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Video Production in Tucson

To compete in business or cement your wedding memories, a video production in Tucson is an effective tool. No one argues the value of video anymore – whole generations are turning to their mobile device for information, influence and interpersonal needs. So, getting on board is a no-brainer. Finding a Tucson production company with the experience and know-how to create a product that meets your needs is your primary challenge.

City officials hire video production companies in Tucson to promote tourism.

One of Arizona’s biggest industries is tourism, and maintaining a presence on YouTube is part of the reason for that. Travel videos are posted – several with hundreds of thousands of views – which proclaim the natural wonders and commercial offerings of snowbird-loving cities throughout the state.

Short-term travelers to Arizona’s most popular attractions sometimes respond to online persuasion to stay, thanks to compelling has a list of the most affordable snowbird destinations in Arizona, which include:

  • Mesa
  • Green Valley
  • Sun Lakes
  • Surprise
  • Sun City
  • Chandler
  • Oro Valley
  • Phoenix
  • Bisbee
  • Tempe
  • Peoria
  • Flagstaff
  • Payson
  • Tucson

The City of Tucson website has aerial drone videography to give residents an overhead view, plus a variety of feature stories in video form covering such subjects as Forensic Science Week, Arizona wildlife, and NASA events.

Called Tucson 12 programming, there are video links to local sites that range in subject matter from the Reid Park Zoo – where you see giant tortoises snacking – to the Civil War Battle at Picacho Peak.

Tucson tourism also benefits from individuals with their own YouTube channels whose amateur video productions in Tucson successfully get it in front of the public. One YouTuber posted an entire driving tour of Tucson neighborhoods in the 4th Avenue district.

University of Arizona students got a lot of attention (10,000 views) for posting videography about dorm life, and out-of-towners can even get a view of the Tucson Mall.

In fact, if you want to jump in with your own attempt to capture a swath of the YouTube audience, you have a better chance if you find a Tucson videographer with an expertise in social media projects.

Production companies in Arizona are sought out by business leaders who need marketing tools.

Increasingly more consumers turn to videos to make choices when purchasing products and services. For everyone from carpet cleaners to dog groomers, reaching a new clientele means catching the eye of a larger crowd. There’s no better way to do that than through video marketing.

Real Estate

With massive competition from other agents, homeowners attempting to sell their houses privately, and now the growth of the digital platform Rex Real Estate, it’s never been more important to kick it up a notch. The simple, folksy approach of yesterday just isn’t that effective. Realtors are turning to professional real estate videography to add sophistication and more detailed descriptions of their listings.

If you sell real estate in neighborhoods with the highest price points, you need a videographer in Arizona with an impressive resume. A website called HomeSnacks determined the “best Tucson neighborhoods” using criteria including low crime and high incomes. The 10 listed by the site are:

  • Desert Palms Park(Homes)
  • Eastside(Homes)
  • Poets Square(Homes)
  • Houghton(Homes)
  • Harrison East-South(Homes)
  • Saguaro Miraflores(Homes)
  • Civano(Homes)
  • Broadmoor-Broadway(Homes)
  • Mesquite Ranch(Homes)
  • Rosemont East(Homes)

Realty agencies that haven’t stopped being penny-wise and dollar-foolish need to start. The cost of video production in Tucson is a drop in the bucket compared to the tens of thousands of dollars in commission from the average sale. Inman real estate news source claims that 85% of home sellers want an agent who uses video, yet only 15% are using them.

Products & Services

Video demonstrations enable your customers to see the value in the services your company offers. If you live in Tucson, there’s a chance you’re in aerospace or have a defense sector job. If your clients are engineers, they’re probably sticklers, and they want details before entering a contractual relationship.

Does your company provide installation or monitoring services? A video of your workmanship on your website saves a step. They can see your professionalism – but only if your videography represents it well. Creating a video production in Tucson, Arizona, that shows your best side should be on your shortlist.

And if you sell a product, a large segment of the population turns to YouTube to see how it’s used or operated. And if you’re the source of the tutorials, you increase your profile and reach more customers. What you need is a Tucson production company that can shoot, edit, and encode it for you.

  • Testimonial videos add credibility to your brand, which C-suite executives have known for a long time. Web development company Boast looked at statistics that prove the value of testimonials for business advantages.
  • More than half of marketing execs claim video offers the best return on investment.
  • About one-third of marketing execs validate the value of visuals, such as infographics, illustrations, videos, and marketing photography.
  • When the word “video” is stated in the subject line of a mass marketing email, “open” rates go up 19%, and click-through rates go up 65%.
  • Citing figures from Dimensional Research, which specializes in technology companies, 90% of consumers claim they’re influenced by online reviews when making purchases.
  • Testimonials promote your brand by increasing trust and incentive.

Individuals can benefit from video production in Tucson, Arizona.

Creative projects are not limited to corporate use. Personal parties, volunteer programs, and nuptial celebrations demand the work of a professional videographer in Tucson, Arizona.


While everyone is familiar with the demand for wedding videos, there are countless other celebrations calling for a permanent visual record. Silver or golden anniversary only comes around once, like other significant life events, and in a culture where Americans are finding their roots and unearthing ancestry ties through DNA results, there’s a market for identity preservation.

Your iPhone can’t provide the images a production company in Tucson can provide – even when you’re not the belle of the ball and have your hands free. The quality just isn’t there.


Written applications for college are becoming “old school,” and students who want to edge out the competition are submitting attention-getting videos instead. U.S. News & World Report offers advice about structuring the content of a college entrance video application.

  1. Treat your video as an advertisement: Begin with a clever “hook” instead of the all-too-familiar “my name is …”
  2. Make your mark at the start: It may be a personal academic statement or the use of metaphor – but it needs to be memorable.
  3. Discuss your choice of that particular university: The goal is to make the faculty members see you as an ideal student for their institution.
  4. Tell them “why”: Those who assess videos want to see your true motivation.
  5. Don’t come off too scripted: You’ll be better received if it isn’t memorized but instead appears authentic. You’re simply sharing your story.

If you’re a student applying for a college program or a scholarship, a qualified Tucson videographer can not only provide professional-looking raw footage, but you can also find a production company in Arizona that offers a range of services that include consultation about content, as well as video and editing skills.

Personal Life

If getting into a meaningful relationship is important to you, it may be worth hiring a Tucson videographer to reflect who you are. There is a diversity of styles a person uses when creating videos to post on dating websites and social media. A good videographer can guide you in ways to signal your tastes values, and convey what you want to communicate.

Additionally, a shy guy may need some coaching about being in front of the camera, and a clown may need to tone it down. It’s a good idea to determine if you can do justice to yourself through the image you can record on your own.

Ideally, the skill set of the person you hire matches the needs of the moment. A full-service production company in Arizona can shoot footage, edit the piece, add graphics and voiceovers, and expertly package the project. Creative agencies can also monitor social media and make it public if that’s what you’re looking for.

When shopping for a Tucson video production team, vet them through their past projects and check their technological know-how. Digital media is a dynamic industry, so you need individuals who have the equipment and background to make a difference – otherwise, you might as well use your phone.

It goes way beyond the drone your cousin got for Christmas – skilled videographers have the means to incorporate aerial videography into the narrative with unique camera angles and cutting-edge technology. Look at their reels to see if they can take your project to the next level (pun intended).

If creating a video production in Tucson sounds like overkill – it shouldn’t. Depending on the application, it doesn’t have to be an Oscar-winning performance. But in personal matters – and certainly where building a business is concerned – most people want to hit the mark.

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