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A capable Las Vegas Tropicana convention photographer can satisfy the goals of your corporate executives to make a lasting impact on their client base. Through live streaming and effectively using professional images of your event, you can exponentially raise awareness, and even attendance, to your conference or show.

Success with Event Photography

As an event planner, you juggle the responsibility to mobilize visitors, put out fires for exhibitors and please the show’s host with the outcome. One of the tools to achieve that success is hiring a conventions photographer with the skill to provide you with visuals that serve you well.

The team at Coldea Productions has experience in every imaginable industry including healthcare, hospitality, real estate, technology, financial services, and others. Whoever your event is serving, your trade show photography will be tailored to your needs.

Your concerns entail exhibitor management, vendor supplications, guest services and sometimes even celebrity protection. You need to hand off the responsibility for photos and videos to a Las Vegas Tropicana convention photographer who can pull their weight.

You chose the venue because you needed 30-plus breakout rooms, or you have a formal dinner that the 25,000-square-foot ballroom would accommodate. Or perhaps you’re a Las Vegas business hosting a company training or retreat and you liked what you heard when you reached out to the Tropicana business center. Less or more elaborate – your function requires a conference photographer with the breadth of experience to handle all the moving parts.

Corporate Photography

Coldea Productions is equipped and staffed to cover speakers, guests, award-winners, exhibitors and others associated with your show. We even provide corporate headshots in advance for your marketing materials – and we can capture those moments that sell your product, such as a handshake between corporate giants or the arrival of a Grammy-winning artist.

Our corporate photographers cut their teeth on Hollywood films and commercial sales projects. Plus, we have the post-production capability to produce the pieces you need after the event.

Working with you months in advance, we can help you produce attention-getting marketing tools and offer corporate photography to your vendors and exhibitors as well. There’s no aspect of your function that gets ignored by our lens, which means you have access to useful images from the event.

Whether you’re holding a comedy show, a tribute concert or a tech convention, we provide you with a Las Vegas Tropicana convention photographer to reflect your vision. You have images to share that send prospective visitors to Eventbrite and tell people who missed out to get on board next year.

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