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Business owners who want to bring their products and services to a wider audience can reach out to an explainer video company to highlight their best features. A creative services team can provide you with a video explainer that connects you to your customers and expands your social media presence, which gives you the momentum you need to increase profits.

What is a video explainer?

Short online videos that explain the products and services your company provides can effectively promote your brand to the public. You can embed them on your landing page to provide an overview of your company, plus you can create product videos and other media to post on your subsequent site pages.

A typical video explainer is created for marketing and sales to give details about a new product or service, which can be used on your own site or in advertising on social media platforms. They can be very persuasive, serving purposes from problem-solving to matching an audience with your brand. 

The first time you consider creating a video package to boost your marketing plan, it may be difficult to find templates that qualify and have a proven track record. Instead of saddling your marketing department with a service that takes several business days to learn and execute, you are apt to hit your target more swiftly and directly with a vendor who has experience in professional videography.

A generic visual marketing piece is less likely to give you the response you need, which is why the project needs to be customized. There are many types of video projects that involve skills from camera work to animation style that is likely to fulfill your purpose to declare and affirm your company’s best qualities.

Animated Explainer Videos

These are extremely popular, particularly for tech companies and service industries that don’t have physical objects to explain. An animated explainer video company can inject a greater quantity of creative content into these videos, which make for attention-getting ads and promotional material. They are also inexpensive to update when information changes or your company needs a fresh look.

Live-Action Explainer Videos

Most Americans are acquainted with live-action ads that show them their favorite products from reputable companies. Like TV commercials from generations ago, live-action explainer videos are commonplace – they give us multiple angles, uses, and benefits to owning and using products. One of the most effective aspects of this kind of video marketing is that when target customers see someone positively interacting with your merchandise using their own words, they envision the advantages for themselves as well.

Whiteboard Explainer Videos

One of the least expensive forms of explainer videos is an animation using a whiteboard image. It grew in popularity because even a startup with a business idea finds it affordable to put together a whiteboard video. Like a physical classroom messaging system, information is transferred using a visual message on a virtual “whiteboard.”


Explainer Video Company

How do explainer videos help businesses?

Internet distractions are legendary. Every consumer, every potential customer has to decide among thousands of choices who to pay attention to. You want it to be you.

Your corporate videos need to pierce through eye-catching ads – thousands per month on average – to make sure your message is seen and understood.

It may seem obvious that one of our main modes of communicating is through the internet, with Americans spending more than 100 hours a day searching online sites, says the Business Insider. And yet, people visit each page for an average of less than a minute, according to the Nielsen Norman Group. But while you have just seconds to hold them, when internet surfers see something of value they tend to stay. Businesses are turning to explainer video production companies to design content that offers viewers a value proposition to attract and keep the attention of customers.

The public has become accustomed to gaining instant access to information, not needing to assert much effort themselves. And because there is so much content online, shoppers don’t have to work hard to get a lot of their questions answered. There’s your opportunity – when you provide demonstration videos that aid customers in assembly and use of your products, your efforts result in the conversion of more shoppers into buyers. Your immediate goal is engagement – the more often internet users click to open the content you post, the greater the number of them that boost your profits.

According to the Business Insider, some of the main things that excessive time on screen has taken from our schedule are socializing, relaxing, working, and sleeping, and some of the most common online activities are gaming, watching videos, and checking emails. Knowing your target customer can help you gain traction with them when you seek to attract them away from their habitual online use. They already look to the internet for information – and that’s what your explainer video does for them – informs them about the merchandise you carry or the services you provide.

Marketing experts have found certain features are a part of any successful video production.

Hiring a professional videography team to create a comprehensive storyboard provides a foundation for your project. You want a professional team that knows how to connect to your audience because you need a script that gets attention. It’s one of the most important features of a successful explainer. This is the channel through which you can solve your customer’s problems and address their pain points.

This process also gains the trust of your customers and future clientele. Explainer videos build that confidence when they contain:

  • Testimonials
  • Awards
  • Honors
  • An impressive client list

Explainer videos build your business by calling viewers to action, another common feature in the most successful visual packages. You can offer a free trial, for instance, or get them to join your membership.

