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Traditional marketing is less effective than it used to be, but a corporate videographer can create a powerful tool that gets your brand noticed in the far reaches of the internet. It can serve to raise your profile for current clients and expand your customer base through social media sharing.

The professional you choose needs to know how a video can further develop your resonance in the marketplace and lighten your workload with job seekers and employees. It’s often the best way to curb your budget, as videography can be used repeatedly to offer the same services. You need a production company with experience meeting the needs of corporate leaders.

What is a corporate video used for?

You know the Nike brand in large part due to their presence on television and through maximizing their search engine optimization on other forms of media. They are masters at brand management.

Branding is more than just a marketing tool. Sure, corporate communications by top brands reap massive sales. But even a small business can make improvements with a query into the prospect of hiring a professional production company.

A knowledgeable videographer understands how content affects the success of your marketing efforts, such as the kinds of search terms that connect your marketing video with your prime target consumer.

They can be used as an improvement upon standard job ads, grabbing the attention of high-powered prospective employees. When the top of the talent pool is looking at a combination of employer bids, a standout video piece can help you improve your chances, which in turn can have an impact on your profits.

A commercial video production company also serves the needs of your corporate office. Webinars can be made available to staff and for onboarding new hires. they can be used to raise company morale that can sag due to economic downturns. And even beginners who are still in the launch phase of building their company need corporate videos.

Corporate video content takes many forms and serves multiple functions. There are times when a single shoot can result in a suite of videos. You can also combine photography services with a video package to reduce costs and cover more bases.

What kinds of corporate videos are there?

As one of today’s most useful tools for marketing your products and services, a company video is almost imperative in today’s world, regardless of your industry.

Some of the most prevalent categories of commercial video productions include art, beauty products, food/beverage, and manufacturing of all kinds. But there are virtually no labels necessary to describe the benefit of creating corporate video content. With proper content relevance, big and small businesses find success through effective forms of video marketing from branded content to testimonials and product demonstrations.


Many know that a corporate video is a great way to sell your company to others. You can put it out on social media to attract attention, speak to consumers, and hopefully gain some new customers. Statistics support the ROI of video production – viewers open videos and they engage more with professional, high-quality pieces than with amateur spots.

The “About Us” tab on your website can be accentuated by embedding a video. Not only is it a quick, effective way to inform the public about your team, but it’s also a better format to tell them your story. You may want to include your business history, introduce your associates, and use personal aspects to evoke relatability.

It can benefit you greatly to develop relationships with others in your industry, which can be done skillfully through video. Creating business-to-business content for your website brings your associates closer and can result in more sales through leads and referrals. Your goal is to create a connection to others – vendors, sponsors, suppliers, etc.


More companies are producing corporate culture videos, finding them useful on numerous fronts. Much of the new media engagement is aimed at more than one target audience. You can connect with individuals who are unfamiliar with your business while doing more than just explaining your values – you’re showing, not just telling. It’s particularly effective with recruiting videos.

Your new hires need comprehensive knowledge about the company, which an onboarding video can do perfectly. It’s sometimes more precise than interfacing with a person and it’s cost-effective. Investing in an educational video can reduce travel costs incurred by sending teams around the world to train newbies.

A professional training video has the same benefits. Your management team doesn’t have to make themselves available for every wave of employees getting up to speed on products. When you roll out a new collection you can educate them by video, which alleviates redundancy.

Your human resources staff has a lot of ground to cover: Insurance, Safety, Rules and Regulations, Taxes, Pension Programs, etc. They can communicate it once in video form and save the rest of their time for fielding questions and putting out fires.

corporate event video is useful to every side of a business event – hosts, partners, sponsors, vendors, and attendees. The work of a convention photographer and videographer can create an invaluable documentary that can be used to promote the next year’s function.

What makes a great videographer?

When you’ve determined that you need a video to achieve your marketing goals or inform your clients and bond your team, your next step is to find the best corporate video production company. You want to do more than place job ads and check the LinkedIn profiles for a bachelor’s degree in video production. You have the right to expect that a talented videographer has the ability to design and produce a video that impacts the public, galvanizes your brand, and increases sales.

