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You want to maintain an edge in the marketplace, and you know you need digital visibility. A corporate video agency is able to create a visual marketing tool that reaches a wider audience and promotes your brand to the public.

With a change in the script and some post-production motion graphics, a video production company can use the same medium to address other needs within your company as well.

What is a corporate video production company?

With a skill set that includes technological know-how and expertise in marketing strategy, a video production firm creates a visual tool your company can use to inform and motivate others. Video production companies synthesize the skills of their team members to channel multiple creative and technical efforts, all with an aim to boost your corporate image. 

They can cover your events – provide a record of team building at company retreats, create convention videos, and equip you with valuable documentation of your business enterprises. By including a production team at significant moments in the life of your company, you galvanize a timeline and form a foundational history to save in perpetuity.

If you’ve had more than a decade of experience in business, you know the importance of immortalizing the most important stages of your company’s growth.

Your video production agency should make sure you never lose an opportunity to improve your profile and promote your brand. When you roll out a new collection, product videos let the public know about it. When you open a new office or make changes to your services, a corporate video should be created to release the news to the press.

By retaining an agency, you take these responsibilities off your plate and gain the advantages that many of your competitors don’t have. A cutting-edge team of marketing video experts can reflect your best side – new services rendered, happy client testimonials, educational outreach, whatever your company is offering.

What do corporate video production services include?

When you first sit down with the videographer you lay out your needs and discuss how video production services will fit into your plans and provide solutions for the areas where your business needs improvement.

The advantages of deciding to move forward on a project are not limited to marketing – you can create a corporate video for a number of purposes, including:

  • Instructional/safety/training
  • Client testimonial
  • New products/services roll-out
  • Investor presentation
  • Event summary
  • Documentaries
  • Commercials
  • Webinar/webcasting
  • Explainer video
  • About Us/Team
  • Executive Interviews

When you reach out to an agency, check their work history to see if their talent is a good match for your needs. A wide breadth of experience is the baseline, but you may be looking for a team with a background that’s specific to your industry. For instance, marketers at a real estate firm and corporate event planners need a videographer who works with drones. And a talent agency needs a team with experience shooting music videos, while an import company will migrate toward those who make product videos.

Who needs a corporate video agency?

Whether your operations are in San DiegoOrange County, or New York City, the demand for effective corporate videos is the same. You could be a small business with a target audience that’s strictly local or a Fortune 500 company on the cover of Inc. Magazine. Either way, there are people you want to reach who are on social media.

People have a more robust reaction to video than to still images. Think of the effort it takes for your brain to see and metabolize written text and consider the easy messaging of moving images. There’s no contest. Even the majority of corporate executives choose video over photos.

Video promotion is a key component of marketing strategies for the world’s most successful companies. You need to take advantage of web traffic and get in front of your client base – video marketing does that. You not only get the attention of consumers; you convert viewers into customers.

When videos are shared, which is a big boon in social media accounts, you have the potential to grow exponentially. Adding one customer at a time is one thing; but you get added exposure when your customers share your goods and services with their friends, which multiplies your profits. Videos are easy to share, so the public gets involved with your brand, which is a dream come true.

If you’ve ever been approached by a long-winded salesperson or been exposed to a new brand online with no energy or excitement, you know the downfall of not stepping in new directions.

What is the corporate video production process?

Your brand has to be front and center – it’s the overarching theme of your advertising and promotional efforts. If you’ve heard the 5 W’s to include in the script of your corporate video, you’ve already got a head start. Through those types of inquiries, you can communicate your company’s best features including achievements, assets, and physical products. It means they don’t have to work too hard to find you carry a range of colors and styles. Your video is meant to showcase what you offer.

A professional video production company can walk you through the steps required to nail down the best idea, storyboard, shoot schedule, and editing process.

