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Whether you own a gym, design interiors or plan events, your clients have to find you. And when they find you, you’ve got to look good.

Right now, there are thousands, or even millions, of people searching the internet for someone who offers the products or services you provide. Getting in front of them is a challenge … but connecting with them and not giving them a reason to stay is a huge loss.

The talents of a Los Angeles business photographer can put you across the finish line.

Should I hire a professional Los Angeles business photographer?

Imagine a dating website with no photos. Swiping left or right would never be an issue and you wouldn’t be “ghosted,” because it wouldn’t get off the ground. People want to see what they’re getting into. Actually – they insist on it.

Are you located near LAX? If you’re in the aeronautics, aerospace, or other defense-related industries, you don’t have to be SpaceX to need the best images. In fact, it’s because of the competition that your online footprint has to lead the world in quality. A Los Angeles business photographer who knows L.A. and is a leader in visual marketing can take you there.

How do you become a marketplace leader? It’s not just a few clicks of the camera lens. There needs to be a strategy that makes sense in your particular industry.

Think like a potential client. Let’s say you’re a law firm and member of the L.A. Bar Association. When someone is looking for representation, they aren’t going to your website to be sure your attorneys look like runway models. A skilled Los Angeles business photographer can create visual imagery that communicates what you want it to – in this case, perhaps you’d choose to convey serious professionalism. Or your message could say “inclusive attitude” by featuring female lawyers and people of color.

What should I look for in a Los Angeles Business Photographer?

Experience, for starters. What have they done in the past? What does the photographer’s website look like?

Obviously, you’re at an advantage, because you can see with your own eyes what kind of work they do. It’s not the case when you choose a veterinarian or an installer.

When it comes to, specifically, Los Angeles business photography, you want someone who is familiar with the city. And knowing the massive spread of Los Angeles is easier said than done. The city alone is about 500 square miles, and the County of L.A. is 4,000 square miles.

Find out where they’ve done photoshoots before and if they’re capable of shooting in specialized locations, not just the usual business offices or churches for weddings.

Did they go to USC or UCLA? Or one of the many impressive colleges in Los Angeles, such as Loyola Marymount, Pepperdine, or one of the Cal State Universities or UC’s? If your Los Angeles business photographer has a foot in the door at a big institution like these, they have an edge.

Is the business photographer you choose familiar with the protocol for shoots scheduled for hospitals, stadiums, and venues like the L.A. Convention Center? Your business may benefit from an on-location shoot at one of L.A.’s many landmarks – Griffith Park Observatory, museums, zoos or Disneyland.

There will be some hurdles if the photographer you choose doesn’t have a level of confidence that comes from experience and vision. That can be the difference between getting into a studio set or snagging the rights to a desirable location to act as a backdrop for your look. In a city like this one, the possibilities are endless to knock it out of the park. From Southland beaches to areas like Frazier Park or Big Bear, you can convey almost anything that connects you with your client base.

What events should a Los Angeles business photographer cover?

The type of company you own will determine which event photos will add value to your prospects for growth. You don’t need to memorialize everything you do, but you may be missing key opportunities.

A Los Angeles business photographer who understands the goals for your company can go over the schedule and help you choose what’s important enough to include. If you’re in the pet industry, for instance, you may need a pet-sitting profile or shots from a ranch visit, or rescue event.

Do you need a steady stream of new employees? If you’re an agency with a quick turnover rate, it may benefit you to show prospective employees a friendly work environment, or even photos from company parties.

If you show at conferences or boutiques, there’s a chance you’ll need shots from those kinds of promotions.

There’s not a one-size-fits-all answer, which is why a Los Angeles business photographer who can successfully raise the profile for a client has to be creative and think outside the box.

Should I choose a Los Angeles business photographer who offers more services?

Do you need branding or re-branding? It’s really helpful when Los Angeles business photography services are combined with other commonly requested skill sets such as marketing.

Coldea Productions can provide entire packages to businesses who are just starting out or those who are looking for a big boost. We not only provide corporate and event photography, but we have also experienced business videographers, as well. We have years of experience in Hollywood film work, and we have clients in the corporate world from real estate to finance, for whom we’ve provided whole marketing packages.

No matter which photographer or videographer you hire, there has to be a successful endgame. In other words, if your strategy entails a boost in internet presence, email blasts, research to target a specific clientele, then your Los Angeles business photographer needs a broad range of skills.

Can your photographer tell a story? Can he/she help you tell a story? Your final product may need professional actors, voiceovers, or special effects. Be sure whoever you hire has that availability.

Events or locations your company needs in its visual presentation may require aerial shots. In this century, a Los Angeles business photographer must be proficient in the use of drone photography.

If you’re going to stand above your competition, you need a photographer who stands above the rest, as well.

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