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Training Video Production

Training video production companies provide you with professional, engaging tools to convey both information and company culture to your employees. Whether you want to trim your budget by replacing unnecessary travel with the ease of online learning or create a more contemporary, high-tech vibe, a video production company can help you make gains by updating your materials.

E-learning isn’t new – in fact, it’s at the center of life for Americans of nearly every age level. But it means that as a business owner, you can’t pull the wool over anyone’s eyes. Many of your new employees have had virtual learning experiences already, which means that for yours to have a professional edge it can’t be a classroom lecture or a PowerPoint presentation.

What is a training video production company?

While the task of distilling the most necessary content into a training course is most effectively done by business owners, creating a visual product that connects with viewers requires a professional videographer. A video production company is far better prepared to organize the information and visually package your message in a way that helps the audience understand and remember it. 

The creative team you choose needs to be knowledgeable about effective educational video content, able to customize the project for your purpose. They also need to be able to write narratives that transport the viewer to a space where they have maximum concentration. The webinars you place on your schedule are not just days off for your employees. The content and style need to maximize retention.

corporate training video is useful whether you’re conducting formal training or just performance support and it helps if your videographer knows the difference. For instance, the length, style, and content of a software training video for office staff will have a different tone from an operations video for a construction crew.

The best video production company takes you from the budding idea phase to the end game, establishing a trajectory for your project while maintaining your company’s voice and affirming your brand. They craft a high-resolution, professional, effective video for your specific purposes.

Whether you’re one of Inc. Magazine’s “Most Successful Companies in the U.S.” or a small business in downtown Los Angeles or Tampa Bay, adding video to your communications arsenal is a must.  And the creative team you choose doesn’t need to win communicator awards to take your business to the next level. They need to understand your mission and company values to create a product that serves your business goals.

What are the steps in video production?

If you’ve been involved with corporate video production at all in the past, you know that the process is far more than “set, shoot, edit, post.” In fact, every step of the way there is decisions and actions that impact the project. There are possible missteps between concept development and the final product, just like the projects involving you and your most competent staff. Corporate training is also a process, which is why a successful outcome requires a connection to a production company that can tell your story.

Planning – An online training video begins with strategizing and determining general content. This is where its definition begins to materialize, including the length and scope of your project.

Scriptwriting – Putting meat on the bones of your outline requires the skill of a professional team of artists. It’s the result of honing and refining your message. If you are creating a video to add to an already existing training program, your script has to be consistent with its goals. You may find it effective to completely rewrite your training curriculum. An introductory video can augment your classroom training and sharing an explainer video is a format to drill down on certain points.

Interactive segments – Like training supervisors know, it’s easier to maintain the attention of your audience by requesting their participation. If you are preparing a sales force, your presentation will include an obvious call to action, which you hope will result in greater profits. Your training video can play a part in that effort.

Production – When you use proper planning you streamline the production process to get the project off on the right foot. A professional production company can organize the physical setup and deal with the background, the on-air talent, as well as the technical aspects of the shoot.

Post-Production – When high-quality footage is put together with a professional voiceover script your messaging takes shape.

Distribution – When the training video package is complete you may find multiple purposes for the video. You can also create separate versions of the video to use in multiple departments, even marketing and sales. It can be applied to more than just corporate communications. For instance, a product video for the sales team can also be used to reach out to new customers. Footage can be used to create commercials and social media posts to promote your brand.

The video you need doesn’t have to win an award of distinction from the International Academy of the Visual Arts. It simply needs to serve your purpose.

What kinds of training videos are there?

Because of the rise in demand, an affordable training video production package is easily accessible today. You don’t have to take out a loan to train your employees effectively. In fact, a video is a great way to reduce the work of your personnel, which can put more money back into the business.

Sales Training

Among the many concerns and responsibilities, you have as a business owner, those affecting corporate sales rank near the top. Whether you have products or services, your sales staff can make or break the company’s success.

New Product Video

Making employees familiar with your products is a no-brainer. For staff members who answer the phone to the installers, they all need the training to sharpen their skills with customers.

Safety Training Video

safety video is different for every industry and applies to specific areas of the country. Obviously, a bottling plant has a protocol for operating machinery, while a retail store has to mitigate issues with merchandise and customer interaction.

