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Film and Video Production

The affordability of film production today makes the medium accessible to far more applications than just studios producing Oscar-contending feature films. If you’re marketing a product, a corporation – even yourself – it’s wise to look at the proven effectiveness of film.

Where is the film the most useful?

Film production used to be an elite, inaccessible form of communication, with the exception of large commercial ventures. But, today there is hardly a marketplace that is not animated by filmed images for the purpose of advertising and promotion. Even TV and web commercials sometimes have the appearance of mini-feature films. But on a smaller scale, the film has made its way into marketing for small businesses and individual portfolios, enabling them to shift the viewer’s perspective and craft a more specific message.

Explained by 3D expert Justin Slick at About Tech, “Film shows you a carefully composed slice of an imagined world … it really just comes down to the number of hardware resources that can be devoted to each frame. Film projects, because they’re pre-rendered, are able to devote virtually infinite resources to each and every frame.”

How would film production benefit my business?

If your industry involves travel or special events, like weddings, it’s obvious that a film package would be advantageous for your corporate image. But, did you know that plenty of other businesses, maybe even some of your competitors, are turning to film as a way of gaining the attention of customers? Now that everyone’s got devices for online movies and film-streaming, the static image no longer rules.

People, more and more, want to be entertained. It’s been decades since even nightly news turned from serious, Walter Cronkite material to talking heads infotainment. What seems to appeal to modern-day viewers involves storytelling. It’s the advantage film has in reaching your clients, where you deliberately place something good in front of the camera that’s also good in front of your target audience.

The film can offer a grainy, organic look to a product video, for instance, if it’s a food industry promotion. It’s easy to incorporate slow motion to a fragrance ad or use aerial videography to promote landscapes associated with your product or service through the use of film.

Do you have something to market to the film industry? Then, let’s get it on film, by all means. To catch the eye of a decision-maker in that extremely desirable, impacted, highly competitive marketplace, you need a slick visual package. You’ll want a professional product if you’re marketing any of the following:

  • Film location
  • On-camera talent
  • Studio
  • TV station

What if you’re in the insurance industry, or you’ve got a small community business?

If you’ve ever seen a low-quality, poorly scripted, local TV commercial, you may have questioned if the advertiser was “throwing good money after bad.” In other words, if they’re going to buy TV airtime, their business would be better served by investing in a quality film or video product.

It’s a virtual guarantee that your business will benefit from a high-profile, filmed marketing product, capable of reaching out to your existing customers and adding to your client base, with an appropriate image.




Why is it best to hire professional film production companies?

No level of preparation with everyday digital devices can likely produce a film or video package that moves your company to the next level. You don’t want the time you take (and the money you lose) tackling the learning curve, combined with the visual and audio quality issues, to keep you from reaching your goals for increased profits.

Does it sound overwhelming? Like it’s not worth doing unless it’s an intensive project, like the 11-episode “Planet Earth” series? It doesn’t have to capture the attention of the Academy of Arts & Sciences to promote your product or services.

But then again, it can if you want it to.

Our team of Los Angeles industry filmmakers at Coldea Productions has the experience to produce your film, whatever its size. We have been educated and worked in the film all over the world – literally – in addition to our work in BFA and MFA programs at the University of Southern California.

Our founder/CEO is a media artist with an MFA from the University of Arts and Design Cluj, Romania. His creative background is combined with an education in political science and a talent for pulling together a talented team. Our managing director, with a financial engineering degree and an MBA, maintains the direction of Coldea Productions, offering solid business support skills. Our producer is also a cinematographer with degrees in both audio production and film and media studies. He is interested in lighting images in a manner that mesmerizes and motivates the human soul.
Our cinematographer is an architectural engineer and a seasoned documentary filmmaker. He is a skilled 3-axis gimbal operator and time-lapse motion control, artist. Our editor is a computer systems engineer with a passion for storytelling and an interest in special effects. His work includes features, commercials, and short films.

We produce commercials for ad agencies, feature films, training, and corporate videos – every level of film industry objectives. If venturing into the film is an idea you’re exploring for the first time, with us you don’t need to fear the process or the outcome. We are seasoned filmmakers able to create and execute quality, high-impact video production packages that are consistent with your company’s goals.

We know the importance of paying attention to details in all major aspects of your filming project, including:

  • Pre-production
  • Script development
  • Location scouting
  • Lighting
  • Framing shots
  • Audio
  • Editing
  • Post-production treatment

We also know how to create a marketable piece, one that’s aimed at appealing to your client base, so you can see direct fiscal results. You don’t have to produce indie films or a full-length feature movie to benefit from a quality film package. We can discuss the marketing gains for your business that are possible by working with us at Coldea Productions.

Do COLDEA Productions do live stream videos?

While our storytelling skills enable us to create scripted, produced video packages, our technical skills extend to facilitate your live stream video needs as well. We work with any platform you choose, whether you hold regular meetings on Zoom or you pull together staffers through Periscope and tweet your broadcast on Twitter.

Whether your staff members use home computers or their Android or iPhones for the shared streaming, we can set up your transmission for you. By hiring a professional video production company, you minimize the chance of technical snafus – which can cost you money and at times can be a hit to the company’s image.

One of the most professional live streaming platforms is Vimeo. We can embed the video content on sites and customize it to fit your needs. The live stream player is useful to keep you on-brand, and you don’t have to put up with ads.

If you’ve been the HR director for years and have delivered hundreds of live training sessions, you’re confident about your script so you don’t need pre-packaged video production. Another advantage to taking it live – especially where educating staff members is concerned – is that you can constantly adapt to new rules of compliance and changes in policy.

Live streaming has changed the future of education. More teachers have adapted to the need for long-distance instruction through the remote transmission. Many instructors have faced a dramatic learning curve – especially those middle-aged and older – but it’s brought millions more Americans into the practice of communicating their lesson plans through streaming sources.

We can produce your live stream using a multiple-camera setup and serve as a technical director when your live training session is online. We work with every industry on any platform you use.

We live in a world where nearly every category of business would benefit from shifting to remote learning. Large corporations such as Cisco and IBM have long been communicating with staff through the use of technology. And numerous other industries can easily follow suit, particularly for staff training:

  • Insurance
  • Health companies
  • Manufacturing
  • Transportation
  • Financial services
  • Retail
  • Technology
  • Advertising/communications
  • Engineering
  • Banking

In any industry, when you onboard new hires you can get employees more engaged with live stream training videos. It saves money and time. If you have an international corporation, it’s even more cost-effective to communicate virtually. There is even a chance that current travel restrictions mean you physically can’t get to all of your distributors. Business communications through a virtual method video are sometimes better than in-person visits. Your message – done virtually – is more consistent across the various levels of your corporation.

You may choose an interactive, conversational broadcast because trainees can ask you questions. It’s easier to troubleshoot and clarify terms and details using a method where you get immediate feedback. Another advantage of live-streaming your training program is that you can better convey your company’s culture. Pre-packaged company video productions don’t communicate as organically.

Making your corporate training videos easy to access may not be as important as it is when you’re streaming marketing content, but we’re happy to advise you about the setup, production, and platform placement for your final product.

We create both training videos and marketing videos you can share with the quality that represents your company’s image. A best practices video production is the most efficient route to relay new information to existing staff members and prepare new employees for productive service. We tailor it to your needs to produce a training video production package that is more informative than your other options, which gives principals in the company the freedom to continue their valuable responsibilities.

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