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Video Marketing for Healthcare Industry

The growth of your medical practice should be as precise as the accompanying diagnosis, thus incorporating healthcare video production in your marketing plan is recommended by 5 out of 5 professionals.

COLDEA Productions understands the need for precise and effective communication to successfully establish your role as a premier provider. Whether your efforts are B2B, or direct to consumer, we’ll showcase your offerings and expertise through the use of healthcare and medical video. We know that the best healthcare videos are not only informative but also engaging and enjoyable.

Healthcare can be a surprisingly competitive industry. In order to keep up with the competition, you will need to utilize video marketing. Video marketing has been shown to be one of the most effective ways to market services and products to consumers. It is also a great way to generate content, build your brand’s image, and get attention from your target market.

When you work in healthcare, you may feel removed from the marketing side of the business, but all parts of the company should work together in order to create a cohesive marketing strategy. You can have your employees and other healthcare professionals speak directly to prospective clients. With a successful video marketing campaign you will have your customers or patients engaged and excited about your business.

Video Marketing for Doctors

Video marketing is taking the healthcare industry by storm. From hospitals to specialists, healthcare professionals and businesses have been harnessing the power of video marketing in order to increase brand reputability, visibility, and audience engagement.

Video marketing can be used in a huge variety of ways, depending on what your needs are. You can put out a series of informational videos to create content, introduce your brand to potential patients and customers, or even produce videos for special events or healthcare concerns.

Besides keeping your patients up to date, you can also show that you are a part of the community, showing off local events, and even cross-marketing with other local businesses. Marketing videos for healthcare can be extremely professional, or you can add a personal touch, with doctors and staff speaking directly to the camera — and your patients.

Video Marketing for Hospitals 

Hospitals can use video marketing in order to both increase revenue, and also to answer common questions and concerns patients and their families may have. By engaging your patients, you create an image and brand that people feel they can trust. Reputation is huge in the medical industry, and you want to be as transparent as possible. In your marketing videos, make sure that you are clear, concise, and professional.

You can make videos for each branch of medicine in your hospital, or you can even do a question and answer series in order to create regular content. No matter what type of video marketing content you choose, it will increase the effectiveness of your marketing campaign. You can also utilize video marketing to show how you rise above the competition, whether it’s in patient care or cutting edge technology.

Marketing videos for hospitals can also include things going on in the community, especially if they include things that you can put a health-related spin on, such as 5 or 10K races, or a fundraising event for a health issue.

Marketing Videos for Urgent Cares

Urgent care facilities are a growing industry, and to stay ahead of the competition you can use video marketing to be sure that people are aware of all the services you offer. While many urgent cares have services like pre-employment and school physicals, drug testing, and x-rays, many people don’t know all of the available offerings.

Urgent cares can take advantage of video marketing both by posting regular content and also by posting one-off videos about specific subjects. By getting more views on both social media and your business website, you are able to strengthen your reputation within your community.

Marketing Videos for Doctors Offices

New doctor’s offices often have a hard time starting out, because they have to attract new patients. By utilizing video marketing, you will be able to get peoples’ attention and create a new client base.

Video marketing will increase your visibility and reputation, as well as offer you an opportunity to speak directly to prospective patients. You can use videos to introduce your patients to your staff, making a video for each nurse and doctor. You could also use marketing videos to talk about local goings-on and events; you don’t have to limit yourselves to talking solely about healthcare.

Doctors offices are important pillars in every community, and utilizing marketing videos for your office is a great way to integrate yourself even more into the community you are in, so that you become more visible to potential and current patients. By having video content on both the community you are in and on health concerns and tips, your business will enjoy both customer engagement and a more effective marketing strategy.

Marketing Videos About General Health

General health marketing videos are a great way to optimize your website and social media pages for keywords. They also keep your patients informed and aware of both regular and seasonal health issues, and show that you are invested in their health. You can use marketing videos to update patients about the latest news, information, and treatments available.

Marketing videos about general health are a great way to keep your content updated regularly because they can be posted at any time. For the best results, keep your videos under two minutes and keep your clips for Instagram stories under 15 seconds.

Marketing Videos About Specific Procedures

Marketing videos about specific procedures are not only great to show your patients and clients what to expect, but also make wonderful content for your social media pages. Marketing videos about specific procedures should include things like how to prepare for the procedure, what to expect during the procedure, and aftercare.

Other Types of Marketing Videos for Healthcare

Preventative Healthcare Marketing Videos 

Preventative healthcare how-to videos are the perfect way to add information and content to your website and social media. You can create a series of preventative health videos on general health or to prevent certain issues or seasonal problems.

Home Page Videos for Health Care

Coldea Productions produces some of the best home page videos for health care; if you want the most professional home page, video marketing is a great way to show how you are trustworthy and capable. Home page marketing videos can be a great way to show off the services you offer, or a quick introduction of your business.

Health Care Event Videos

Health care events can be ongoing or a one-time-only special occasion. Whether you need content videos each time you have an ongoing health care event, such as a blood drive, or if you have a single event that your business is putting on or sponsoring, Coldea Productions can help!

Tips for Video Marketing for Healthcare 

Update Regularly

If you are using video marketing for your healthcare business, you will want to update your content regularly. This keeps your content fresh, and you will be at the top of everyone’s social media feeds. By staying visible, people think of your business first when they have a need for the services you offer. If your video marketing gets stale, it will look like you don’t keep up with current events or technology.

Content Promotion is Key

Making quality content is not the end of the story. You will need to promote your video content by using traditional marketing techniques as well as staying on top of social media trends. Even in healthcare, keeping your audience engaged is important for building and maintaining a business. And by using video marketing, you can make your business seem both more professional and more familiar and approachable.

What Sets Us Apart?

Coldea Productions is one of the best video editing and production companies in southern California. Coldea’s specialties include producing and editing marketing videos and photography. Capable of producing 3D animation and special effects, Coldea Productions prides themselves in only putting out the highest quality work that their customers are excited to use.

Coldea’s Video Services

Coldea Productions video services are virtually unlimited and include production, editing, animations, and special effects. Coldea Productions creates only the best quality marketing videos, for whatever your needs may be.

Coldea Productions Photography Services   

Coldea Productions photography services are a great way to create a cohesive look between your video marketing and your traditional marketing campaigns. You can use marketing photos for traditional marketing, as well as on your social media accounts.

Why You Should Call Us?

Coldea Productions will keep your healthcare business on top of its marketing game by creating marketing videos that solidify your company’s reputation, and perhaps even keep your patients informed. Coldea Productions is staffed by expert videographers, editors, and even animators who will make content for your business that is engaging, professional, and reflects your brand. If you haven’t started using video marketing for your business, you are already miles behind your competition. Get ahead of the marketing curve by letting Coldea Productions help with your marketing strategy by creating high-quality video content.

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