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Taking care of business when you’re in charge of a corporate or personal function inevitably means hiring a professional Riverside event photographer. And the scale of the occasion really doesn’t matter, because – business or pleasure – an image offers you a lasting reminder of the experience, which can serve you in a number of ways.

A birthday bash or red carpet awards show, event photography gives the party/conference/ceremony traction – so those who missed it experience some FOMO (fear of missing out) and fuels further excitement. If you’re planning the event, that’s the result you’re looking for.

It’s less lonely at the top when Riverside event planners delegate.

You may be the brightest and most talented executive in all the Inland Empire Rotary Clubs combined, but you have to reach out to experts, such as a Riverside event photographer, to ensure your function is successful. Bearing the responsibility of a convention, fundraiser, wedding or party is unfathomable to someone without the skill set of a professional event planner. The top 5 abilities event planners need to have, says an article on The Balance/Small Business website, are:

  • Highly Organized

Though many may claim to be “detail-oriented” on their resumes or in interviews, there are few who can reach the bar when it comes to pulling off a successful event. You must be a champion of the checklist and have the foresight of a soothsayer.

  • Personable

Keeping everybody happy – client, venue management, attendees/guests – is a very tall order. Though a lot of your job takes place at a computer screen – booking Riverside event photography, researching venues, etc. – the most important element is interaction with people. Socializing and networking are major aspects of most engagements, for both event staff and attendees.

  • Excellent Communicator

Negotiating with location sites, pitching your event ideas to a prospective client – these all need a certain amount of precision. You need to communicate clearly to your event photographer and other specialists to be sure you get the results you want.

  • Creative

From the get-go, you’re accessing your cleverest ideas to put into action. Before the endless job of interacting with guests begins, you’re pitching ideas, which requires vision and concept development.

  • Multi-tasker

When you’re at the top of the event chain, you may find yourself auditioning Hollywood performers, interviewing a Riverside event photographer, and hiring a Moreno Valley catering crew – all in the same day. That’s where your flexibility and ability to prioritize comes in.

Finding an event photographer with a broad range of expertise can be challenging.

For most events, you need more than corporate photography to capture the moment. Headshots are great, and in some cases – such as galas, awards, and fundraisers photography – you want the step-and-repeat shots at the logo wall. It’s all for brand promotion. Like the heart shape on the Roxy label or BMW’s propeller-like design (actually derived from the Bavarian flag), event sponsors want to bring attention to their brands. There’s no better way than through post-event social media sharing.

By looking over a Riverside event photographer’s background and range of experience, you can find an appropriate match for your particular function – but it calls for an assessment of your needs.

Concerts and live performances photography requires agility and a type of creative expertise unless you’re happy with the type of coverage you get from an iPhone XS Max or the local newspaper reporter’s Minolta. If you’re hosting an event at the Fox Performing Arts Center with a crowd of 1,600 or more, you may want someone experienced with bands and musicians photography who can capture the charm of its mission-style atmosphere as well as the acts themselves.

What if your event is truly one-of-a-kind?

Imagine filling the 17,000 seats of Minnesota’s Xcel Energy Center when it turned from a hockey rink to a Superbowl field in February 2018. Sporting event photography of that scale has one chance to get it right – and it’s the same with your event.

Even smaller functions, such as intimate anniversary celebrations or company parties for locals, will benefit from a Riverside event photographer to capture them. You wouldn’t plan a wedding without booking a photographer.

Convention and events photography can support other resources for meeting organizers and party planners.

Whether you host the annual Festival of Trees or you’re a part of the kick-off to the Great Race at the Riverside Convention Center, anything involving a gathering of people is a big undertaking. With 26 meeting rooms in a total of 70,000 square feet of space, the Convention Center is a popular venue for some of the area’s largest exhibits, so you need a cameraman who has experience with conferences and meetings photography.

Let’s face it – it’s a production – which is why you may be turning to the entertainment industry for help. For more than 40 years, Debbies Book has been a go-to guide for everyone from successful industry prop masters to party planners at the top of their game. If you’ve ever purchased one, you know it’s a creative sourcebook with a range of rentals and other resources, including:

  • Uniforms
  • Portable bleachers
  • Scenery rentals
  • Research advisors
  • Turntables
  • Make-up
  • Furniture

A Riverside event photographer can use these props and backdrops to nuance the final product for your company’s advertising, customized gifting, promotional materials or vendor rewards. For instance, conferences and meetings photography can be turned into mugs or magnets as gifts or printed on posters and paper pads to promote an upcoming event.

If you’re a firm like Five One Seven Events, you interface with florists, clergy, musicians, caterers, dressmakers, and tux shops on a regular basis. Like golden anniversaries, quinceaneras and birthdays, people want a guarantee that the most important day in their lives will come off without a hitch. Parties and celebrations photography is a positive by-product of a job well done.

If you’re a UC Riverside alum getting the old fraternity together or a high-powered conference leader, you want the same result – a Riverside event photographer whose level of performance matches yours.

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