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What are the uses of professional headshots?

To gain an edge in the workplace and convey the individual you are, you need effective, professional head shot photography. Whether you’ve joined a team at UpWork, revamped your LinkedIn profile, or opened an account on a social media job board, you need a professional head shot photograph. You cannot engage online in any form that’s related to your services where your image is not involved.

The team at COLDEA Productions knows how to give a leg up to actors with headshots in Los Angeles and senior portraits for students and their families to treasure. For years, we have provided both high-quality images for personal celebrations and practiced commercial photography in many parts of the country and abroad.

Though it may sound like a simple task, the image you post says a lot about you. First and foremost, it communicates the level of quality you demand professionally. You don’t get traction with your target audience by posting an iPhone image. Hiring a professional photographer with experience in branding and corporate promotion is a means of creating a profile that sends the message you need.

Social Networking

You’re connected to an infinite number of people on the web, most of whom you’ll never actually meet face-to-face. But, their impression of you can have a direct effect on your lifestyle and your business. Potential employers, agents, association heads…even your soulmate could be looking at your profile right now. The lines are blurred between “social” and “professional,” because it’s all out there.

You can put your best foot – and face – forward by letting COLDEA Productions provide you with a fresh image for all of your social media needs.

Corporate Headshots

Your head shot is your personal branding. You wouldn’t settle for anything less for your company image, so why compromise on your professional profile photo? Take a look at the photo image appearing at the bottom of your email or on your LinkedIn profile. Does it make you look slightly disheveled or not on top of your game in any way? You don’t want potential clients, or even your employees, to view you as less than an organized, competent executive.

You can have a small business with employees in the single digits or be at the helm of a multi-million-dollar corporation. Either way, you don’t want to pinch pennies on the images that represent you and your staff.

Senior Portraits

It’s a once-in-a-lifetime event, a rite of passage like a wedding or a significant anniversary. Your senior pictures can’t be taken lightly, because they’ll never come again. It’s a window of time that sets the stage for your professional trajectory, so take care in choosing a knowledgeable professional with a flare for portrait photography.

The younger generation takes millions of pictures every day and understands the technology well. Each boy, girl, young man, and the young woman has an individual story to tell, and we know how to convey that personality. Our portrait sessions put them at ease and help them exude exactly what they need to say. They want the opportunity to purchase a photo that’s authentic, and one they can treasure for years to come.

Performer Headshots

Models and entertainers, from stage to screen, are keenly aware of the connection between great photography and something very basic: a paycheck. Your ability to work is largely riding on the impression you make to casting agents, directors, and other production associates. The glimpse they get of you – those first few seconds they gaze at your head shot – may inform their belief about your talent. Hire no one less than a pro, especially someone who knows the Hollywood scene.

It’s an investment in your future. Like a university-bound student knows all too well, there is tremendous value in attaining your dream and there are necessary costs to get there. It pays off to add value to your sweat equity by never settling for less than a professional foot forward.

Your head shot marks your personal and professional brand. It’s much like the power of a corporate head shot, which can catapult a company from a mom-and-pop shop to a global powerhouse – all from a strategy that exposes the right image.

As a singer or dancer, you have stiff competition for every part. Anything that gets in front of booking agents and shows directors has to represent you in a positive way. Because your looks can be the basis for their consideration, the quality of the head shot photo you put forward can mean the difference between employment and waiting tables.

The COLDEA Productions team has a background working in feature films and we know what casting directors are looking for. When they are going through hundreds of submissions, yours needs to stand out. While you work on your audition material, we make sure you look the part.

Job-Seeker Head Shots

In a challenging career market, your impression is of utmost importance. You have to stand out among LinkedIn members who have a similar profile. When an industry executive reaches out for candidates to fill a vacant position, you want your image to be top of mind.

