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If your work requires you to book an Anaheim Convention Center event photographer, chances are good you’ve got some heavy responsibilities.

You could be a union rep who’s moved up the ranks of leadership or a technician who’s a pivotal member of your professional association. Whatever your role in planning a major function, the people you put around you play a big part in your ultimate success.

Selecting quality team members, such as a professional event photographer, is the foundation of a successful function.

No one does everything well, which is why developing a strong team is necessary to set your event on a trajectory toward a successful outcome.

An article on the website of Endless Events, a nationwide company calling themselves the “Einsteins of Events,” has advice about developing a strong team when planning your function. You may be brilliant yourself, but you need others with a wide range of skill sets such as: handling VIPs, welcoming guests, booking speakers, coordinating food and planning activities, plus you need a professional Anaheim Convention Center event photographer on your team.

For putting together a “dream team,” says the event production company, you want to involve a variety of skills and personalities. The group of leaders you assemble will include a lot of the same elements, regardless of the scope or type of event you are hosting.

Team Captain

This is obviously the leader of the team, responsible for developing a vision and communicating clearly the goals for the event. The Team Captain is “delegator-in-chief, so he or she won’t be doubling as an Anaheim Convention Center event photographer, for instance. Choosing and hiring the right personnel will be key for this person’s role, plus making sure what each committee is doing falls within the lane lines of their select purpose.

People acting as Team Captain need to keep in mind the budget they’re working with and be willing and able to rally the troops to gain the synergy necessary to pull off a successful function.

Program Administrators

Endless Events suggests just two program administrators, as each person will have plenty of work to do without an overlap of responsibilities. They have each other as a sounding board, but at the same time, there’s easier communication when just two people are involved.

Program administrators are responsible to:

  • Determine numbers able to attend
  • Invite VIPs
  • Scout locations
  • Walk through the site
  • Make catering choices
  • Designate seating
  • Design programs
  • Create activity schedule
  • Book entertainment

Creative Committee Members

They are the ideators who put it all together. Creative Committee Members brand your events and strive for consistency as they promote your message from pre-event marketing to after-event surveys. The committee members have to know the goals of the group so their ideas adhere to the overall strategy. Their duties may include:

  • Photography/videography
  • Engaging audience/media
  • Branding and creating visuals
  • Seating layout
  • Posting on social media
  • Developing multimedia
  • Updating website/app
  • Creating logo for events

“The creative committee members have a “fairly intense job,” the event planners’ website says. “This role is vital to making the event and venue aesthetically pleasing. Many teams use contracted labor for duties such as photography and videography.”

An Anaheim Convention Center event photographer is hired as a visual technician, not just to produce images from the event, but to create traction through social media. Both event photography and videography can be used extensively for the purpose of branding and setting the stage for future functions.

Operations Liaisons

These employees provide a lot of labor during the event. Some of your personnel need technical knowledge, while others are physical help of a more basic nature. For a large event such as a trade show, you might need dozens of operations liaisons, who need to work well with the needs of your corporate photographer.

Duties of an operation liaison include:

  • Technical support
  • Setup and cleanup
  • Crowd control
  • Distributing swag
  • Interfacing with the audience
  • Giving out programs
  • Providing security
  • Managing crowds

Treasury Committee

If you plan events for a nonprofit, you already have a treasurer to handle the budgeting, which determines the scope of the function. But if you’re heading up a private event, form a Treasury Committee to disburse, collect and handle the money.

Duties for individuals on the Treasury Committee include:

  • Keeping records
  • Giving quotes and making payments
  • Setting budgets
  • Coordinating with other team members
  • Garnering funding

While each team member has an important role, your Anaheim Convention Center event photographer cannot be treated as an afterthought. In other words, don’t just look through the Yellow Pages for a name – not for an event of this magnitude. If you’re renting a space anywhere in the Anaheim Resort, you’re probably spearheading a large, expensive or at least a high-profile function for your business.

Anaheim Convention Center event photographers have chronicled updates at the venue.

Just 12 years after a tiny mouse became a huge sensation attracting millions to Anaheim for generations, the Anaheim Convention Center opened its doors, becoming a popular meetings and events destination.

Anaheim’s population exploded with the arrival of Disneyland and later the Convention Center. In 1950 there were 15,000 residents and by 1970 there were 166,701 people living in the town. The current population is more than 350,000.


Located on Katella Avenue, the facility opened with a basketball arena and later included a convention hall. Early sporting event photography records the original team – the Anaheim Amigos – which was a part of the American Basketball Association from its first year: 1967-68. The Amigos relocated to the L. A. Sports Arena and acquired a new name, the Los Angeles Stars, later moving to Salt Lake City and becoming the Utah Stars.