Set Your Intention

Decide who is the viewer and what you want them to do when they see your video. Is there a call to action? An “ask”?  You may want them to order products or you may use it for recruiting talented new employees. The purpose of your video product is of utmost importance and your storyboard will reflect it. Brand awareness is important too – of course. That’s the overall goal. But if there’s something else that’s specific to your aim, state it so the project lands there. It needs to speak to your stated audience.

Make it Emotional

Art elicits feeling; at least, that’s what it’s supposed to do. There’s no reason to invest in a video that isn’t powerful or motivating. But your ROI on a well-planned, focused, professional video is extremely high. Research shows there is the emotion behind every decision, including what you buy. Your customers need a reason to say yes, and video production services are masterful at bringing that about. If your subject matter requires fact-based material – such as aerospace or a law firm – that is perfectly acceptable too. But don’t forget how much mileage you get from piercing the viewer’s heart. Think about some of the TV commercials by children’s hospitals or nonprofit spots you’ve seen to save animals. They move you to tears, if not action. You can give rock-solid information while still bringing viewers to an emotional place to drive home your message.

Even videos for your own staff. Making changes in equality, diversity, or attitudes of some kind? A corporate video is an outstanding way to make it both strong and memorable.

The video production firm you choose should have the tools to make the post-production part of the process bring your video to a new level. High-resolution cameras and expensive lenses are one thing, but expert editing is another. You may want animationmotion graphics, and other features, which is what makes a standout video. When you’ve invested your resources to go through the meaningful process of planning and producing a video, it should be effective or it’s not worth the effort. The sophistication details will vary according to your market and what you offer. It also depends on your customer. Your production company team should have access to voiceover quality and a level of sound that helps you eclipse that of your competition.

Tell a Story

There’s no better medium for storytelling than video. What’s your business backstory? That may be a video you need for your “About Us” tab. Some of your associates want to know about your personal journey and a video production company can help you develop a strong narrative. Imagine the use of a compelling video among a staid clientele such as a financial group or medical records convention. A keynote speaker for anything from vacuum sales to life insurance could benefit from a quality video.

It Has to be Professional

Find yourself a capable, reliable video production agency that knows everything you don’t know about the process. If it’s something you could do on your phone as an iMovie, then you don’t need their help. They need to bring it – you want excellence if you’re creating something to represent you. If you saw products at your factory that were coming off the line at low quality, you would put a stop to it. The same applies here – you need top-of-the-line video representation.

Make Sure it Hits the Target

There’s little point to a demonstration video that isn’t helpful or a training video that doesn’t teach. A company culture video can be useful to onboard new employees or bring employees further along in absorbing the company’s point of view.

Where can I find a talented video production agency?

When you seek out experts for your company’s production services, check the experience, and professional quality of their work. You can fly in a team from New York, but if they don’t have the right qualifications it’s an opportunity missed. If you expect to become an industry leader, you need a video team that’s competitive in their field – whether their production services begin in sunny San Diego or the snowy Sierras.

The team at COLDEA Productions knows how to convey your message in a style and format that matches your vibe and eclipses your competition. We handle everything from the storyboard to editing and marketing management. As a creative media production company, our approach is totally collaborative – making sure the products we deliver are uniquely yours. Every project is customized, and we work with you to tailor our work to your style and needs.

You have the best insight into your company’s best qualities, and you know what gains traction with your target customers. Our creative team brings decades of successful video production work and numerous satisfied clients to your project. For your website page where you relay your history or the “about us” tab, our experience working in Hollywood is useful background. Vehicles with a strong narrative format such as documentaries are similar to the style you need to unfold your backstory. We can write your script, hire live actors, choose models, and shoot high-quality content. Then we take the raw footage and add our editing expertise, with motion graphics, voiceovers, and other features.

After your videos are completed, we can handle your digital marketing for you, which saves time so your in-house promotions team can handle their workload. When your new product needs an explainer video and HR has new training regulations, we provide the video content. We can live-stream your meetings and turn your events into commercials for ad buys.

As a trusted corporate video agency, we have worked around the world with individuals from all types of industries. We know how to spread your message to your target customers and handle your in-house needs as well.

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