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The state of Arizona is full of medium and small businesses in all kinds of industries competing for attention in today’s crowded and complicated video marketing landscape. Coldea Productions uses a film and television production background to become a respected full-service video production company to help businesses like yours expand online presence and brand awareness to targeted consumers.


The marketing and advertising industries have been changed forever with the introduction of high speed wireless internet connections and the widespread availability, access, and acceptance of smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices. Corporate video production using film industry techniques can enhance the quality and impact of your digital marketing efforts. Once an expensive, elite form of communication, film production is now an affordable option to take your individual marketing plans to the next level.

Video components are now essential to the success of your marketing efforts in the digital age. At Coldea Productions, we are a professional Arizona video production company that utilizes the latest technologies, equipment, and processes to produce content that will be recognized on search engines and presents your business to consumers in the most engaging and compelling ways.

Professional Film and Video Production Company

In the earliest days of the internet and online marketing, the video was expensive to produce and difficult to view using slower internet connections. The technology has advanced to meet the needs of consumers with mobile devices that can access the internet from anywhere with a solid connection. For industries that specialize in special events like weddings and travel, film production adds a dynamic element of realism that speaks to specific groups of target audiences.

With internet users accustomed to watching online videos, it takes a professional video production company like Coldea Productions to create dynamic, engaging content that will grab viewers’ attention long enough to make an impact. Our team of video production specialists help businesses in AZ from Tucson to Tempe to Sedona to Mesa, and everywhere throughout the Grand Canyon State and across the United States. We produce web videos using film industry standards and techniques that will help your content get noticed by those most likely to do business with your company.

Working with film is a bit more complicated than video production, requiring the care and attention of professionals with film industry experience. Coldea Productions is a respected production company that can produce TV commercials, marketing content, and corporate videos to help you achieve a variety of business goals and objectives.


Types of Corporate Video, Film for Marketing Purposes

Coldea Productions is a diverse production company with filmmaking experience in a wide range of corporate video services that serve your marketing and internal communications needs. Professional production services create engaging content that will help you rise in the search engine rankings and provide valuable information to viewers in the most compelling ways.

We are among the creative agencies that make the best use of the latest technology and many years of experience to produce live-action or 3D animation film projects able to connect with large groups of potential customers. The video production service options available from Coldea Productions include:

Product Demonstration Videos

Shooting product demonstration videos on film adds an element of depth and sharpness to your TV commercials, marketing videos, and other forms of corporate video content. Businesses from Scottsdale to Prescott and everywhere in between relying on explainer, demonstration, and how-to videos to highlight their products and showcase functions, features, and benefits to the consumer. Product demonstration videos are versatile tools that can be used in a variety of applications and platforms, including broadcast commercials, your website home page and landing pages, social media properties, and other digital marketing assets that can target consumers most likely to be interested in your products and services.

Internal Communication Videos

Training films, company overviews, and onboarding videos contain important materials that keep your staff on the same page and working towards the same goals and objectives. Filming internal communication videos allow employees, contractors, shareholders, and other business-related audiences a high-quality video production they can view on their own time and refer back to when needed. When film industry techniques and processes are used to create training videos and other forms on internal video projects, they can be used for multiple purposes and redistributed as needed, saving time and money in duplication efforts.

Benefits Film Production Companies in Arizona

While video can now be shot, edited, and distributed from the convenience of your smartphone or tablet, the film is a far more challenging medium that requires the services of a professional Arizona video production company specializing in filmmaking. Coldea Productions uses extensive experience in the film industry to provide the following benefits to your business.


Moving Pictures Dominate the Internet

The rapid advancement in mobile technology has given everyone with a smartphone the ability to view video content in the palm of their hands. This has resulted in an explosion of video content and forced social media networks to prioritize video in their massive digital communities. To get the attention of scrolling online users, it takes the kind of superior quality that Coldea Productions can provide with film-quality marketing videos that perform well on search engines and throughout all digital outlets.

Increase Online Presence, Brand Awareness

The overriding purpose of digital marketing is to get your content in front of those consumers that are already interested in your product. Marketing videos produced by the film industry professionals at Coldea Productions contain high entertainment value and are formatted to be recognized by Google, Bing, YouTube, and other prominent search engines. Consistently showing up on search engine results pages will increase your business’ online presence and heighten your brand awareness to large segments of consumers.

Social Media Marketing

Facebook, Instagram, and other social media networks have billions of active users that simply cannot get enough video content. These massive global platforms provide access to unprecedented numbers of users that can be targeted through paid advertising by specific demographic markers such as location, income, and purchasing habits. Free business pages allow you to post your own video content that can exponentially extend your reach through user sharing options.

Film Is Now Mobile-Friendly

When you see commuters watching major motion pictures, documentaries, and TV shows on handheld devices while riding the bus or train, you know the future is here. With pictures clearer than expensive televisions from just a couple of decades ago, marketing content and TV commercials play smoothly on mobile devices that can access wireless connections from anywhere.


Contact Coldea Productions Professional Film Production

Arizona businesses are constantly looking for the edge over the competition and shooting marketing content with film can set you apart. Coldea Productions is at the top of film production companies in Arizona that offer professional production capabilities and digital marketing expertise to get your business the visibility you need to increase brand awareness and generate sales. 

Contact Coldea Productions for complete information on the wide range of film and video production services designed to help drive consumers to your website and compel them to make a purchase.

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