Thanks to Anaheim Convention Center event photographers, you can see the 1984 Summer Olympics wrestling competition held there. And in 1992 the Los Angeles Clippers played their NBA Playoff game against the Utah Jazz at the Convention Center – moved because of the L.A. riots that broke out.

The Big West Conference’s college basketball tournaments for both men’s and women’s teams were held at the venue from 2001 to 2010, and the Anaheim Arsenals also called the Convention Center home for the 2009-2010 season. The Arsenals were a basketball team that played in the NBA G League.

Trade Shows

A busy Anaheim Convention Center event photographer is booked year-round because the need for professional conventions and tradeshows photography is constant – and in nearly every industry you can name. The venue hosts business-to-consumer shows such as the Orange County Ultimate Women’s Expo, where fashion and beauty designers offer giveaways and entertainment to thousands of attendees. There are also shows organized by associations such as the Business Professionals of America and the North American CACS Conference held there.

Social media is splashed with Anaheim Convention Center event photography from creative types too, from WonderCon to NAMM.

The NAMM Show calls itself the “global crossroads of the music, sound and event technology products industries,” and it’s one of the Convention Center’s heaviest hitters. Registrants number in the hundreds of thousands and come from 130 countries, which represents about $11 billion in buying power.

According to the NAMM website, attendees aim to:

  • Showcase brands
  • Introduce products
  • Connect with media
  • Expand distribution
  • Generate content


Parties and celebrations photography shows you the Convention Center’s ability to change course. You can see large scale partying at the site from bands and musicians photography out of such events as White Wonderland on New Year’s Eve.

You can see in red carpet and PR photography from the movie premiere of “Cars 3” that celebrities showed up at the Convention Center and parked themselves next to exotic vehicles to market the film. An Anaheim Convention Center event photographer snapped more than the usual spate of star power with such attendees as Kerry Washington, Jennifer Lewis and singer Andra Day.

It’s easy to see the venue’s evolution through Anaheim Convention Center event photography.

What began with a few sports teams is now known as an international exhibition location, mostly because of changes and additions to the original structure.

There were major expansions following the opening of the Anaheim Convention Center in 1974, 1982, 1990, 1993, 1999-2000 and 2016-17. When its most recent expansion opened – adding 200,000 square feet of flexible meeting space – it exceeded one million square feet, making it the largest convention center on the West Coast. Called ACC North, the remodel was designed by Populous architectural firm and built by Turner Construction Company with a plan to attract professionals for its customizable features. Events and convention photography from the facility reveal its expansive offerings, from space for workshops to galas and large-scale sporting events.

Many event organizers choose the site for its expansive resources, but facilities are rented for smaller functions as well. For instance, the Convention Center trade show rates page says that exhibit halls can be rented for as little as 40 cents per square foot per event day. The Arena Plaza can be rented for $2,000 and some Arena rooms are listed as low as $200 a day.

Other event space in the Anaheim area has only made it stronger as an international draw. As the Convention Center has grown, facilities from hotels to parking structures have grown up around it.

It’s typical for event organizers to provide trade show attendees with comprehensive tourist information about local entertainment options, restaurants, etc. And event planners with functions lasting multiple days may extend their hosting venues to other nearby facilities.

The Business Expo Center is on Anaheim Way, an “eventplex,” which you can see from the work of Anaheim event photographers is sizable and has flexibility when it comes to uses.

Angel Stadium is nearby and the City National Grove of Anaheim, where concerts and live performances photography reveals to the world its Proscenium-style stage and 1,700-capacity room for shows.

The Anaheim Resort

Pooling resources, the City of Anaheim joined forces with Walt Disney and the Anaheim/Orange County Visitor and Convention Bureau to create the Anaheim Resort. Its 1,100-acre district represents entertainment and environment that capitalizes on the Disney brand while providing the practical provisions of the Convention Center.

It includes both Disney parks, the Convention Center and hotels amid lush gardens of the new resort environment. Some of the amenities they recreated are traffic throughways, pedestrian roads, landscaping, signage and a new infrastructure. It’s all, of course, presented with an upscale ambiance to attract visitors.

“The Anaheim Convention Center itself is continually reinventing itself to keep up with trends making it a versatile meeting and event destination,” the website says. “This facility has the best California has to offer by way of facilities, ambiance, environmentally conscious food, energy production, indoor/outdoor venue space, arena seating, meeting rooms and 165,000 guest rooms within 3 miles of the facility.”

If your event involves vendors and sponsors, their resulting happiness is a priority that’s impacted by the team you assemble. Regardless of the size or nature of your function, volunteers and employees you choose will determine its resulting quality. And a seasoned Anaheim Convention Center event photographer will give you a professional product so you can share your success with others who can’t attend in person.

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