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Among your most important roles as a business executive is to unite your staff members through retreats, sales meetings and conferences. Make sure a corporate team building events photographer is there to document the experience.

No two meetings are alike. Either the number in attendance is different, the content changes or the energy varies – or all of the above. What team building events photography does is to preserve the gains you make and provide continuity. You can track how far you’ve come in meeting your corporate goals.


What We Offer You

The experience we have at Coldea Productions tells us that your event is different from any other company’s function. Your executive leaders have particular goals and seek to reach them through a designated format.

At our pre-session meeting you can let us know your expectations – construct a shot list and give us details about the location, activities planned, and which team building photo services will be most useful to you. 

Our corporate photography is pre-planned, not rushed, but our team members are flexible as well. We know you can’t predict everything that occurs.

We arrive early to plot angles and map outplacement for shots. We dress according to your requirements, always keeping in mind our role is to serve you, so the principals and staff members are front and center – not us.

We’re on the cutting edge of our industry, so we apply the most appropriate equipment and production capabilities to make your event successful. We edit and deliver the product to you as early as possible.

You need an event photographer who’s sharp and can follow the narrative as it unfolds.


Planning Your Team Building Event

Though great minds think alike, there are nearly as many ideas for successful team building sessions as there are executives planning them. There may be a catalyst for your event – a product launch or a business-to-business connection. Team building events can also improve communication or serve to patch up unstable relationships within a company.

When you plan a team-building day, consider some of the following ideas:

  • Have groups write and perform skits.
  • Carry out a practical project such as painting the office.
  • Create a new tradition together.
  • Incite deep, profound conversation.
  • Take risks – from indoor skydiving to rock climbing.
  • Play board games.

This is the time to also seek out a corporate team building events photographer. There’s no way to revisit the experience of a skit performance or a keynote speaker’s delivery unless it’s caught on camera.

Photo services for a team building event can actually become part of the event. The images can be used in a PowerPoint presentation or converted into giveaway products for attendees.

At Coldea Productions, we offer a range of creative services, which means we can help you determine your team building priorities, then shoot the event with the optics you choose, and later help you maximize the mileage you get from the images.

A good corporate team building events photographer makes the whole event continue to work for you long after it ends. 

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