Through the work of an animated explainer video company, you can reap a world of difference in broadening your customer base. As a corporate executive or marketing manager, you know promotion. But you don’t know how to do animated videos and you lack the software necessary to accomplish it such as the illo sketchbook. Raise your profile with a professional video production company – they know the tricks, the landmines and you get another advantage with their post-production capabilities. For a more comprehensive product, your video explainer can include voiceover narration and motion graphics.

You can track your marketing success when you use an explainer video, thanks to new developments. You can get data that shows where your digital marketing strategy is working, whether you look at customers in the Midwest or the San Francisco Bay area. Remote analytics offers you feedback about opening and click-through rates.


Explainer Video Company

How do I make an explainer video effective?

When you successfully communicate about your business using quality video content that’s simple and relatable, you increase your conversion rate.

Experts say there are certain suggested features to make your content more effective:

  • Keep it short
  • Tell your story in the simplest fashion
  • Bring your most attractive features to the forefront
  • Include a call-to-action to encourage conversion
  • Make it entertaining – people are not attracted to boring content

An article by Business 2 Community cites a study that says more than half of internet users will “like” your content and more than a third (39%) of your viewers will share your content if it includes video. And they will click your video ad in 27 times the frequency of an ad that’s just text.

Animated explainer videos are particularly compelling, and viewers tend to stick with them to the end. This may be the primary type of content to improve your prospects because it captures them and only needs to keep them for about a minute and a half.

You can use humor if your typical customer is young and responsive to entertaining content. For instance, it might work for extreme sports enthusiasts or the collegiate crowd. Obviously, a comedy club owner would need funny video clips for their social media posts. 

A number of reputable companies are using humor to sell – you can see it on Allstate and Progressive Insurance ads. Some of the funniest marketing videos have a structure that begins with an overview, outlines the problem to be solved, then identify the solution provided by their product. But if you go with it, you have to know that if the humor doesn’t land, you have to make revisions. Then you can switch video marketing strategies to something that resonates with your particular customer base.

Using a mix of live-action and animation can be a winning combination also, and it’s especially effective with sensitive subjects such as toiletries or pharmaceuticals. If you have personal care products that you want to share in the marketplace with a lighter style, a little toilet humor can be done more tastefully with animation, but you want to include enough live-action to transfer information clearly. There are companies such as Poo Pourri that are earning a sizable return by adding to that a strong call to action at the end.

Your animation can use screenshots of your products to galvanize your brand. People gain familiarity with your company through shapes and colors. Look at Starbucks, with its well-known logo and forest green awnings. Video explainers offer a good method of communicating this through a show-and-tell process.

What if your business is small? A startup has challenges. For one thing, there’s no established brand. But when you hire an experienced team you reduce the unforeseen circumstances that can plague your product, such as a technical mistake or unlimited revision.

When 2D animated videos are created for companies for certain kinds of messaging, the illustrators apply a skill set that includes artistic ability and marketing savvy.


Explainer Video Company


Where can I get effective explainer videos?

The best explainer video companies know how to create the kind of content that gains traction with your target customer while also meeting your deadline – delivering within budget and on time.

To get the job done – better promotion of your company’s brand and building an expansive audience – you need a pro. At COLDEA Productions you gain a creative services team that has helped companies in a range of industries to scale their marketing efforts through video.

We partner with you to promote your best qualities through our creative strategies and unparalleled quality. In addition to effective explainer videos, the services we offer include:

  • Video production services
  • 2D animation
  • Flat animation
  • Commercials
  • Product tours
  • Product demos
  • Digital marketing
  • Facebook advertising
  • Influencer marketing
  • Social media management
  • Marketing strategy design

We are able to frame the human experience for our clients, using storytelling to bring your brand to your customers. We have wide-ranging experience both within the United States and in various parts of the world. We are flexible experts who meet your needs through a customized process. We can tell your story and expose it to consumers across the globe. When you want to become an industry leader, video production is the best way to get the attention of those that matter – potential clients. You can entrust us with the value of your corporate brand management.

We are a strategic agency, solving your challenges by promoting your products and services in an effective way. We engage your audience and prompt them to take action. Through our great work as an explainer video company, we grow your target audience when we deliver the most relevant, compelling video content.