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When the CEO asks you for a list of your priorities for an upcoming sales meeting, you can probably lay out the entire strategy. Your corporate sales meetings photographer needs that list as well, in order to capture the features from the event that will serve you best and offer you the greatest rewards.

At Coldea Productions, the first thing we do is sit down with you to nail down those priorities. Once we have a better understanding what you’re aiming for, we can provide you with the best corporate photography to increase sales and help you hit a marketing bullseye.


The Best Corporate Photographer Understands Sales

There’s little to compete with the importance of sales for your company’s bottom line. You won’t be in business long if it’s weakening rather than expanding, so inspiring your sales force is a huge priority.

As corporate sales meetings photographers, we also want your sales opportunities to exceed your expectations in growth. Your success is the reason you train, inform and build your team. A sales meeting photographer is there to provide you with content you can use to reaffirm strategies or package for future use on social media or within the company.

Images from breakout meetings, keynote speakers and conference entertainment can all be used to design the next sales retreat or to attract new account reps with impressive sales performance backgrounds. Corporate sales meetings photography can be used by your marketing department as well, when printing brochures or recreating your company’s website.


Messaging through Corporate Photography

When training your sales force, you know how deep an understanding goes when the listener is drawn into a strong narrative. At Coldea Productions, we understand the art of storytelling. When you share with us the content of your sales meeting in our pre-production meeting, we masterfully use the equipment, angles and timing necessary to support that theme.

We’re experts in our field, with combined experience covering decades of film, television and commercial work. Our digital images are the highest resolution and are always customized to meet the needs of the client.

The combination of our educational background and work in multiple industries has given us a comprehensive knowledge about the factors affecting corporate meetings photography. We work with you to be sure that details from framing to lighting maximize your chance of a successful outcome. Our goal is to help you fulfill your plans, whether it involves staying current in your industry or eclipsing the success of your competitors.

You can be confident when you hire a Coldea Productions corporate event photographer – we are prepared, punctual and discreet. We dress appropriately to blend into the atmosphere and move about cautiously. The attention should be going to your business associates – not our event photographers.

We produce quality images that you can use during the session or for advertising and marketing purposes after the conference or teambuilding event. But without professional corporate sales meetings photography, the benefits of group training end with the event, rather than continue to serve your company’s needs for months afterwards.

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