Corporate Photos Shoot or Event Photography?

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Corporate Photos Shoot or Event Photography?

How do all of these concerns you as a person who really wants to understand what it is about the corporate photoshoot and event photography?

Here is the take; this content will help you in truly comprehending the simple process behind each one of them and make your decisions imminently.

Let’s get started.

Corporate Photo Shoots

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It is no longer news that photography is not just a ceremonial concept where the clicks and smiles are meant to put you in a state of ecstatic wedding jubilation or something of that sort.

Businesses now decided to take it a step further by utilizing their inputs into the success of their organization and make them a more effective and successful brand all today. These businesses believe that photography is more of an unsung hero in the multimedia industry.

Tapping into this insight has made it possible for brands to make use of photos and videos in the following areas of their business campaigns:

Corporate Headshots:

This is arguably the most prominent use of photography in the corporate world and this is so due to the fact that members of staff need these headshots for professional and corporate purposes within and outside the organization.

Event & Conference:

The last time you went to a corporate event or conference, were you privileged to see the slide show of the previous version of the event? This is one of the key ways photos and videos are used in the corporate world.

Branding and Marketing:

Branding goes a long way in determining what the organization stands for and how well it communicates these values to its clients. And the best way to get this across is through visuals. Marketing plays a key role in building the business and visuals play a pivotal role in the marketing strategy.


With these, you should understand the corporate part of the photography industry. Now, let’s go to the event part of the photography industry and learn a few things as well.


Event Photography

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Magical and unique moments are the only lingering memories that stay with guests and celebrants of any event in the world. Not having a professional aptly captures these moments might make the whole event a forgettable one in just a couple of weeks.

This is why event photography is very important while organizing your event. I am aware that you must have had an event and you have an iota of idea on the concept of event photography, hence, I will be looking at how succinctly you can get the best out of your event photos and videos without compromising on quality and affordability at the same time.

Don’t Be A Micromanager

One of the guaranteed ways to get the exact value you want from your event photographer is to give them the right payment structure and enabling environment. Once this is met, you can always be confident of the qualities of your event images and videos.

What micromanagers fail to understand is that there are tons of equipment that enhances a shoot and once the payment is not made to cover this equipment, low quality is the utmost result.

Routine Portfolio Checks

With the advent of giving your event photography project to a totally new photographer, it is very apt that you see his portfolio and the number of recommendations he has had over his period of working professionally.

This is a smart way to note if this particular photographer would give you the exact quality you had in mind beforehand or not.

Transparency and Sincerity

These are many keys to communicating with your photographer and the guests that would be present at the event. Let all parties involved knows that there would be picture taking at every time the photographer feels there is any need for it.

This would definitely give the photographer the opportunity to trust in his ability and be responsible for delivering what is expected of him without fluffing or disturbing your important guests as well.

This way, everyone has a smooth ride.



Either corporate or event photography, the best is dependent on what you need at that point in time and it is understandable that some photographers are better at one than the other. Hence, checking up their portfolio is the key to success.

The photography and cinematography industry is becoming a real essence of life. This is evident in the innovation of powerful tools and cameras such as spy cams and nanny cams – these are game-changing innovations in the industry.


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