Professional Headshots

Professional Headshots

Why is Corporate photography important?

From the moment we’re born, we are in front of a lens. It starts with our parents, who believe they will have some crazy desire to spend all of their golden years staring at photos of us…well, at least if you’re the first born, not tenth or eleventh.

Then there are the youth of today, who send thousands of pictures a week of themselves and everyone else to social media sites, followed by the vast number they share and re-post, etc. We later have pictures on our passports, driver’s licenses, school IDs, etc. As adults, the fun never ends. When interviewing for career placement, potential employers are known to routinely check job candidates’ Facebook pages and LInkedIn profiles. CareerBuilder reported in 2014 that 43% of employers use social networking sites to research job candidates.

All of this may have you wondering, “So, since there are literally thousands of photos of me and my employees out there, why would my company need a commercial photographer?” That question does seem to make a lot of sense. However, the presence of all those baby pictures and selfies and graduation photos actually create an even bigger need to bring in a hired gun in order to craft the corporate image you desire, not the one that may be already in front of the public.

Commercial Photography

Should I hire a commercial photographer at company events?

Yes – it is a small price to pay for the benefits. First of all, use the pictures in your marketing. Of course, the nature of your business will color your use for them, but think about it – even law firms like shots of their parties getting posted in the social section of the paper (online or print – it doesn’t matter which). Did anybody famous show up to your event? That’s even more good news in the PR department.

And you don’t have to be a passive player in this game. Professional photos of your employees in your hands can serve your company’s best interest. If your business has been suffering from a stuffy image, it’s an easy way to offset that challenge and reposition yourself. If your industry involves fashion, food, beauty, entertainment or any other relevant material, it’s great PR. If it happens to be a killer party, all the better – you’ll get lots of exposure from social media sharing.

The presence of an event photographer at your function can also mitigate legal issues. This may sound far-fetched, but stranger things have happened than a conflict occurring at a company party, even becoming a lawsuit at some point. And pictures are sometimes the smoking gun.

Party pix that make your company look good can work as a recruiting tool. Have you ever been around people who work together, who talk incessantly about their jobs at the company (in a good way) and their relationships with coworkers? That’s what an enviable workplace sounds like, and if you’re ever playing tug-of-war with a competitor for a prime employee candidate, your ability to make your workplace look desirable is likely to make or break the outcome.

And then there’s good, old-fashioned company morale. Not only will your “party guests” gladly take the obligatory photo in front of the professional photog’s camera, they’ll feel like they won something if they get to take one home.

Professional Headshots

Why should I have professional headshots taken?

Blogging.LinkedIn.Facebook.Company newsletter. Email signature. These are all appropriate places for your headshot. And, in some cases, required. There is almost no entity anymore that receives your labor or services where your image is not involved.

Whether your company is worth $50,000 or $50,000,000, you don’t want to scrimp on something like your image. It’s not the venue for a selfie or handing someone your iPhone while you stand in front of a tree. Call in a professional.

At Coldea Productions, our business is camera work. We have a team of photographers who have spent years behind lenses of all kinds, from still cameras with professional grade optics to shooting cinematography with motion picture equipment. We have experience doing corporate headshots in Los Angeles and practiced commercial photography in other parts of the country and abroad.

We consult with you to capture the look and tell the story your industry responds to. It’s not just point-and-shoot technique. We create business headshots that communicate your corporate image.

How can a professional photographer enhance my marketing plan?

To connect with your clientele, you have to help them grasp the nature of your business, and communicate to them the benefits of your service or program. The majority of Americans are visual learners, says the Social Science Research Network. (Why do you think infographics are so popular?)

Research conducted by Twitter found that Tweets with a photo attached were retweeted 35% more often than those without a picture. Good photography is more than just an added bonus to your marketing plan. It’s a necessity. And when it comes to corporate image, you want professional photos attached to your brand, nothing less.

Do you need photography for your website? Are you a blogger? In today’s marketing world you need visual products for all forms of promotions and advertising. You can’t afford to have outdated or amateurish photos on you social media pages.

We’ve seen true gains for our clients at Coldea Productions. Our goal is to increase your bottom line by contributing to the quality of your branding. If it’s product photography you need, or if you require photos of a service or an installation to share with potential clients, we will surprise you with the quality of our photo images.