The marketplace is increasingly competitive and a superior headshot is an easy way to give you an edge. The COLDEA Productions team can advise you for your portrait session – wardrobe, facial expression, and how to make eye contact, for instance. We know how to stage the shot to appeal to employers. You need the most professional background, lighting, and framing. Hiring personnel from corporate giants can spot a selfie a mile away – don’t undermine your chances.

Our expertise includes the factors that communicate your strong suit to potential employers. Your livelihood is worth the investment of hiring a pro for a headshot session that effectively gets you every career advantage possible.

Nonprofit Head Shots

Churches and not-for-profit groups need head shot photography that sends a message of excellence and commitment. When members sit for a portrait session, you want them to have the same friendly experience you exhibit at meetings and outreach events.

At COLDEA Productions we extend the hand of fellowship to every one of our clients, making sure they feel comfortable. The brand of a nonprofit group is promoted through much more than just advertising efforts. Every time one of your principals interfaces with the public it frames the organization’s priorities. Press releases, fundraisers, even swag bag contents are all reflections of your brand.

Your demands and pressures shouldn’t include areas of responsibility that are not your bailiwick. Headshot photography is ours. When an organization relies on a member’s iPhone to do the job, it shows. But if you want to exude the serious impression that what you accomplish is meaningful and effective, include professional photography in the budget.

Why do I need professional headshots?

In a world of millions of smartphone photos, you might not have appreciated the strength of a professional headshot session. You actually gain an edge over your competition if you don’t hold the widely accepted belief that “everyone’s a photographer.” Just because someone’s phone has a camera doesn’t make them Annie Leibovitz. You’re not tempted to leave an unprofessional impression by using an amateurish photo on your profiles or career-altering headshots, just because it’s cheaper.

A photo taken by your friend and sent off to The Actor’s Photo Lab in L.A. might sound like your best shot at cutting back your hours at Starbuck’s, but it’s not your best shot at getting a professional gig. You definitely won’t get someone at CAA to look at you (that’s Creative Artists Agency if you’re new in town).

Your head shot is what accompanies your slating when you’re in front of the casting director or interviewing with an executive at a desirable firm. Is it time for a new one? Let’s put it this way: it NEEDS to look just like you. When they refer to your head shot later, they have to remember you. That’s why you need a new one every couple of years. If not, it’s kind of like handing out business cards with the wrong address.

Headshots should do more than get you in the door. The goal is to get you to work and get the agency representation that gets you more work.

For LinkedIn, Facebook, and for senior portraits, just like corporate headshots, you want to choose a portrait photographer who knows good composition, an expert in lighting, who can navigate the landscape of top quality visuals in a field of competitors.

Where can I get the best head shot photography in Los Angeles?

You want your professional photo to be on point, to communicate who you are in a version that’s appropriate to its function. If you’re in a creative field, you want a fellow artist with a point-of-view that’s consistent with your own. COLDEA Productions is a team of L.A. filmmakers who create video packages and film commercials, as well as still photography for every industry from real estate to individuals, like you. We have a shared frame of reference and connections.

Who better to create your Hollywood headshot than L.A. film industry professionals who know what they’re looking for when they’re hiring you? It’s like sitting behind the boss’ desk.

Color? Black-and-white? Glossy or luster? We can answer all these questions for you, so you’re getting professional advice with the deal. We get to know you, streamlining the process so the product you get is all you. You choose the look, whether it’s California cool, preppy, hipster or athletic and natural – whatever. We have a track record of nailing it for working actors as well as company portraits.

Sure, there are a lot of photographers in Los Angeles. But, because our team is made up of working film industry professionals, we are able to catch a vision for what you want to convey so your photo package is one that you can confidently take to an audition behind the gates of Paramount or DreamWorks, or when the director flies you up to Lucasfilm in Marin County.

Your work experience, your image – even your email signature – everything on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn – represents your brand. At the end of the day, it’s you getting noticed – in a good way – that’s the goal of your head shot session. For something as important as headshot photography, in Los Angeles or anywhere else, a senior portrait, or anything you put out in cyberspace, quite frankly, you want the best quality possible. Give us a call.

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