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Hiring a Sahara Las Vegas convention photographer with skill and experience maximizes the impact of your event. You don’t want to gamble on obtaining the best conventions photography possible after investing your time and energy into a year of event planning.

Sahara Las Vegas Photography

Whether you’re planning an intimate meeting in the Cornelius Room or producing live entertainment in the Sahara Theatre, you want it to be fruitful, which involves pleasing attendees, corporate executives and vendors. A conferences photographer provides a service that meets the needs of all of them.

Most trade show attendees appreciate the energy such an event provides. When you have photo opportunities such as logo walls and attention-getting posts, you increase hype, which also provides added exposure for sponsors.

When you work with the Coldea Productions team, your coverage begins before the event. We meet with you to set up a strategy for the best convention photography, plus we can also provide you with event photography you can use to promote the show. We do headshots and other corporate photography, and you can offer our services to exhibitors if they need a booth photographer.

The venue’s location on the crowded Strip and its three-tower design require the Sahara Las Vegas convention photographer to have experience shooting large events. From breakout sessions to ballroom dances, you need someone with equipment for every size and style of function. As host, you don’t have time to handhold any staffers, vendors or service providers.

We work in stadiums, convention centers and other challenging locations on a regular basis. A Coldea Productions conventions photographer is knowledgeable, professional and prepared. We’re on time and we provide you with customized photos to meet your specific needs.

Conferences Photography for Marketing Purposes

As important as it is to navigate the Sahara’s 80,000 square feet of space, there are more uses for good conference photography after the event. The social media traction you get by posting photos of the action can’t be overstated.

Those who didn’t attend this year can be informed – about the motivational speakers, live entertainment and professionals in attendance – which sometimes snags them the next year. Foodies see the signature dining they missed or the networking opportunities lost from pictures of afterhours cocktail parties.

You can also provide customized parting gifts with an on-scene trade show photographer. A magnet, a keychain or something far more clever, most conference-goers expect to take home memorabilia meant for them. With a professional Sahara Las Vegas convention photographer you can make it personal.

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