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Using Product Videos to Promote Your Product

You want to appeal to your customer base in a dramatic way? At Coldea Productions, we create product videos that get you large-scale attention through high-quality packages.

Why do I need to make a video to market my product?

Just knowing that American consumers do their “window shopping” online, including YouTube, is reason enough to get an engaging, attention-getting video. Your customers are making snap decisions before purchasing and you want your product featured in a way that stands out. Or even jumps out – in front of your competitors.

It is widely known that marketing videos are far more persuasive than simple text or still photography, but you may not understand why. Online optimization experts at WireBuzz explain that a decision is made, in large part, through an emotional response to what a person senses and video is one of the best formats to convey emotion. We know how to create a lasting impression, using the most compelling aspects of your product combined with the appeal of superior technology.

In fact, we’ve got the technology covered. You don’t have to learn a thing about “frame rates” or “motion effects.” We’ve got cutting edge technology and our experts are highly technical. The good news is, if your product needs that aerial shot, we’ve got drones. If your product line connects with viewers better through slow, dramatic storytelling, we do it.

How do large companies get their products in front of their shoppers? With video. Not only is the human brain attracted to moving objects, once you’ve gotten the attention of the consumer, it’s just one more step to “add to my cart.”

You get the internet edge with moving images. Google favors product videos. If you want to rank high on Google (and you definitely want to rank high on Google), then post product videos. How many times have you heard the collective “Awww, how cute” when your Facebook friend posted a video? They are popular, which means they get shared, which means your product ends up on everyone’s screen.
The fact is, the more videos you have available, the higher the likelihood you will make that sale.

If your marketing campaign gets optimized with a video, your product gets in front of more people – plain and simple.

product videos

How does an Explainer Video market my product?

Digital advertising and promotion is a must for gaining ground in the business world today. A whopping 86% of buyers say they want videos to help them make decisions on products, according to B2B marketing experts at HubSpot. Whether your customers are everyday consumers or marketplace heavy-hitters, an explainer video both grabs their attention and informs them of the reasons that your product eclipses the competition.

So, if consumers want to get a better sense of your product through product videos, how can we get you there? Through explainer videos, potential customers gain more confidence that what they see is what they’re going to get. We are a visual society, and people find it more expedient to watch-and-learn than to read, especially if the product has numerous uses or is simply more appreciated when viewed than in the box. Also, when a product has complex parts or requires extra brain power to comprehend, it is best when explained to customers through video.

And what sounds like a sidebar – the way you explain it – is actually the main factor in creating a video that engages viewers and compels them in a direction that increases sales. With our marketing research, your production package is designed to do just that: increase your bottom line.

What are the best product videos for my business?

Depending on the nature of your business and the scope of your product, we can offer a range of choices as we collaborate with you to determine the best direction for your project. Do you want to grow your customer base? Then you may want client testimonials in your production. Or are you unveiling a new product line for the corporation heads? Then you want a video that’ll kill it at the conference.

Product videos have a number of possible features, including:

  • Storytelling
  • Demonstration
  • Testimonials
  • Company Experts
  • Live Action + Animation

The tone of your product video is equally important. Is your customer base a young, hip crowd? Then you may want an edgier storyline. If you’d rather appeal to serious businessmen and women, a more professional package is in order. Once we get intimately acquainted with your product, our team can concentrate on nailing it, content-wise. You determine the goal for your product videos and we offer the script, the images and technical treatment to bring attention to your main attraction.
In short, we want to give your product the upper-hand over its competitors.

product videos

Which video production company can create a package that gets results?

Results are the most important aspect of your project, so you want a product video from seasoned professionals in the field of product video production. Our production experts are well-connected in the Los Angeles film industry, with experience in virtually every form of filmmaking, including high-impact video marketing.

Coldea Productions boasts a range of workplace talent, including cinematographers, producers, directors, editors, and writers. We collaborate with you to stay on point, offering a customized, tailor-made package that garners targeted results.

You want a video production company without pre-packaged, drive-thru style video products. We offer you the chance to tell your story your way. And with our unique ability to maximize the best features of your product line with the expertise of our film industry professionals, you gain the notice your company needs.