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You have the important role of connecting experts from the classroom. Investing in an educational conferences photographer makes your event more accessible, so your efforts yield greater rewards. Your conference can make a lasting impression on attendees, while bringing others into the educational community as well.


Planning Stages

Educational conferences do a lot more than just teach teachers. They offer educators, administrators, government leaders and other related professionals the chance to share ideas. And today – perhaps more than ever – they are tackling extremely complicated issues.

Some of the main topics facing education, according to the NEA, are:

  • Funding
  • School Safety
  • Student Mental Health
  • Discipline
  • Chronic Absenteeism
  • New Technologies

When you’ve booked experts in the industry, hoping to inspire educators through innovation and collaboration, there’s a synergy that can’t be replicated. Documenting the experience through educational conferences photography enables you to package it and get it out to more people.

Conventions bring together great minds and each combination of individuals has a distinctive value. When you capture it through conference photography, those who don’t attend begin to understand that value.


Large-Scale Conference Photography

Educational conference photographers at Coldea Productions give you full coverage – from lectures to awards presentations. We meet with you in advance to understand your narrative and customize a shot list so the event photography matches your needs.

We have wide-ranging experience, which includes venues with square feet in the millions like the Anaheim Convention Center, and events across college campuses with sizable numbers in attendance.

Our team covers simultaneous presentations while you tackle the bigger problems involving registration, managing people and keeping the lights on.

Smaller Scale Conference Photography

Sometimes the smallest conferences have the most moving parts.

Educational website School Leaders Now talks about how conferences help grassroots efforts grow through information. It’s a unique mission – educating educators – and some of the most effective means to accomplish that is through interactive sessions. When teachers share techniques with each other, students get a better education.


By hiring an educational conference photographer and corporate event videographer, those ideas are galvanized. You can share with the rest of the world the cross-pollination of skills and technologies brought to your conference. That’s how you bring best practices to the classroom.

When thousands of educators unite to improve their game, they get the rare opportunity to intermingle outside the classroom and discuss innovations while networking. Being a member of the education community, they can meet with administrators and practitioners of all disciplines to make reforms.


Using Your Educational Conference Photos

When the last booth is dismantled and attendees return to their campuses and classrooms, the forward momentum they developed can continue. An educational conference photographer provides you with the means to offer attendees a visual representation of their experience.

Using the conference photos in your social media efforts, you bring the group back together and keep the educational community connected. You have the contact information for attendees, which you can use to engage them through MailChimp or other strategies.

You need to fill the seats next year, and there’s no better way to promote the upcoming convention than the images from the event you just wrapped. An experienced educational conferences photographer provides you with those. And a creative services team like Coldea Productions can assist you in a successful marketing campaign as well.

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