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Video Production in Peoria Arizona

The largest companies in town see the value of both quality staff and a professional video production in Peoria to expand their marketing success. Among the top employers in town are medical corporations, school districts and a retirement community. And several companies have employed production companies in Arizona to create and post promotional videos.

Video production in Peoria reveals the power and purpose behind equipment manufactured by TYR Tactical.

TYR Tactical is a manufacturer of equipment designed for men and women in uniform as well as law enforcement personnel.

What TYR’s website videography shows is the effectiveness of the company’s research and development process and the purpose behind the equipment they sell. Footage of scientists, designers, and sewing professionals lets viewers in on the process that advances the company’s reputation for knowledge and experience, including how the TYR team created a new hybrid material called PV that reduces the weight of packs and increases durability.

The products manufactured by TYR include:

  • Military vests
  • Plate carriers
  • Body armor
  • Assault gear
  • Armor accessories
  • Military backpacks
  • COMA systems
  • Weapons accessories
  • Tactical pouches

Reaching the “Next Generation Warrior” is a worthy goal when hiring a Peoria production company to master a video representation of the company’s strong points.

Video production in Arizona can be useful when the company hosts national trade shows. Thousands of agencies are reached when the manufacturer makes appearances at conventions such as:

  • Ohio Tactical Officers Association Conference in Sandusky, Ohio
  • ADS Federal Range Day in Fredericksburg, Virginia  
  • National Sheriffs’ Association Annual Conference in Louisville, Kentucky    
  • ADS Warrior Expo East in Virginia Beach, Virginia
  • North Carolina Police Executives Association Conference in Wilmington, North Carolina
  • Military Police & Law Enforcement Expo in Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri
  • Eastern Law Enforcement Training Expo in Winston-Salem, North Carolina
  • National Tactical Officers Association in Orlando, Florida
  • Kentucky Tactical Officers Association Annual Conference in Louisville, Kentucky

Video production companies in Peoria have created projects for TYR Tactical’s site that demonstrate the use of their equipment including police body armor videos that reveal real-world use of their gear.

A video of the Huron MICO is a soldier’s experience employing light and heavy machine gunner’s assault pack including a desert area demonstration.

There’s a pouch configuration overview of the TYR Tactical Assaulters Sustainment Pack, which is a 5-minute video walking you through the use of pockets and layers of the soldier’s backpack.

The men and women of TYR also created a company video about the manufacturing process at the business headquarters. The video says, “They rigorously test and evaluate each piece of kit to ensure its performance efficiency in the field.” Under the tagline “innovate or die,” they show the design and manufacture of products that the company promotes as “proudly made in the USA since 2010.”

Video production in Peoria, Arizona has contributed to Antigua Group, Inc. becoming an international powerhouse.

In its 40-year history, the Antigua Group, Inc. has become the clothier to the pros. Established in 1979, Antigua opened an account with the U.S. Open in Pebble Beach, California in 1982 and over the next few years expanded rapidly. In 1989, the company entered a license agreement with the NFL and saw their apparel promoted when Payne Stewart won the PGA Championship wearing an Antiqua shirt.

Now providing products to Major League Baseball, NBA, and National Hockey League, merchandise has expanded to general retailers as well. And you can see the company’s products on TV and everywhere else, thanks to video production companies in Peoria.

Originally called Eagle Golf when founded by Tom Dooley, video production in Arizona by Golf America shares the detailed history of Antigua Group, beginning in Dooley’s Scottsdale garage and leading up to the 200-plus employees the company has today in Peoria.

Originally established to supply golf clubs with accessories emblazoned with company logos, the manufacturing business now sells apparel worn by golf professionals and teams of golfers plus other athletes.

A videographer in Peoria, Arizona put together footage of factory machines embroidering Major League Baseball winners’ hats including the Kansas City Royals in 2015 and the Chicago Cubs in 2016.

Video production companies in Peoria are responsible for successful ad campaigns including an Antigua tennis commercial airing during the Family Circle Cup Tennis Tournament and a TV commercial in 2006 that ran on the golf channel.

The expertise of local construction company the Younger Brothers is demonstrated in video projects by production companies in Peoria.

“What we can offer the builder is the house from layout to frame, complete,” says Younger Brothers president/owner Jim Younger in the video. “We can lay it out, put the soils in, the plumbing, the concrete, we can frame it, we can do the concrete … we can get it from layout to frame, complete, and it eliminates a tremendous amount of challenges for the builder.”

In the multi-phase process of construction, the company can convey the extent of its contribution through the use of effective video production in Peoria. One of their videos offers inside views of the 72,000-square-foot facility where workers cut and design door and trim projects while the narration describes the extent of the company’s custom and specialty woodwork designs. Completing thousands of projects a year, they buy directly to offer competitive pricing and include delivery and installation.

Realtors hire production companies in Arizona to sell properties.

A videographer in Peoria, Arizona is regularly employed to promote the properties represented by real estate agents at West USA. The realty company posts its Monday Morning Webinars, and like agencies around the world, professional videos enable home buyers to check inventory remotely.

Using a real estate videographer with the skills to edit music and apply voiceover technology, the best features of a house can reach innumerable home buyers who can more easily visualize its appearance.

Drone technology enables home shoppers to see rooflines and get a greater view of the area, so they can eliminate neighborhoods that don’t meet their criteria. In some cases, aerial photography surpasses the advantage of an in-person visit to a property.

Video production in Peoria benefits such companies as West USA to edge out the competition with a superior look at a Phoenix West Valley luxury home or a property at Blackstone by Vistancia.

Local event planners use production companies in Arizona to communicate style.

Wedding organizers, in particular, need to maintain a first-class reputation to appeal to potential clients. They need to have a comprehensive understanding of local venues such as the Lakes and Vistas Ballroom in Westbrook Village. Not only are there individuals with years of experience hosting weddings at the golf course, but the couple’s wedding video may also contain a backdrop of palm trees and lake views, which are an added bonus.

The Wedding and Event Center in Old Town is a 1940s brick house with a half-acre of gardens including fountains. Its capacity is for up to 275 party guests. The facility has packages for ceremonies and receptions, plus an a la carte “menu” with features that include:

  • Ceremony chairs
  • Gift table
  • Bride/Groom dressing rooms
  • Caterers staging area
  • Unity ceremony stand
  • On-site coordinator
  • Wooden beverage coolers
  • Table linens
  • DJ station
  • Bar station
  • Coffee urn/iced tea
  • Heaters
  • Margarita machine

Peoria residents who live in a Trilogy community know that they have event centers at their disposal. The Kiva Club in Vistancia advertises its capacity for wedding celebrations and anniversary parties, including venue coordinators to walk you through the planning process.

It’s an outdoor setting with green lawns, flowers, eye-catching sunsets, and waterfalls. Video production in Peoria on the website offers a bird’s-eye view of the grounds.

Palladium at Arrowhead Event Center hosts weddings, quinceaneras, anniversaries, corporate events, social events, sweet 16s, graduations, and celebrations of life. They provide a list of professional services that include event organizers, limousines, bakeries, and wedding photographers. Many clients will also hire a team to create a video production in Peoria, Arizona as well.

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