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Video Animation

The use of video marketing in today’s business world is widely accepted for a variety of applications and uses, from promotional and branding videos to in-house communications. Adding elements of animation produces an animated corporate video that will increase information retention in a dynamic, memorable way. Our creative and technically savvy animators at Coldea Productions use state-of-the-art equipment to produce dynamic, engaging, and entertaining corporate animation for use in marketing efforts and internal communication applications.

Our team of video production professionals creates purpose and goal-driven video content for businesses of sizes in a wide range of industries.

Using 2D, 3D, kinetic, or whiteboard animation in any of these video applications will enable you to tell your story and relay your business messaging in a more dynamic, entertaining, and engaging manner. Consumers are drawn to animation, are more likely to keep watching, and far more likely to absorb, remember, and retain the information and messaging components than in a traditional video format.

Industries across the corporate world can take advantage of animated corporate video produced by the production professionals at Coldea Productions are designed to improve the quality and effectiveness of business-related videos from training to marketing:

  • Financial
  • Healthcare
  • Hotel, Hospitality Marketing
  • Law Firms
  • Manufacturing, Industrial
  • Real Estate
  • Technology

Corporate Animation For Businesses

Common types of video projects designed to increase your company’s online presence and attract your target audience to your website to generate sales and revenue include:

Branding Video

The most important objective of any business is to increase your brand awareness and loyalty among your current and future customers. Even within the constructs of animated video, Coldea Productions animators will maintain your branding elements and keep your message consistent with other marketing efforts.

Company Profile Video

Introduce your business to potential customers or stakeholders in a dynamic animated video that offers an overview of your company while presenting the products and services you provide in the best and most entertaining way. Include your company’s history and mission statement to connect and engage with your customer base.

Internal Communication Video

The information and communication you share within your business are just as important to your success as your promotional and marketing efforts. Animated corporate video can be used to explain company policies, introduce new departments and employees, or tout a major milestone. Your employees are far more likely to retain the information presented in an animated video.

Benefits of Corporate Animated Video from the Creatives at Coldea Productions

Animated videos create new worlds that can act in unique ways to communicate with customers and employees alike. Corporate animation video offers you total control over the message and how it is presented, from visuals to background music. The professionally produced animated corporate video from the creative team at Coldea Productions offer visually appealing content that simplifies your business messaging and branding objectives.

Engage Potential Customers

The human eye and brain are naturally drawn to animated content and cartoon imagery. Viewers are quicker to get emotionally invested in the content and its message than a live-action video. Because the visual imagery is different than real life the brain needs to concentrate and focus more to process what it is being seen. Once your target audience is engaged and invested, you can more effectively achieve the goal of the video, whether it is to generate business or motivate and educate your staff.

Entertain Your Audience

Even simple elements such as whiteboard and kinetic animation to highlight important information using motion text features are more entertaining than simple, static content. If you can entertain your audience, they are far more likely to remember the information and respond to your call to action or other conversion metrics.

Softer Sell

An animated explainer video used for promotional and marketing purposes will soften the sales aspect of the production and emphasize the educational and entertainment elements. At Coldea, we are a full-service video company, experienced with presenting animated marketing content in a way that does not seem like a sales pitch, yet still compels audiences to be drawn into the products and services you provide and are promoting.

Simplify Complicated Information

Among the greatest and most useful benefits of animated corporate video is the ability to break down complicated information and tough subjects into more easily absorbed and understandable ways. Whether you are producing a product demonstration video for complex machinery or handling sensitive issues such as employee conduct videos, animation offers a unique, simplistic method to present information that is difficult to convey in other communication formats.

Save Money on Marketing Budget

The production and rendering process for video can be time-consuming and labor-intensive. Without having to hire actors, find a location, and organize equipment and staffing, videos are more cost-efficient when produced by the animation professionals at Coldea Productions. The entire production of an animated video rests in the capable hands and creative minds of our talented animation team.

Easily Share Content to Expand Reach

In today’s digital age of social media and handheld mobile devices, it is important for marketing and promotional videos to be liked and shared on your business accounts on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. An entertaining and engaging video featuring professional animation elements is far more likely to be shared by social media, expanding your business reach exponentially.

Dynamic, Engaging Video Animation at Coldea Productions

The animation is an exciting art form once primarily used to keep kids in front of the television set on Saturday mornings. Now a multi-billion dollar industry that is used in video games, commercials, and major motion pictures, videos are also an effective sales and marketing tool that is excellent at getting and keeping the attention of potential customers and other targeted audiences.

Coldea Productions is a highly respected full-service video company specializing in the creation of all kinds of original videos for a variety of internal and external uses and applications. Contact a Coldea Productions representative today for complete information and a free estimate on the animated video project for your business.

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