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Video Presentation will Draw Awareness

Video Presentation

Video is becoming insanely popular. In August, 2011 85% of American Internet users viewed online video. That resulted in a record breaking 6.9 billion viewing sessions, according to comScore’s most recent report.

Here are 5 things to consider:

1. Google Likes Video

Research shows that Google structures its search results to prioritize sites with video. Furtermore, because Google displays “blended search” results (a mix of video, image, news, maps, and other mediums in addition to regular search results), if you optimize your videos properly they’ll have a better chance of ranking well. Here are 2 easy ways to get your video to rank higher in Google:

  1. YouTube is owned by Google, so it’s no surprise that most videos that rank well are hosted on YouTube. Host your video on YouTube and embed it on your site. For extra points, put your video on a page that has relevant keyword-rich text.
  2. Use keywords in your video filename, title, description, and tags.

2. People Share Video

Studies show that people are more likely to share videos over boring old text pages. We’ve noticed that the videos shared on the company LinkedIn page often attracts more attention than regular text posts. People are more inclined to click on a video thumbnail than something with no visual or multimedia element. To sweeten the deal, when people “like” or “share” a video link on Facebook,LinkedIn it automatically pops up on their wall for all to see. Bonus! Lastly, YouTube makes it really easy for other people to embed your video on their site.

3. You Can Captivate the Lazy

It doesn’t take a lot of brain power to watch a video, but to read an article… well, that’s a different story. Simply put, video is easier to digest. If you’ve ever wasted hours in front of the TV or playing on YouTube you know exactly what I’m talking about. Video allows you to engage an audience that may dismiss the information you’d otherwise convey through text.

4. If a Picture = 1,000 Words…

A video is worth 1,000,000!!! Well maybe not a million, but video does have the ability to convey a ton of information in a short period of time. Having a video that displays your product will give your customer way more information about what your product looks like, and even strike an emotional cord and subconsciously tell them how they should feel about the item.

5. Adds a Personal Touch

There’s a lot of shoppers looking for that “boutique” experience. You know, something with a personal touch. Video is a great way to add some personalization to your online store. Walk into a good brick-and-mortar store and you’ll likely receive a warm greeting followed by personalized recommendations and help (if needed). Use video to replicate this experience! Even if it’s just a quick greeting video on your blog, or perhaps a behind the scenes look at how something is made, you’ll be amazed how loyal customers can be if they see a face behind the company

Credits: Shopify

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