicating information on both printed and online platforms. Infographics have visual effects that are easy on the eyes and simpler to digest and retain the information.
The concept has transferred to animation designers who create animated infographic information in a video format. The technology to animate properties creates more dynamic and engaging charts, graphs, illustrations, text, and other imagery vital to telling the story and imparting information. Infographic animation is designed to catch the eye and provide emphasis, context, and clarification to the information.
Reasons to use animated infographics to tell stories and share information include:
  • Brings Your Concept to Life
  • Provide Context to Information, Ideas
  • Strike Proper Tone
  • Visually Present Abstract Ideas

Animated Services from Video Production Professionals

The best product, service, message, or other information is useless without the delivery method that works most effectively with your target audience. The visual effects in animated video content can be used to garner attention with serious, involved information as well as fun, humorous animated content. No matter what the circumstance or application, the animation draws the eye and keeps it there. Visual effects through CSS animations and other technologies make us a leader in corporate website design, short films, feature films, and commercials.

At COLDEA Productions, we specialize in video projects and productions of all types and sizes. Contact us today for complete information and a free estimate on animation service and all other types of video production services provided by industry professionals.

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