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The work of a training video company ensures that employee education maintains the quality of your brand while giving consistent messages to members of your workforce. When you go to the necessary time and expense of pulling together your entire staff for a training day, you want as few variables as possible. With video training, you are less reliant on the schedule of a supervisor or changes in style and it is a great way to keep your company’s messaging uniform.

What is a corporate training video?

From onboarding new employees to training your warehouse workers, your need for updated content never goes away. And regardless of your industry, there is information that is key to running the business.

If you own a restaurant and have new servers, your training will consist of more than carrying food. You have to cover customer relations and walk through measures involving food safety, among other things. And if you’re a clothing retailer you have to train customer service departments, sales teams and give frequent fashion style updates. Even an insurance broker needs a training video for office workers and clients who want further information. A series of training videos will make the onboarding process swift, simple, and less expensive than the resources typically dedicated to keeping educators on the payroll.

As a business owner, you feel the weight of responsibility for balancing the books and overseeing the conduct of personnel. Business management can take its toll, which is why you want to reduce the headaches when and where you can. Some things come with the territory, among them – training the troops – which is easily delegated to a video production company.

An internal communication event is an opportunity to improve relations between departments and to get everyone on the same page where company policies are concerned. You want everything to go without a hitch. That’s easier with a slick, consistent form of communication such as a training video production.

You may be accustomed to the use of PowerPoint presentations or a classroom style of communication. If you haven’t attended a training course that used video, it may have been a while since you were a staffer. They are more entertaining and, therefore, more memorable.

Business owners are laden with requirements year after year that is legal or ethical benefits to members of their workforce. A growing company that moves into a new building may need to go over the safety concerns associated with the venue. And when a new collection rolls out, sales and other staffers need product videos to get acquainted with their use.

The process of creating a training video involves:

  • Development – Devise an outline & set goals
  • Pre-production – creating the storyboard, scriptwriting
  • Production – completing the shoot
  • Post-production – editing, including voiceovers, audio, special effects, etc.
  • Marketing/Distribution – send to recipients or post the final product

In addition to onboarding sessions, most companies can also use training videos for the purpose of staff support. A corporate training video can demonstrate or explain issues or changes in operations. Effective communication from leadership sets a good example for healthy, positive relationships among workers, which heightens the importance of creating a high-quality training program.

A dealership supplying sophisticated products to their clients needs to provide training when they sell and install equipment. The end-users need to be briefed on how to operate such fixtures as computers, appliances, and industrial devices. Rather than send a manufacturer’s rep to train users, which comes with travel costs, a training video enables you to simply provide a link to the client. An explainer video serves to educate both company staffers and their customers about a product.

A training video can come in various styles such as tutorials and allocated to the viewer through flash drive distribution and private sharing, among other means. It can be a tool for scaling your company, preparing your employees for disasters, clarifying financial matters, and promoting a peaceful workplace. It eliminates miscommunication and improves customer service through better practices and greater engagement.

Why do you need a training video?

When business owners need an easy, consistent means of communication with employees, it is easily done through video training.

If you ever had a job where you did not get adequate training, you know how confusing it is to have a lack of clarity about your duties and the company as a whole. Whether it’s factory assembly or diversity training, there are important details you have to convey to keep a business running. Workers have to learn such protocols as shift lengths and vacation days in addition to their job responsibilities.

In addition to simply having the know-how of a coach, you need superior technical skills to get results. But, at the get-go, you have to develop a strategy, which is possibly the most important phase of the entire project.

The first step includes such features as:

  • Define success. What is your end goal?
  • Determine the scope. Who will use it and for what purpose?
  • Write a solid script. Is it clear and detailed?

A new employee’s view of the company will be influenced by materials presented during the initial hiring period, which is why it’s essential to have a professional video for training. You cannot let certain details fall through the cracks, such as accurate, step-by-step instructions. Assuming that workers already know all of the basics is often a mistake. Like computer software design, you have to give adequate attention to each phase of instruction.

After the work you’ve done following up on candidates from a headhunter, through LinkedIn, Indeed or another resource, your human resources staff have completed a massive amount of paperwork. You don’t want to lose valuable new hires because of a less-than-impressive training period. That’s why it is in your best interest to present the training video that’s polished and professional.

