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There’s a reason it’s called “the most wonderful time of the year,” and your company holiday parties photographer can make sure it lasts. A Christmas / Hanukkah / Kwanzaa party is a built-in method for boosting company morale and garnering an abundance of images to use for marketing purposes.


Why a Professional Holiday Party Photographer?

We’ve all seen it and done it – spent the evening taking selfies to post on Instagram or add to our Facebook timeline. But what if your employees knew they wouldn’t have to bring their phones because they would have access to thousands of photos after the party?

Chances are, they’ll be a lot more engaged.

But there is another good reason to hire a company holiday parties photographer: There’s no replacing top-quality, high-resolution photos.


Holiday Party Photography Basics

The good news is, you don’t have to carry your phone either, but instead, you can leave photography in the hands of the professional you hire. You get it set up in advance when you meet with a company holiday party photographer before the event. In fact, you want to choose someone who sees the importance of advance planning.

Create a Shot List

To make sure you’re getting exactly what your business needs, you’ll create a shot list for your company holiday parties photographer. If it’s been a rough year, in terms of failed bonuses or leadership changes, you may just want to boost employee morale. In that case, your shot list will look a lot different than if your goal is to create successful marketing materials.

At Coldea Productions, our creative services process always begins with a consultation, so we know your end game, as well as the specific shots you want.

We’ll discuss your intentions for the event photography, such as whether the images should make an impact on your clientele or if they’re remaining in-house. For marketing purposes, you may need discreet, understated shots. Or perhaps your industry favors an edgier approach, so you want images that show customers your staff members are a young and current part of American culture.

Then there are the detailed pictures you need from your company holiday parties photographer, such as shots of the food or executives posing with Santa. The list may include shots to avoid, as well.


We work together with you to create a timeline for maximum coverage at the party, but our event photographer always remains flexible, because change is a natural part of the experience. The benefit of a structured timeline is that company party photographers can pace themselves, as well as be prepared with the most appropriate equipment for the activity.

The After-Party Benefits to Company Holiday Parties Photography

After the bar is closed, the dance floor’s empty, and it’s business-as-usual, you’ll reap the benefits of hiring a company party photographer for the event. Now you get to sift through the photos to see which ones should be applied to what function.


If your branding desperately needs a facelift, you not only have material for that option, you’re in luck if your company holiday parties photographer also provides web design and marketing services.

The Coldea Productions team offers creative services that range from company launch needs to connect you with clients. We help you tell your story, creating a narrative that works in your industry and resonates with your customers.

When you’ve invested in a sizable event, including a company holiday parties photographer, you want to maximize your use of the images that result. Not only can they be combined to improve your corporate bottom line, the timing is perfect – it’s a holiday gift for your executives and board of directors.

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