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Drone Videography – Capture images from an aerial view


Drone Videography

Unmanned aerial vehicles, sometimes called “drones,” are becoming a hot topic in the news, and are also one of the hottest tools in the field of aerial videography.

What is a drone?

They are unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) operated by remote control, and they are already playing an important part in a range of purposes, including search and rescue, surveillance, traffic monitoring, weather monitoring and firefighting, among other things.

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Traditionally thought of in reference to their military capabilities, a PBS segment a few years ago described RC drones (remote-controlled) this way: “Drones are remotely piloted aircraft that can be the size of a Boeing 737 or as small as a magazine. They’re generally used for the three Ds: dull, dirty or dangerous missions, said Peter Singer, director of the Center for 21st Century Security and Intelligence at the Brookings Institution.

The Department of Homeland Security flies predator drones and other U.S. government agencies, such as NASA and the U.S. Forest Service, use them for such work as mapping forest fires. Because they can “go where no man has gone before,” these high-tech wonders have been making news for their ability to fly into inhospitable environments during such important work as disaster relief. They fly into hurricanes, fires, nuclear disasters and earthquakes, among other formidable circumstances.

The legal landscape in the use of drones is an unfolding drama, as their use is on the rise in many fields involving aerial video systems. The FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) is grappling with the debate over whether or not allowing unmanned aircraft to operate outside the “line of sight” of the pilot is a safe practice. America has “the busiest, most complex airspace in the world,” says the agency.

Drone capability has been around for more than 100 years, actually. It’s now become a more accessible device, and public awareness has picked up, the more its use dovetails with our everyday equipment. Products like the French-made parrot drone are lightweight quadcopter that are remotely controlled using software on a mobile or tablet operating system.

These, and other forms of UAVs, are expanding the technologic possibilities for shooting videos.

How is drone videography used?

The world has an incredible view of Winter Olympics events, like snowboarding and slalom skiing, thanks to the use of drone cameras. We can pan across whole cities in a matter of seconds, watch sporting events and travel to foreign lands because of their technology. Like the advent of computers, aerial videos have opened up a lot of new doors, especially in the areas of marketing and advertising.

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Are you interested in creating a commercial or web video to promote your company? Aerial videography only adds to the drama and information you can provide your consumers.

The real estate market has exploded because of aerial photography by offering a homebuyer the scenic view of a property from over head with the use of a drone camera. Hotels and rental properties can post advanced camera angles and movement to create much more compelling web videos for their sites.

What began with serious service to the military, and ranges as casual an application as a hobby tool, can now be the means by which your company is propelled to greater profits.

How does Coldea Productions use drone photography?

Thanks to drone capability, there is no more need for chartered airplanes and commercial helicopters to get a bird’s eye view of properties, scenery or any other live action subjects on film.

aerial videography coldea productions

Camera angles and motion treatments of almost every imaginable variety are possible, and if you name it, we’ve probably done it. The strong engineering background of our staff means that we are capable of using drone photography for every purpose from photogrammetry to location scouting, as well as other visual imagery payloads. Our drone operators are certified to shoot footage for feature films, real estate marketing, commercial advertising, corporate videos, web videos, product promotion – even training videos.

This goes beyond small unmanned aerial systems (SUAS), the DIY drones used by hobbyists for recreational purposes. We routinely incorporate these impressive viewpoints to tell the story of a product, person, service or take your feature film to the next level.

Using this small, light technology, we shoot in high resolution with industry-proven superior lenses, creating a professional piece for your marketing or training purposes. We’ve found that using quadcopters with high-tech cameras, your video package hits the marketplace with much greater appeal, stealing the eyes and ears of your client base from competitors.

The growth of the UAV industry has made our ability to incorporate aerial photography into your video product more affordable, so you get the quality you’re seeking without exceeding your budget demands. There is no better way to show off that perfect piece of property or tell the story of your company’s history than with drone video.

You can be confident that your advertising impression is our highest priority. With the use of aerial video, our team of professionals provide you the quality marketing product that stands out and reflects your desired image.

Video Credits: Adam Eurich, Cinematographer[/fusion_text]

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