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Real Estate Video Marketing

In the competitive world of real estate, it can be a challenge to stand apart, but effective real estate video marketing can help you break through the noise! When a prospective buyer is captivated by the virtual look of a property, they are more eager to see it in person.


We love helping your real estate teams showcase their best properties by incorporating videos as a real estate marketing tool. With the explosion of virtual accessibility, real estate videos are increasingly in demand with prospective buyers, who can carefully filter which properties to visit with the click of a button. According to the National Association of Realtors, approximately 51% of buyers found the home they eventually purchased online.

In most businesses, but especially in real estate, appearances are incredibly important. Video marketing for real estate has become incredibly popular in recent years, and for good reason. When you utilize video marketing for real estate listings, you are more likely to get inquiries, and as most real estate agents know, the more inquiries you get, the faster you will make the sale.

Video marketing for real estate is essential, not only to generate interest in slow markets but also to stand out in competitive areas. In order to make the most of video marketing in real estate, you will need professionally produced videos that you can promote to specific audiences. Video marketing can be used to help increase the interest on your MLS listing, or you can create a marketing plan which incorporates social media and other resources to generate leads.

Real Estate Video Marketing

Real estate video marketing is one of the best ways you can generate leads and will promote interest in not just one particular listing, but your brand or you as a real estate agent as well. You can create the image you want for your brand and your listing by employing a professional video marketing company to put together cohesive videos that your customers will want to watch.

Video marketing is a great way to show off specific assets of a property, garner interest, increase customer interactions with your brand, and create content for your social media accounts or website. Video marketing is also a wonderful opportunity to show who you are as a person and to make your brand seem more relatable.

Traditional marketing is expensive and not always effective. Video marketing is a proven way to increase interest in your real estate listings and brand.

Real Estate Listing Videos

Real estate listing videos are starting to be more common, but they will still set your listing apart. If you are not using video marketing for your listings, you may be missing out on the best offers you could receive, as well as repeat clients.

Whether you are making a video for a single-family home or an investment property, a video showcasing the specific features of each property is invaluable for attracting customers. You can even give the prospective buyers a virtual tour, walking them through each room. This will often mean that you are able to get offers without having to give an in-person walkthrough.


Real Estate Question and Answer Videos

Real estate question and answer videos are quite popular on YouTube and on social media. You can create a real estate question and answer video by answering questions that are frequently asked, or if you have a large following already, you can ask your viewers directly what questions they would like to have answered. Either way, question and answer videos are a wonderful option to increase customer engagement and interactions.

Real Estate Interview Videos

Real estate interview videos are typically produced by interviewing previous clients you have had. You can also interview local professionals, especially if they have jobs that relate to real estate. Examples include mortgage brokers, architects, insurance agents, and construction companies.

Whoever you interview, make sure that it’s relevant to your market. If you are in the business of flipping investment properties, making a video about luxury real estate is probably not going to garner the attention that you want, and vice versa.

Other Types of Real Estate Videos

There are limitless possibilities when it comes to real estate video marketing. You can choose from a number of categories, and by using the styles and tone unique to you and your brand, you will create a response that you just can’t get with traditional marketing.

Real Estate Advice Videos

Both new investors and seasoned real estate pros look to real estate advice videos for new tips that are relevant to their market. You can create regularly scheduled content based on advice videos, or just a single video on a specific subject. If you want, you can feature yourself in the video. Many people also bring in industry experts, especially if the real estate advice video is regarding a niche subject.

Real estate advice videos go over especially well on social media, where you can post to groups and forums geared towards your specific market.

Video Marketing for a Neighborhood

Video marketing that shows off a particular area or neighborhood can be very persuasive. This is a great option if you tend to buy and sell a lot of real estate locally and know the city very well. You can feature more than just architecture and real estate for sale; including areas of interest, local restaurants, and cultural landmarks. You can incorporate drone footage and certain special effects to really make your video look polished and unique.

Video Marketing for Realtors

Marketing videos for realtors are another way to really connect with your clients, and make them feel like they know you personally before they ever even meet you in person. Adding in personal details about yourself makes you more relatable. Putting your professional experience in your marketing video makes your clients understand why they should hire you over other realtors in the area.

Video Marketing for a Brand

Creating a marketing video for a real estate brand can appeal to investors, renters, or businesses looking to lease a space. Whatever niche your real estate company appeals to, it can be amplified by creating a marketing video or videos. If you create video content regularly, it really starts to solidify your brand’s image.

Real Estate Event Videos

Whether it’s a one-off trade show, or a regularly scheduled event, using promotional videos can bring in a wider audience, and will make people who were unable to attend feel included.

Real Estate Video Marketing Tips

Keep Your Content Short and Sweet

The ideal length for real estate marketing videos is two minutes long. In that amount of time, you should be able to quickly and completely finish your main points. If you need more than two minutes, we recommend that you make a series of content videos so that you continue to remain relevant in a time when attention spans are short.


Update Often

You will want to update your content as often as possible. Space out your marketing videos so that there is fresh content for your audience, but post them fast enough that you remain on top of the stack of profiles that your potential clients will have to sift through. By updating often you will seem like you have the most up-to-date information, and your brand will feel more relevant to consumers.

Promote Your Content

The power of video marketing is harnessed best through proper promotion. This means that you should have a solid marketing plan, with a strategy that has direction and achievable goals. You need to make sure that your marketing team is aware of the nuances of using video content on various social media platforms, as well as marketing-specific content to specific markets and audiences.

If you have professionally produced and edited video content, your real estate business will attract a higher quality clientele, and you will make your brand more recognizable and unique. Video marketing is the best way to get people’s attention and should be utilized in such a way that it is optimized for your audience.


What Makes Coldea Productions Different?

Coldea Productions is one of the best professional video production and editing companies in southern California, specializing in marketing videos for companies both large and small. We love bringing a concept to life and want to make sure everything we create is of the highest quality. Our services include more than just professional-quality videos; we offer an incredible variety of options that include everything from corporate videos to 3D animation and special effects. We have a production team that has a huge portfolio and a wide variety of available skills and services. Coldea Productions can handle nearly any video production or editing job! Our services include:

Coldea Productions Video Services

Coldea Productions offers top-rated video services, including production, editing, and animation.

Coldea Photography Services

More than just a video company, Coldea Productions offers photography services that can be added to a video package, or as a standalone service.

Call us for an estimate!

Coldea Productions can take your real estate business to the next level using the latest marketing video techniques. We can create a single video or an ongoing series that creates a recognizable image for your brand. If you want to create content your audience will want to follow and experience, Coldea Productions is the company to call. Contact Coldea Productions today so that we can exceed your expectations!

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