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Video Production in Chandler, Arizona

Anyone can create a video production in Chandler using an iPhone and even launch their own YouTube channel. But there are many things you can’t do with just a smart phone. When you need the quality of high-resolution footage and the editing skills of a pro, that’s when you benefit from the services of production companies in Arizona that have a reputation for excellence.

Hiring a Chandler videographer for a company launch is a way to get your business on the map.

You may have launched your company a lifetime ago, but it’s not too late to make a splash with video production in Chandler. 

A full 60% of people prefer online videos over TV. A site called offers a list of the best reasons for video marketing:

  • Inspires greater engagement
  • Enhances branding
  • Showcases your products
  • Creates visual explanations
  • Features your business accomplishments
  • Keeps web visitors on your site
  • Boosts conversion rates and sales

Corporate video production in Arizona gives you a positive return on your investment and is most successful when it focuses on product use and industry trends, not hype. It’s a strong format to communicate your company’s values as well.

Another advantage to a custom video production in Chandler is the ability to tell your story without the burden of commercial constraints such as advertising. Your customer base can get to know you through the lens you choose, not through media reporting or hearsay. You can clearly explain the benefits of your services and/or merchandise.

In addition to videos for your website, a Chandler production company can create a commercial advertisement for you if you choose to buy TV airtime or need a spot for another format.

Search engines favor videos over text and particularly when launching a new business, you need to get a high Google ranking to get in front of your clientele. You can build a following through YouTube as well, which is another reason you need to consider a video production in Chandler, Arizona so you channel your efforts with the highest quality possible.

The public likes how effortless it is to get information through videos. Reading takes effort, but most individuals have a larger capacity for the relaxing act of video viewing. The power of video marketing has been proven since World War II and business owners can use it to their advantage.

Production companies in Arizona can assist you in storyboarding your project, making sure to include content that solicits the most beneficial response from potential clients, including:

  • Brand awareness
  • Material for search engine optimization
  • Customer testimonials
  • Call to action

video production chandler arizona

Successful real estate agents use production companies in Arizona to showcase their listings.

Imagine two realtors – one doing business the old school way and the other positioned to succeed in 21st century commerce.

Realtor number one carries a large, cumbersome “for sale” sign to set up in front of the house that’s being put on the market. The realtor sits all day at an open house to show home shoppers around and verbally out all the home’s finest features.

Realtor number two hires a video production company in Chandler to feature the top selling points of the new listing. An impressive real estate video can take home buyers through the house remotely, room-to-room, and a Chandler production company with the right expertise should be able to create a standout package.

Production companies in Arizona with drone technology can do something a live interview can’t do: show prospective buyers a bird’s-eye view of the property. High-resolution aerial photography and videography reveal otherwise unavailable angles, including rooflines and large-scale landscapes. But it serves another purpose relative to your marketing.

Consulting with a Chandler production company should involve the development of a storyboard with a targeted message. If the house being listed was owned by someone of note such as (sometimes Chandler resident) actor Ice T, that may be the focal point of the shoot, and its physical features are filmed and built around that theme. Or, for instance, if a listing is in Ocotillo Lakes, the real estate video can emphasize its waterfront location to reach out to buyers with a “relief from the desert heat” selling point.


video production chandler arizona

Event planners routinely book video production companies in Chandler to handle wedding photography and event videography for clients.

Every town is a marketplace for a wedding photographer and videographer, but most brides also check The Knot for reviews. To scour local options they can consult with event planners at reception venues such as the Bella Rose Estate, where they need a Chandler production company that’s comfortable with indoor/outdoor settings, or the Ashley Castle, which requires a Chandler videographer who can get good images from a variety of spaces.

Chandler brides and grooms-to-be have another opportunity to shop around – the Big Fake Wedding Phoenix, a trade show where visitors get a taste (literally and figuratively) of the wedding planning process.

The name alone tells you it’s not your grandmother’s bridal show, but you can also find quite a bit of press about this traveling phenom. It’s been covered by San Diego Bride and “The Today Show,” among many other media reports.

“This company is changing the way future brides and grooms prepare to celebrate happily ever after,” said “The Today Show” host Sheinelle Jones.

Fake Wedding Phoenix gives attendees an atmosphere of cake displays, wedding décor, favors and gifts, reception DJs, wedding dresses, music, jewelry, hairstyle, makeup and much more.

It’s structured differently, but like any trade show, vendors get the chance to showcase their products and services, to get in front of their target customers. The website calls it a “bridal show alternative complete with an emotional ceremony, a tasty dinner, and a dance-party reception, fresh flavors, bright colors and tons of traditions.”

If you’ve hosted an event at SoHo63 you know it’s a break from the traditional ballroom. Often described as “hip and historic,” it’s a downtown event venue with some rather unusual twists. You may find its traditional elegance has an East Coast feel, but with features like bistro lighting and exposed brick, it also has a strong modern vibe.

As the party host, your event videographer in Chandler, Arizona is ideally a forward-thinking, out-of-the-box professional, not an old school, point-and-shoot guy.

An experienced SoHo63 event photographer gets front-row seats to such parties as:

  • Banquets
  • Balls
  • Holiday Parties
  • Corporate Meetings
  • Social Events
  • Celebrations
  • Weddings

video production chandler arizona

Production companies in Arizona offer affordable services for personal projects as well as commercial jobs.

Having professional grade lifestyle videos are not just for Richard Branson’s of the world, and you aren’t limited to the quality of something you create on your iPhone.

The ability for every American to have film footage of their most important life experiences was a long time coming. The early 19th century brought still cameras to the marketplace with the Daguerreotype process in 1839. One hundred years later, amateurs could make moving pictures with cameras like the Keystone Capri, which was sold through Sears Roebuck. The Whittaker Micro 16 was a sort of “spy camera” purchased by police departments and detective bureaus and was smaller than a pack of cigarettes, says

Popular Mechanics has an article about the development of the film camera, beginning with Thomas Edison filing with the U.S. Patent Office for the kinetoscope in 1888. He said it would “do for the eye what the phonograph does for the ear.” Filmmakers developed a metal movie camera in 1912 which was manufactured by Bell & Howell, a company that American families became familiar with when creating 35-mm “home movies.”

Eastman Kodak came out with 8-mm film in 1932 and it became the standard used by families and other amateurs. A few years later, when Bell & Howell created a lightweight version for amateur use, it was the first boom for amateur filming/home cinematography, though only the wealthy could afford the equipment.

When Kodak developed the “Super 8” system, filming covered a 30% larger image than before. Cameras were made of plastic which widened the marketplace, as families could take them on vacation.

By 1983, people could catch every meaningful moment with a Betamovie shot by a Sony one-piece video camcorder. A New York Times article from 1989 says that camcorders had become a part of everyday American life, used by millions and constituting a $2.3 billion-a-year business. There were 7,000,000 sold between 1985 and 1989, owned by 8% of households and cost an average of $940.

“While camcorders are generally used to record the same scenes that home film cameras did – baby pictures, travel, weddings, and other family events – consumers are finding dozens of new uses for them, including the videotaping of golf swings, wills, video postcards, property-insurance inventories and video-dating messages,” the article says.

While filming your own events is as popular as ever, thanks to smartphones, a videographer in Chandler, Arizona is a reasonable alternative when you’re a part of the action. A selfie isn’t going to do justice to Granddad’s 100th birthday or the opening of a new wing at the hospital in the memory of your parents.

When it’s something meant to last, you want to hand over the reins to a seasoned professional. It’s your best option when a video production in Chandler offers you freedom to enjoy your event or a boost to your company’s profits.