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Video Content Marketing

Video is now the most widely viewed type of content on the internet. The widespread availability of high speed and wireless connections means people all over world have instant access to all types of video content presentation. Coldea Productions is a full service commercial video production house that harnesses the power of video to create video content marketing efforts that will get your business noticed in today’s crowded digital marketplace.

Our team of video production specialists rely on our extensive filmmaking backgrounds to produce video marketing strategies designed to broaden your online presence and generate significant volumes of website traffic. Marketing video content is a great way to drive a potential customer to your website and compelling them to act.


Effective Video Marketing Content Strategy to Grow Your Business

Video content marketing efforts have shown to be a highly effective tactic for getting your audience’s attention on search engines and social media platforms, two of the most important channels to get the most eyes on your website. At Coldea Productions, we are positioned to offer premium quality video production services using the latest industry standards, guidelines, and user trends to produce powerful digital marketing tools that will get you noticed and use your most important keywords to increase your SEO efforts to get ranked on Google and other search engines. 

An impressive team of creative, skilled online video production professionals that will work with skilled digital marketing experts to produce the most informational and entertaining videos and live videos that will attract a potential customer most likely to be interested in your services and products. We take advantage of the power of YouTube video, the second largest search engine in the world, to publish and distribute your content.

In these days of cell phones and other mobile devices with more video production capabilities than ever provide everyday users with the ability to shoot, edit, and publish a video presentation from their handheld devices. However, what they do not have is the decades of industry experience our video production professionals at Coldea Productions brings to your video marketing efforts. We create video content marketing strategies that will drive a target audience to your website to increase your sales numbers and profits.

Video Content Marketing Service Options at Coldea

At Coldea Productions, we are an experienced video content marketing firm that understands your business has unique needs that require a video marketing strategy tailored to your industry and market that will get your audience’s attention. We will determine the best type of video content and live video options that present an easy way to expose your business to the largest groups of interested consumers and drive them to your website.

We use the right combination of the following video content marketing efforts to maximize your advertising campaigns.

Company Profile, Brand Videos

Video is a great tool to create a powerful video marketing strategy that our team of professional video experts can use to introduce your business to the business world. You control the narrative and the messaging to present your business in a profile video that can be used in a variety of locations and applications. Embedding a company profile video on your home page is an effective tactic to increase your conversion rate while setting the proper tone for your business voice and message. Company profile videos are also highly effective when used on a landing page, or you’re About Us and FAQ pages. 

Product Demonstration Videos

The best way to showcase your products and display their functions and features is through product demonstration videos that can be posted on a landing page and shared on other platforms. Our team of experienced video production professionals can use the power of an explainer video to help viewers absorb and retain information that explains detailed concepts and the inner workings of complicated machinery. Animation and motion graphics specialists add dynamic visuals to make complex information clear and concise.

Training Videos

Making sure all of your new and existing employees are on the same page is essential to the success of your business and the satisfaction of your current customers. Video is incredibly effective at breaking down internal programs and processes that all employees need to learn and apply. Our video production teams at Coldea Productions produce a type of video for training purposes that deliver important company information in an engaging and entertaining way so it can be absorbed, retained, and applied to your daily business operations.

Additional Internal Communication

Video content is highly effective at delivering internal communication messaging that adds to the successful operations of your business. We produce short videos that will clearly explain your company policies, procedures, safety guidelines, and other crucial internal information. These videos can be sent to new and existing employees and archived with easy access to reference and adjust when needed.

Recruitment Videos

Our team produces recruitment videos that highlight your business and those things that make it a great place to go to work. These brand videos are a great example of how to extend your reach to find the best candidates for the positions you need to fill. Recruitment videos are easy to distribute and can be shared on professional social network platforms like LinkedIn.

Customer Video Testimonial

Customer testimonial videos are effective at telling the world about the quality of your products and products and services by having loyal customers tell their stories of satisfaction through a video testimonial. A customer testimonial will add credibility to your business when shared on your website, social network accounts, and other digital assets like email marketing campaigns.

Benefits to Video Content Marketing Options at Coldea

Video is a great example of a powerful tool that is used to increase your online presence, attract a target audience, grow your brand awareness, and drive online users to your website. Among those reasons video are essential components of comprehensive digital marketing plans from Coldea Productions include:

  • Improve conversion rate
  • Improved search engine rankings for your most influential keywords
  • Reach large groups of targeted audiences
  • Take advantage of the power of social media
  • Mobile users prefer video to any other medium
  • Display and explain your products and services
  • Show high returns on your marketing investment
  • A video ad will lead to increased sales, revenue, and profits
  • Testimonial videos share positive experiences of satisfied customers

Why Choose Coldea Productions?

Implementing video content marketing is an important aspect for the success of your business. At Coldea Productions, our team of video production professionals has the marketing insights and analytics experience to produce highly effective marketing and internal video content that will take your business to the next level.

Contact Us for Your Video Marketing Needs

For complete information on the wider range of video marketing services that will get your website noticed in today’s complicated digital age, contact the professional video content marketing firm at Coldea Productions to get started today.

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