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Taking your staff offsite for conventions, teambuilding, or even just bonding, is never the same experience twice. But when a company meetings and outings photographer visually documents the event, it not only makes it memorable, it becomes accessible to you and your team when you need to revisit the experience.

The corporate photographers at Coldea Productions recognize the importance of your event’s outcome. We become a part of your team, contributing to the success of your retreat, industry trade show or factory tour. We take responsibility for professional imaging based on your specified shot list.


Company Event Photography

The events you plan for your own staff members need documentation. It may be “just” an in-house function, but it can serve many purposes if you have a company meetings photographer on scene.

Sometimes the pictures and videos that come out of a teambuilding session are more useful than the event itself. They can be used for instructional purposes in PowerPoint presentations or during employee review sessions when addressing specific individuals who attended.

In the event of an executive retreat or a sales conference, your main concern is the content. When your objective is a better-trained staff or greater profits, you put your energy into assessing what your team will benefit from most. Making sure you end up with the best photos for business purposes isn’t your job – that’s in the hands of a professional company meetings and outings photographer.


Outings Photography

It can also work in your favor to book a corporate photographer to cover non-profit fundraising or sporting events that are designed to raise your company’s profile. You can get a lot of community relations mileage by supporting the needs that your clients care about, which is a win-win. And in the case of a tournament, with a corporate and charity golf outings photographer you can further thank sponsors and clients when your PR department submits images to press outlets.

Whether you’re in the food industry and your team is touring a canning facility or your international executives want a survey of the jobs in the pipeline, a corporate photographer adds value to the experience. It’s more than a field trip – it’s a public relations opportunity.

Because we understand your need for successful marketing, a Coldea Productions company meetings and outings photographer knows how to keep a low profile. We’re there to reflect your company’s image, not put ourselves in the center of your business objectives. We’re knowledgeable about everything from zoom sizes to light sourcing, but our professional expertise goes way beyond knowing the most effective and appropriate cameras, lenses and other equipment to produce photos that meet your expectations and goals.

It’s more than batteries and filters. You need a company meetings and outings photographer with a level of quality and responsibility that enables you to let go and be pleasantly surprised by the results.

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