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At Coldea Productions, we are a full-service video production and webcasting company with years of experience producing live webcasts for video conferences, corporate events, and other virtual events for marketing and internal communication applications. A team of video production specialists produces premium quality on-demand and live virtual webcast events for companies of all sizes in various industries.


The work of corporate video production companies can get your brand in front of more members of the public while also serving your purpose within the company. If you haven’t incorporated video into your marketing plan, it’s a quick, affordable strategy that offers a robust return on your investment.


Coldea Productions provides professional webcast streaming services for businesses of all sizes and industries. Talented video production teams and webcast specialists capture, edit, and distribute high-quality live events, webinars, and other on-demand and live streaming services that will engage, entertain, and inform large groups of attendees.


Four years before the global coronavirus pandemic took hold, live streaming technology made some significant breakthroughs that allowed businesses of all kinds to reach large groups of online audiences throughout the United States at one time. Coldea Productions uses years of experience in video production and live streaming to provide live webcasting services for a wide range of marketing and internal communication applications for businesses of varying sizes in various industries.


The technology for live webcasting and streaming came along at just the right time. Even before the global health pandemic that forced people all over the world into working remotely from their homes, businesses were using webcasting functionality to conduct virtual events of all kinds from internal meetings to large conferences and other gatherings. From boardrooms to sporting events, live webcasts have been streaming live events for several years, and now businesses of all kinds and sizes regularly rely on online events of all kinds to reach global audiences in the United States and around the world.


Whether you are planning a large corporate conference or small business introducing a new product line, the professional live streaming services for events at Coldea Productions can help you expand your audience reach and draw the maximum number of quality attendees. Our team of industry specialists has experience producing live stream events of all kinds and sizes that offer different ways to attract large groups of viewers.


Live streaming of corporate webcasts will organically build up new client relationships and help increase your brand awareness and online presence. Share important business information with online events with the potential to reach unlimited numbers of attendees. Virtual town halls, conference calls, corporate meetings, and other live events and on-demand video can achieve the same goals and objectives as in-person corporate events at a fraction of the cost and without the health risks associated with large in-person gatherings.


Live conference webcasting is a powerful tool in today’s digital world. It is the most effective way to communicate and instantly share industry knowledge and information to attendees throughout the United States and across the globe. Virtual events streamed live on the internet can reach the most remote location and are not restricted by geographical boundaries. Live streaming business conferences have become even more essential in these unprecedented times of social distancing and remote business due to the global health pandemic.


In these unprecedented times and stay at home mandates, it has never been more critical for businesses of all sizes to have safe ways to communicate with existing and potential customers, employees, and other associates. Coldea Productions stands above other webcast service providers in providing professional live webcasting options for a wide range of business goals and objectives. Our team uses years of experience and distinct skill sets to reach large audiences and keep them engaged, entertained, and informed.


Whether for business or personal applications, video streaming online has become an essential tool to communicate with people remotely. Technological advances in live stream video production have made incredible strides in terms of accessing live content from the convenience of your mobile phone or other devices with an Internet connection. Video streaming online allows for a nearly unlimited number of people to connect and communicate live.


Having the capabilities and access to reach business associates, clients, and staff through a live, digital format is more important than ever. The global pandemic has forced companies of all kinds to refocus their communication methods and practices to conduct business in the most production and efficient ways. The good news is that the technology and processes for the live broadcast event and on-demand webcasting services at Coldea Productions has already been well-established using years of experience in video production to facilitate the kind of webcast that serves your business needs and applications.
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