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Professional Headshots allow for good first impressions in the corporate and acting industry

Coldea Productions is among the numerous production companies that want to stress how important headshot photography is. Headshots are extremely vital in the acting industry and extremely useful in the corporate industry.

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Professional Headshots

Professional photographers all agree that a headshot is an individual’s personal branding. First impressions will always be important, and to many people, they can last a long time. Now that virtual personal branding has become as important as creating a good first impression in person, professional headshots are a necessity in various industries.
A professional headshot is an individual’s opportunity to show their brand image to potential clients and employers. How a person looks in their headshot could affect the perception of them. A poorly done headshot may make people think that the individual is disorganized or incompetent. Unprofessional headshots or simple personal photos may also project an image of unprofessionalism.

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In the corporate industry, a professional headshot could definitely help individuals land a job, since a great headshot will provide a valuable first impression to potential employers. It is even more important in the acting industry as the impression one makes from their headshot to casting agents will determine whether or not they get chosen for the part. “A headshot is one of an actor’s most important tools,” says a local casting director. “It’s their business card, their first introduction and supposed to be a window into their personality.

A professional headshot should only be shot by professional photographers.

It is not something anyone can just capture, especially with a smartphone. It should be done by a photographer with the necessary skills, tools and experience in headshot photography.

Aside from corporate and actors headshots, Coldea Productions has a team of photographers for corporate and product photos, real estate photos, and fashion or dance photos. Their team’s strong engineering background allows them to take aerial photography if necessary.

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Coldea does not only specialize in photography, however as a video production company, they provide engaging, informational and cost-efficient videos using the latest audio/visual technology. Their video marketing services include corporate videos, commercials, real estate, and product videos. They shoot training videos, aerial videos, web videos and feature films as well.[/fusion_text]

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