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Live conference webcasting is a powerful tool in today’s digital world. It is the most effective way to communicate and instantly share industry knowledge and information to attendees throughout the United States and across the globe. Virtual events streamed live on the internet can reach the most remote location and are not restricted by geographical boundaries. Live streaming business conferences have become even more essential in these unprecedented times of social distancing and remote business due to the global health pandemic.

Coldea Productions can help you leverage your time and investments by reducing costs, saving time, and cutting down on the environmental impact of holding in-person events. Our impressive team of video production and live streaming experts will help you maximize the ability to use audience feedback and interactions in real-time.

What is Conference Webcasting?

Web conferencing is used to make business meetings of all types and sizes available online through live conference webcasting or archived on-demand video content. Webcasting conferences allows an unlimited number of online attendees throughout the United States and around the world. A presenter of a live webcast conference has the ability to interact with viewers, make important announcements, and present slide presentations in real-time.

Web conferences are commonly used for small meetings that rely on collaborations from investors, shareholders, employees, and other important areas of your business operations that include attendees from anywhere in the United States with a stable internet concoction.

Ways to Use Conference Webcasting

Coldea Productions offers a wide range of web conferencing solutions for various business needs and applications. Our team of video production specialists will partner with you to determine the types of web conference applications to reach business associates instantly for anyone with an internet connection anywhere in the United States and throughout the world. The most common uses for video conferencing through a live webcast include:

Keynote Speaker Address

A keynote speaker at your annual conference or other live event plays an important role in communicating your company’s core ideas and values, setting the tone of these virtual events. Keynote speakers’ addresses can now be opened up to a live webcast event instantly for attendees across the United States. In these unprecedented times of social distancing, both the speaker and the audience can benefit from being able to hold these virtual events via live web conferences.

Conference Presentation

Web conferencing software allows you to maintain the excitement and energy of a live conference by making conference presentations through a live webcast. This allows viewers to be interactive without having to be there in person. Audiences throughout the United States and around the world can participate in real-time through online chats, Q&A sessions, and polls that keep them interested and engaged.

Breakout Sessions

Breakout sessions and conference tracks are an important part of the conference experience. Today’s modern web conferencing software has the capability to create breakout rooms that can cover specific topics that are relevant to certain groups of attendees.

Trade Shows

Travel, lodging, and other expenses associated with traveling to attend a trade show in the United States or across the globe can keep many people from attending these important business conferences. In today’s digital age, live webcasts allow people to reap the benefits of attending trade shows without having to leave their homes. 

Benefits of Conference Webcasting

Using web conferencing solutions from the professionals at Coldea Productions have become powerful organizational tools to reach larger remote audiences for annual conferences, conference calls, press conferences, seminars, workshops, and internal communications, and other live events.

Benefits of taking advantage of webcasting solutions to host your next important conference include:

Expand Your Reach, Unlimited Audience Size

Reach viewers instantly across the United States and around the world to make it easier than ever for potential customers, employees, and other business associates to understand and retain the information you are delivering through the streaming of your live event.

Remote Presenters

Web conferencing allows you to bring in the best speakers and presenters from anywhere in the world. Experts in your field can participate and contribute without having to travel or increase the health risks during the coronavirus pandemic. They have the ability to interact with the audience through a slide presentation and answering questions in real-time. Save on travel expenses by having these industry experts play a significant role in your conference.

Interactive Live Q&As

Webcasting technology allows for live interaction between the presenter and the audience as if they were in the same room. Chat functions, polls, and social media comment sections provide opportunities for Q&A sessions and real-time interaction.

Unlimited Audience

With conference webcasting, there is no limit on the number of audience members that can join your live event. Hundreds of thousands of viewers can benefit from the webcasting technology by being able to attend your conference with ease and at a fraction of the cost of attending live.

Compatible with All Media Formats

A common misconception about virtual conference events is that you lose the flexibility to use traditional media formats that enhance the experience for those attending. Webcasting software now has the ability to include any kind of media in the event, from recorded video content and slide presentations to live chats, polls, and live video calls.

Increase Sales, Revenue

Sell conference passes to interested worldwide audiences that might not otherwise be able to attend in-person events. Webcast sponsorships and other advertising opportunities can also bring revenue from exhibitors and other sponsors.

Picture in Picture Functions

Conference webcasting is not limited to just showing your speaker during presentation and keynote speeches. Your audience will be able to view your most influential speakers while also viewing any media presentation.

Mobile Responsiveness, Compatibility

A live conference webcast can be viewed from any desktop computer or mobile device with access to an internet connection. That means attendees can participate fully from their smartphone, tablet, or any other modern mobile device.

Track Viewer Activity

Analytics and monitoring techniques allow you to track the number of viewers, where they are viewing from so you can compile traffic reports and other data analysis to help your strategies and plans for hosting future events.

Webcast Archive

Your entire conference and all the individual presentations and breakout sessions can be recorded and archived for use at a later date. The links for these on-demand video presentations can be sent to those who could not attend live and used for a variety of marketing and internal applications.


Get the Most from Your Conference Webcasting Event

Hosting a virtual conference involves a lot of moving parts, technical complications, and the gathering of groups of people from across the United States and around the world. The following tips will help keep you organized and maximize the potential for your next virtual conference event.

Traditional Conference Approach

An online virtual conference is still a conference with the same goals and objectives and should be treated with the same approach. You still need to cover the basic information while catering to a remote audience to keep them engaged and involved. It is still a professional environment that needs to be approached in the same manner as if you were presenting or attending in person. Dress as if you would for any other conference and make sure all presenters and attendees conduct themselves in a professional manner.

Create a Hook

Your ability to tell your story and grab the attention of attendees is crucial to getting and keeping your audiences engaged and interested in the content you are delivering. Introduce some sort of hook or attention-getting presentation from the start to grab your viewers and make them want to keep watching throughout the webcast.

Use Recorded Video Content

Do not be afraid to use recorded video and other forms of media to keep the event moving and engage your audience. Today’s technology allows you to insert various forms of content that will get and keep the attention of attendees. Video features, slide presentations, and other prepared content will make you look more professional and enable viewers to better absorb and retain the information.

Use Polls, Surveys

Another way to keep your audience engaged and involved throughout your web conference is to post polls and surveys that offer instant results. By asking questions, taking polls, and finding other ways to interact with your audience in real-time, you will not only get them to pay attention, but you can also gauge their interest and needs and cater to the content in that direction.

Why Choose Us?

Coldea Productions has years of experience in live streaming all kinds and sizes of conference webcasting events in the United States and around the world. Our team offers customized solutions to help make your next annual conference or other live events reach large groups of global audiences to ensure your success. We are dedicated to making sure you reach your goals and objectives.

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At Coldea Productions, we are a full-service video production and professional webcasting company helping businesses like yours navigate the complicated world of live conference webcasting for any type of industry. Contact the Coldea Productions for complete information on our webcasting services and get started planning your next live event today.

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