COLDEA Productions is a team of experts with years of experience. We have both the skillset and the track record to give you confidence that we will create a powerful visual product for your company’s use. Our background in the film industry makes us uniquely qualified to help you tell your corporate story. The first thing we do is consult with you to get familiar with your business and its needs. 

A seasoned professional knows how to integrate the numerous moving parts of a high-quality, polished video that becomes a mouthpiece for your message.


The best corporate videographer takes the time to get to know you and your brand to develop a unique, customized visual product that achieves your goals. Your production team has detailed preparation to make, including location scouting and booking a venue, research, and other aspects of project planning.


The number one goal of a successful video project is to reach your target audience, and whether you gain traction depends on including the content that resonates with them. You want to choose a videographer with an expertise in marketing, who can create a script that achieves that goal.


Your videographer is tasked with pulling together a production team with technological knowhow that meets the moment. Their ability to shoot under any set of conditions and to flex with the circumstances will affect the outcome of your project. They also need to have experience with live-action, such as sports, drone videography for aerial shots, and utilize the most advanced technology, from cameras and lenses to lighting equipment.

Another boon to the process is a videographer who has worked with on-air talent from every point on the spectrum – athletes, artists, models, educators, children, CEOs, etc. – because they are better qualified to meet the needs of personnel involved in your shoot.


Does your videographer have a creative team with the skills to employ current, high-tech digital effects? It’s important to know that your project is edited with the kinds of features that attract your end user’s attention. If you’re creating a marketing video, you know that getting it in front of the public is only part of the effort. The rest is getting results: click-through and conversion.

The COLDEA Productions team has years of professional experience working in the corporate environment. We have traveled the world and have a breadth of knowledge in capturing and showcasing companies like yours. Our commercial film and video projects have proven to be valuable as entertainment for corporate event attendees, marketing pieces to reach new clients as well as modes of instruction for staff members.

Where should I post my corporate video?

Knowing the right place to post your marketing video is key. Target customers are found on different platforms, so when you know who you need to reach, it’s easier to choose the space that’s most effective.

Everyone has their own go-to media – favorite news sources, entertainment channels, and commercial platforms. Poll your corporate office staff and you’ll probably find a variation – with a few of the leading companies in common – Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. You need to find out the demographics for each and determine if that’s where your target customer is found.

According to Statista, 56% of Facebook users are male and 44% are female. The largest number of both genders are between the ages of 25 and 34 and the second largest chunk comes from the 18-24 age range. That means if you carry products for young adults and middle-aged Americans, Facebook might be the ideal target marketplace.

And there’s more good news if you sell to this group because 82% of college graduates are on Facebook and three-quarters of online users earn more than $75,000 a year. They have money to spend.

Depending on the nature of your business, there may be a benefit to creating a YouTube channel so your customers can find you to see your product demos, testimonials, and more. Demographic reports say that 68% of male and 67% of female internet users watch videos on YouTube. The most popular channels include DIY channel “5-Minute Crafts” and “PewDiePie,” a Swedish entertainer who creates “Let’s Play” gaming commentaries, who has more than 100 million subscribers.

The importance of YouTube cannot be denied. It went from 24 uploads of content every minute in 2010 to more than 500 hours of content per minute less than 10 years later.

Some of the social media platforms that are noted for doing an excellent job in scaling business success are:

  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • Quora
  • Instagram
  • Twitter

There’s scarcely a more visual platform than Pinterest. To employ this popular site as a marketing tool you can begin by pinning product photos or corporate portraits, and with a business account, you can post video pins. If you want to promote your business this way, it’s important to know the most relevant categories to choose from. Some of the top categories are:

  • Food/drinks
  • DIY
  • Home décor
  • Women’s fashion
  • Weddings
  • Art
  • Kids
  • Education
  • Travel
  • Health & Fitness

If you’re an event planner you might choose to market your company with a wedding video in that category, or if you own a gym you would probably post in the health and fitness category. When your visual marketing tool meets the highest standards in pre-production, with high-quality video content, high-resolution videography, expert location scouting, and skilled editing, your final step is finding the highest impact platform for the video.

The COLDEA Productions team can take you from the idea phase to completion of your video project, even continuing to assist you through social media management. We help you define your goals, which are first and foremost and provide you with a product that meets your standards in terms of quality. You deserve the services of a corporate videographer who is singularly focused on your success.

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