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Corporate Video Production

One of the best strategies to expand your reach to consumers is through corporate video. A professional visual marketing piece that supports your company’s claims and projects an image that reflects your standards of quality is an effective way to promote your brand to innumerable new audiences. From YouTube to Vimeo, there is an increasing number of platforms for video marketing – and many forms comply with even the most conservative budget. Adding video is a great way to jump-start your marketing program.

What is a corporation video?

Though it may not elicit the visceral reaction of a feature film or a music video, a corporate video can provide the drama your company needs to compete in the marketplace. The most compelling examples of corporate video engage the public and when they go viral, they reach every corner of the industry.

When you solicit the help of a production company to create a high-caliber reflection of your company’s top-ranking features you increase the chance of getting noticed, which can result in greater profits.

There are many different styles companies use to connect with their target clients. Some successful strategies include:

  • Humor featuring characters or skits
  • Visual effects such as aerial videography
  • Documentary style
  • Graphics and video animation
  • Cinematic video

Your company’s backstory can be a major selling point, and online videos with a strong narrative often have wide appeal. High-resolution cinematography with a professional voiceover can both explain your corporation’s purpose while indirectly communicating the quality of your brand.

The images you’ve acquired from working with a corporate photographer can make a valuable contribution to your video project. You can communicate your mission, introduce staff members, and sell your strong points through event photosproduct photos, and other images from your shot list when combined with online videos.


What is a corporate video used for?

Among the priorities, you have for your company’s operations and success, your ability to profit is at or near the top. To maximize that prospects where your internet marketing is concerned, you need to really show up online – and a professional corporate video can do that.

Your social media marketing will explain who you are and the products and services available to your target customers. Another part of your content involves an ask – a request from those who are searching the marketplace. Your web analytics will show whether your conversion rate is optimized or not, in other words, the rate of response to your call to action.

The effectiveness of video marketing is unmistakable, according to statistics from the online publication Small Business Trends. More than 80% of all consumer traffic online is video viewership and you raise your click-through rate by 200-300% when you add a video to your content. It’s particularly effective in the field of real estate – video promotion brings in more than 400% more inquiries than content without it.


Research shows that millennials choose to watch video content over reading newsletters, and even executives prefer to watch a product video than just read about it. When a business uses video content, they get an estimated 41% more web search traffic than those that don’t, and they get more than 150% more organic search engine traffic through videos.

Retention is high as well – more than 80% of online viewers say they recall an ad they viewed in the past month. There’s a real boon to your budget – when viewers share your video it expands your reach without you having to spend advertising dollars.

Even in the interview processvideo production is useful. Not only is it beneficial to record interviews with job candidates, but you will also recruit more successfully if you have professional, polished materials. Even in an economy where business owners have the upper hand, your ability to attract top talent will affect your company brand for the long haul. In other words, it’s a job interview for you, the company executive, as much as it is for the candidates.

Whoever you aim to reach, you want them to open your online videos, hit play, and then respond to your call to action, which can involve anything from referrals to purchasing.

How do I make a corporate video?

Aside from the obvious importance of the subject matter, there are certain elements that ensure you create an effective corporate film. A series of steps bring you from a brainstormed idea to a resulting video with the kind of impact your company needs. The professional you hire needs a wide range of capabilities beyond drafting a call sheet and designing the shots.

You first have to develop a strategy, beginning with identifying your end user. Some of the main elements of video production include:

  • Determining its purpose
  • Defining the audience
  • Creating a storyboard/shot list
  • Writing a script
  • Scheduling a shoot
  • Editing
  • Sharing

To do it right, you need to bring in the pros. In addition to the basics – from lighting to lenses – they need to understand visual messaging and nuances. Something you attempt on your smartphone will communicate an amateur image to potential customers. Unless you’re a small-town plumber who feels you already have enough business, the best corporate video is a professionally shot and edited visual marketing tool.

You don’t have to be a multinational corporation like Nike or keep an ad agency on retainer to benefit from video marketing. Small businesses have seen exponential growth after investing in a professional marketing video. It’s a tool that has the potential to reach a vast number of potential clients within your budget, which few other means of marketing can accomplish.

At COLDEA Productions, we take over the responsibility for crafting your video to help you reach your goals. You can invest your time in operations while we create a positive reflection of your products and services.

After consulting with you to get a vision for the project, we begin working on both the overall aspects of the messaging as well as the specific details. We customize each experience, whether it involves building sets or location scouting, the use of actors, or computer animation. Our creative services team has expertise in every stage, from corporate video scriptwriting to editing – from voiceovers to computer animation.

When creating a schedule, we design a shot list and draft a call sheet, provide a camera crew, and apply our decades of experience to bring the project to its completion. The editing process has a big impact on the outcome of your corporate video. You can incorporate footage from company events such as installations, team building videos, and presenters from conferences.

Where should I share my corporate video production?

Once you decide you need a corporate video and have your final video package available to post, it’s extremely important to make a decision that gets your information in front of the right people. Where you share it is just as important as the content you include. The point of creating a corporate film is to access its power as a promotional tool to increase your customer base.

There is an ever-growing number of platforms for marketing your corporation. The best corporate videos get you in front of a specific target audience and some industries have marketing platforms that are specific to their field. There are platforms that do the sorting for you. For instance, Balihoo uses data to add to the micro relevance of your advertising and promotion efforts. So, if you’re a West Coast dealership, for instance, you can get your social media posts in front of potential customers in California, Oregon, and Washington.

After obtaining an effective video marketing piece you need to make connections that fulfill your goals. Many of your associates and competitors add commercial videos to their LinkedIn profiles, which helps them find clients and increases their access to a talented field of job candidates. You may also want to connect with a business-to-business community such as UpCity or UpWork where you can promote your own interests and gain referrals when you need them.

If you’re an entrepreneur with a creative bent, you may want to post your new videos on Vimeo. You can upload fresh, diversified content and share the link with current and potential clients.

Is a corporate video useful for internal purposes?

There are many applications for commercial video production and the type of corporate video you create depends on its purpose. While the commercial video is a great way to promote products and services, it can also benefit your business as an in-house project. You typically don’t need location scouting or, in many cases, voiceovers or actors which is easier on your budget, but they still possess dynamic features that entertain and inform.

Training Videos

There is a solid return on your investment when you create a training video, mostly because it’s less time on the clock for staff members and in the case of national and international companies, you can cut travel costs. If there’s one thing the world has become acquainted with its remote learning, which may mean a significant financial benefit to your business.

Onboarding Videos

The same is true when you onboard new employees – the less travel needed by your human resources staffers, as well as others involved in the process, the more money you save. You can create a one-and-done video to welcome new hires, which can be both practical and communicate that your company is technologically astute. After a robust interview process, you want to galvanize their commitment to the company by putting your best foot forward.

Documentation Videos

There are many examples of corporate videos that serve the needs of your own employees, which contributes to the success of your company on various levels. The visual representation of morale-boosting events and web videos of staff members can serve a purpose that isn’t easily quantifiable. Social media posts of staffers interfacing with clients affirm your company’s culture and fuels a continuation of the work you’re doing.

Real estate agencies and car manufacturers can more easily see the measurable benefits to the use of video marketing. But from the insurance industry to the mental health profession, there are few industries that wouldn’t find significant value in the services of a production company.

The team at COLDEA Productions can enhance your marketing strategy and boost sales with a customized project, from call sheet to cost list, that addresses your needs and goals.  When you decide to update your branding or launch a new line of products, a corporate video will broadcast your message to inform and attract the audience you choose.

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