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Video Production in Phoenix Arizona

Your customer base is hungry for more services and you want to expand your business. Creating a video production in Phoenix is an effective way to capitalize on the market demand.

Production companies in Arizona can expand your marketing success and increase profits.

Getting your business in front of the public is the aim of a good marketing strategy, and posting videos increases your chance of getting noticed by as much as 150 percent, says online ad agency WordStream. Stats confirm that when the numbers come in – trends keep favoring video.

Posting videos instead of stills on Facebook have an average of 10 times the reach, and including video on a landing page moves you up in search engine optimization, giving your company double the chance you’ll appear on page one of Google.

When it comes to your customers’ information retention, it’s another no-brainer. Stats say that people retain about 95% of a message they get on video versus 10% when they read it.

People are visual – let’s face it.

What this means is that hiring a Phoenix production company to communicate with your customers is a proven method to increase the odds your business will grow.

When you shop for production companies in Arizona look for flexibility and experience.

You wouldn’t task a jewelry designer with fighting fires or cast a wrestler as the lead in “Swan Lake.” The same is true for hiring a videographer in Phoenix, Arizona. Your video expert needs to have the type of experience that shows he or she will advance your brand by producing an effective product.

What type of business do you own?

There are three main types of business, says Accountingverse, a website with useful information for business professionals:

  1. Service: These companies provide products that are intangibles such as professional skills, advice, and expertise. Examples include accounting firms, law offices, banks, salons, and schools.
  2. Merchandising: These firms buy products wholesale and sell them to customers for a profit. It may be a store, a distributor, or other resellers.
  3. Manufacturing: This business buys materials and creates new products. Their products are transformed from raw materials into new products.

As individual companies follow a unique business model, video production in Arizona serves them differently. By defining your business and its needs you can locate video production companies in Phoenix with the know-how to create an accurate reflection of your brand.

The best production companies in Arizona create videos for a wide range of purposes.

Training videos

With the changing landscape of insurance, safety laws, and regulations, many companies need to provide continuing education for their employees. Arizona training videos are an effective way to get personnel on the same page.

Videos for human resources purposes have never been more important, as the political and social climate keeps shifting and HR departments have to stay on top of those changes. Hiring giant has job openings in many different aspects of human resources, which means they have a lot of ground to cover. There are five specialties that are growing, according to Monster:

  • Compensation/benefits
  • Training/development
  • Employment/recruitment/placement
  • Human resources information systems
  • Employee assistance

If you’re in the enviable situation of expanding your workforce, you may need professional training videos in Phoenix to simply get newbies up to speed. It saves you time and money in labor to get a video product to train, especially if you’re continually hiring for the same positions.

Conference Videos

Hundreds of industries have annual trade shows, which are key mechanisms for businesses to raise their profiles. In some cases, having a presence at conferences can mean the difference between success and failure.

If you’re in construction, electronics, or home furnishings, you have some great opportunities for exposure, but your Phoenix video production has to knock it out of the park if you’re going to get noticed.

According to Evo Exhibits, seven of the largest trade shows are:

  • ConExpo-CON/AGG
  • Consumer Electronics Show
  • Atlanta International Gifts/Home Furnishings Market
  • International Construction
  • RV Supershow
  • Business Aviation Convention
  • National Association of Broadcasters Show

What you show your potential clients at these high-profile events will affect your bottom line, so if it’s been some time since you updated your corporate video, it may be time for a new one.


When you want to amp up the number who receive your message you have to expand your reach. And if you’ve heard that creating a commercial is a thing of the past, it isn’t true – it’s just that today a good video product goes out to multiple platforms.

If you choose a Phoenix production company with experience shooting commercials, you’re investing in a digital product for use on numerous media platforms as well as television airtime. What simple social media using text and still photos can’t do is tell your company’s story, but by putting your message on film you get to create a compelling narrative for the audience. A videographer in Phoenix, Arizona who can offer you storyboarding and scriptwriting along with technical features such as aerial photography will be more capable of creating a memorable promo piece.

Your video product needs to have the quality you can: share on social media, use on your website, bring to trade shows, as well as apply to commercial TV time.

Product Videos

If your company makes widgets, you may be wondering why in the world you need a Phoenix production company. The answer is: People are more likely to buy products when they see how they are used. That is why makeup companies refer consumers to YouTube videos for application tips and niche products are selling out on Instagram.

product video is your online commercial, capable of converting the most disinterested internet surfer.

Is your product brand new? If you’re marketing for entrepreneurs or your merchandise is made up of new inventions, like “As Seen on TV” products, you need to show people how to use them. In that case, you need video production for Phoenix customers and beyond, so you need a seasoned videographer who understands how to gain traction with a wide audience.

There are myriad examples of successful product marketing through video. Take Peloton, for example. There’s no better way to communicate the advantages of a stationary bike that comes with a screen taking you through the forest – or anywhere you want to go – than with visuals like their ads. And another good example is a new piece for with an ingenious explainer video that looks like your own computer screen and quickly shows you how the software applies to you.

Identifying the style of video production in Phoenix that most effectively reaches your customer base is what determines the length and defining features of your project. A Phoenix real estate video featuring a Paradise Valley estate’s Olympic-sized swimming pool is a far cry from a testimonial video for a booth at Comic-Con.

The Valley of the Sun has become a popular place for people to live, which means there are more than just retirees coming to town. Your marketplace is getting a lot of noise and you want your voice and your message to stand out. So, what it boils down to is seeking the most qualified videographer to do more than show up. You need your video production in Phoenix to be useful, versatile, and outpace the competition.

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