Explainer for Vendors

For large medical groups or food and beverage entities, your interface with vendors who need to know your standards. And when you host an event – a conference or awards show – there are too many people involved to personally brief them all. An explainer video is a great way to do that.

First Aid Training Video

Regardless of the industry, accidents happen and people become ill. While there are regulations pertaining to the size of business and its location, certain health-related training videos are a good idea.

There are certainly opportunities for your videos to cross over – for instance, a professional training video can be used to attract top talent when you post it as a recruitment video on job search sites such as Glassdoor. And you can use an explainer video during webinars that address various aspects of the business.

What makes a good training video?

We’ve all seen a corporate video or two that just wasn’t up to snuff – it either failed to match the vibe of the company or they missed the mark when they chose what type of video to produce. In the same way that a printed training guide or an infographic can lack the resonance and relevance it needs, there are some pitfalls for training video producers too.

You sometimes gain a clearer picture when you see warnings about what not to do. The following are examples of videos with preventable weaknesses:

  • Trying to be woke when it doesn’t fit your company culture, such as a music video for a senior living facility or a convoluted real estate video for a streamlined, industrial style condominium complex.
  • A safety training video filled with obvious staged “accidents.”
  • Insulting the intelligence of trainees with elementary voiceover content.
  • Where your on-air camera talent needs more years experience in the world of acting.

Some of the biggest problems can be avoided in the storyboard phase, but what it boils down to is that you want a video production company with writing expertise, a professional camera crew, and the ability to work closely with your executives to craft an appropriate video for your target audience.

Some of the most common aims of an effective training video are to make them:

  • Informative
  • Inspiring
  • Motivating
  • Inclusive
  • Gender-neutral
  • Progressive/contemporary
  • Engaging

To enhance the last quality – your new video’s ability to inspire engagement – you can pump it up with an interactive training video. The first time you create an interactive video, it begins the same way you would for any other video project. You determine your goals, then move on to the preparation and planning phase. When content is decided, your training guide needs to work closely with your production company supervisor to be sure the messaging hits your aim. E-learning authoring is an important part of the process.

The next phase determines the interactive features. You choose how many links you want to include and determine appropriate links, such as online articles or a helpful outside resource. You have to decide when to include links to surveys and other sites requesting feedback. Hyperlinking interactive paths may be the feature that makes you stand out among employers. Hotlinks and other interactive choices need to be spaced out for the user. When they are crowded together, sometimes learners miss them.

The spacing depends on the length of your training video, but you want to be sure they maximize the trainees’ experience. The first one needs to get their attention, typically through a question about a topic. It’s a good idea to track your results once you get it started. If it isn’t providing you with your desired results, it may be time to scrap your old corporate training video production for a new one.

You can perform a hybrid training too, using a live teacher augmented by video – for subject matter requiring more extensive engagement. Good examples include CPR training and lifeguarding.

Who makes the best training videos?

When seeking video production services to help you perform the important work of training your sales force or other employees, you want a team with many years of experience and customer testimonials to give you confidence in their talent and reliability. COLDEA Productions is a corporate training video production company with experience in both in-house video work and content for ads and marketing.

We can show you the advantages of incorporating a high-quality video production in your employee training program due to its power to engage the audience. We can turn a yawn-inducing requirement to educate workers into an entertaining break from their routine.

COLDEA Productions has a team of artists and tech experts with skills in providing affordable training video production. We deliver professional, high-quality products to clients in every corner of the marketplace. After meeting with you and conducting research, we have a full crew to design a master plan, beginning with a storyboard, where we lay out a strategy to create a visual product to achieve your business goals.

We have experience in Hollywood filmmaking and have worked in many Los Angeles landmarks. But we have also brought our talents across the world, covering events and featuring both the commercial and private endeavors of a number of people and their organizations.

The team at COLDEA Productions tackles complex projects ranging from training videos to commercials aimed at expanding a corporation’s standing in the industry.

Training video production companies provide you with the quality you can’t capture with a smartphone. If you’re a nonprofit sending medical staff to underserved countries, perhaps your training video can win a Telly Award. But, for most business owners, that’s beside the point … it’s about educating employees effectively.

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