With the right video production, you cover a lot of ground – delivering the necessary content to employees while also increasing brand awareness among office staff. When you vary your methods of internal messaging, recipients take in the experience with fresh eyes, even when the information stays the same.

When you work for urgent care or a medical center, you know there are required training sessions and certification updates that come down the pike. Many nurses find themselves pulled away from their position among staffers to get training to meet a hospital’s expectations or changes to United States government standards. By packaging the non-negotiable information into some type of video, you can save a step. You can bypass the classroom-style learning experience, even enabling supervisors to complete the training remotely.

When you own an auto repair shop you see new inventions come down the pike every year – parts that can easily injure a technician, which makes it necessary to instill new protocols until everyone understands their use. Whatever it is, a business owner has to schedule a group meeting to convey that kind of serious information. When necessary, you can send the message clearly through your own videos.

You want to inspire your staff members, just like you seek to do with customers. The more engaged your employees are the greater the attraction to outsiders. Like feature films and documentaries do for the general public, a training video can motivate the viewer. They inform board members and enlighten stakeholders to firm up loyalty and they have added value: You can use the footage to also reach out to customers.

Connecting to your employees is an important constant, especially when you have a large corporation. Because your time is worth money when you streamline efforts it’s good for the budget. Needless to say, a video package saves you that valuable time.

Members of your workforce metabolize your messaging when they attend any corporate function, including training meetings. Every workplace has a culture and new recruits are absorbing it perhaps more than most. In fact, many career advisors suggest that job candidates consider the company culture when they receive a job offer. Some counsel clients to create a “culture grade” before accepting a position.

Messaging gets distilled every day to a number of people – what a video production can do is target the message so it serves a positive purpose.

What types of training videos are there?

Roto-Rooter may need its plumbers to be adept at tackling issues with pipes and fixtures, but once prepared they will likely require tune-ups to keep technicians updated. For that purpose, thy need training that’s current and relevant. Whatever the scope, a video training video production that is unique to the needs of your business can disseminate information to your staffers in a format that speaks to them clearly. There are numerous types of video strategies to do that.

We’ve all seen instructional videos that are too elementary – “take part A and connect to part B.” What may be appropriate for consumers just won’t cut it with your technicians. Choosing a video for your audience is key, as various industries and company owners have expectations that aren’t necessarily the same.

Some of the most common training videos are:

Nearly every business faces the challenges of communicating benefits compensation plans and salary structures to new employees. If your human resources department has a complicated package to share with your employees, you probably call an annual meeting to go over the material so everyone understands their options for healthcare. And if you have an employee matching program for 401(k) contributions, you need a clear option for explaining the terms to your staff members.

A training video is a good idea for businesses, nonprofits, and government agencies. No one comes into a job knowing every expectation and video production makes it clear.


What is a top training video production company?

Professionalism, flexibility, and creativity are three of the most important features of a video production company. You want a production team with enough experience to produce a corporate training video without reinventing the wheel, but with the talent to offer personal, customized service. A corporate training video should always be specific to your company’s needs, not generic b-roll footage.

COLDEA Productions is a team of artists with the expertise and technical know-how to craft an effective video trainer that reflects your company culture while clearly disseminating information to your staff.

We work in boardrooms and sports arenas. Our experience spans time and space, meaning we have created videos for corporate executives in convention centers and small business owners in intimate office settings. The video we create for you is geared to reach your target audience in a style that gains traction with them and elicits the desired response. You can add videos to your current training program to increase engagement or replace your in-person classroom style with a visual tool.

The first thing we do with you is to sit down and develop a direction for the project. We aim to hit the mark that you need with the communication you want. We can spread the message throughout your organization whether you’re a small business startup or an Inc. Magazine Top Retailer.

Our creative services team has the ingenuity and equipment to provide you with a video that has compelling features and conveys an appropriate tone for your internal communications. In addition to our production team, we have graphic design experts who can use animation if your project calls for that style of informative, engaging package. As an experienced training video company, we help you capture and hold the attention of your audience while transferring necessary information and remaining true to your brand.

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