The Importance of Photos and Videos For Branding

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The Importance of Photos and Videos For Branding

They say that one picture says a thousand words. This goes to show you how much pictures are important to human life. Certain criminal cases in the past have been solved with the help of a picture or footage gotten from a spy cam. Pictures they also say, tell no lie. The images gotten from a motion-activated hidden camera have also helped to see a breakthrough in scientific research. By placing these motion-activated cameras in strategic areas, the researcher is able to get pictures of the target creature he is researching on. The business front has not been left out when it comes to using pictures and videos. In fact, it has taken center stage.

Virtually every firm engages in adverts or commercials to promote their business. These adverts are usually aired live on various media. From radio to television and even digital media. These adverts comprise of motion pictures or kindly put videos. If you are probably wondering why brands go through the stress of putting these videos together then you will find the answers to what you seek. Below is all you need to know about the importance of photos and videos for branding.

For recognition and association

People remember mostly the things they see and the things they hear. Photos tend to have a longer-lasting impression than just prints. This is because they paint a more vivid image to your customers than prints. Imagine being able to narrate a picture in motion? It would be amazing. With a video, you will not be hoping that your customers will be able to recognize your brand via its name and logo. Instead, you will be illustrating and affirming the fact that you are the one. This brings us to my next point.

It is a more personal approach

It is very hard to paint a vivid picture using just words. You will have to put in some very serious effort as regards your use of words else, you will not have the desired effects. With pictures, however, you will be able to tap into the psyche of your customer or potential customer. This is because human beings always seek to give interpretation to everything. As long as your image is not vague, it will easily drive home your point. Videos are on another level. They work magic especially when you use the “you, yourself, I and myself” while presenting it. Sometimes you watch a video and begin to believe that the presenter was talking to you alone.

Promoting and strengthening brand identity

This is quite similar to my first point. They are both results of the consistent use of photos and videos for brand marketing. Not using photos and videos when marketing your brand is similar to a music artiste dropping only an audio version of his song. Neither of you will go far. This is the reason why most musicians make an effort to shoot videos for most of their songs. This due to the fact that pictures and videos have a strong impression on people. When you consistently use them to promote your brand, you also strengthen your brand identity and make it a recognizable brand.

Building trustworthy relationships and promoting sales

I do not think you will want to buy a product without a brand label on it. The reason is simple; you cannot trust a brand that is not a recognizable brand. On the other hand, you will consider buying a product that has its brand label branded on it. The same principle applies to the use of photos and videos. When videos and pictures of your adverts are made available to the public, they will recognize you as a brand and will trust you. This will cause them to patronize you if they were not doing so before. If they are already patronizing you, they will not hesitate to recommend you to others. People are more likely to patronize you when you are “visible” than when you are not.

The use of videos is very important for your brand especially in the areas of marketing. The effect they have on people is tremendous. However, they will only continue to work wonders if your products and services are an equal match.

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