Corporate Training Video Production

Corporate Training Video Production

Corporate Training Video Production

Corporate Training Video

A corporate training video production enables you to streamline the process you use to educate your employees. You can also perfect your messaging – become more pointed in content and refine the tone to match your branding.

It’s a boon to your budget when you let a video production service take the reins and create a compelling training program that you can use repeatedly without the expense of personnel. National and global corporations save travel costs as well when they solicit the work of a video producer rather than fly staffers to meet with trainees at every satellite office. 

What is corporate video production?

There are many types of corporate videos that serve purposes within and outside the company. The first time your website goes live, you want it to grab the attention of customers and make a splash among industry leaders.

A professional video producer can help you reach out to that audience with a proper representation of your corporate personality and the top features of your company. You can live stream corporate events to reach potential clients or host virtual trade shows by incorporating footage from a webcam. Meetings and teambuilding photography can be edited together with vendors and awards presentation footage to produce a convention video package that sells your company’s brand. It can be a permanent part of your website and you can post it on social media for added exposure.

A company’s videos can be used for recruitment, training, staff communication, and other needs. There are countless types of corporate videos, including:

  • Testimonials
  • Commercials
  • Promotions
  • Training
  • Web videos
  • Interviews
  • Educational videos
  • Real estate
  • Product videos

Any company that’s seeking new ways to reach out to existing customers and scale the business cannot ignore the power of video marketing. When competition for online consumers grows, providing the kinds of ads that gain attention becomes more important. Studies show that people are more responsive to moving images, which means the old strategies involving graphics with a caption just aren’t gaining traction with viewers.

The same is true for your employees – they metabolize your message better when they are more engaged, which is lacking in a classroom setting. A great way to achieve that is through a corporate training video that’s more stimulating than listening to a live team member.


Corporate Training Video Production

What are the elements of a training video production?

The unique aspect of a training video versus a visual marketing tool is the type of connection you need to make with the viewer. Instructional videos seek to make an emotional impact, but they are typically less persuasive in nature.

The target audience needs to be equally engaged, but the ultimate goal for a corporate training video is learning, while marketing and sales departments are concerned with conversion rates. The most effective training videos are crafted to reach specific viewers with an e-learning opportunity. The mode of communication depends on which aspects of the business it is addressing, but there are some proven elements of successful training videos that are used for a range of purposes.

Determine your message

When a keynote speaker is booked for a training program or conference, the most crucial action is deciding the main message. If you decide to create a corporate training video production, your first step will be to identify the use of it.

If you run an aerospace company, for instance, you may decide that video production can more adeptly introduce your executives to new products. Or if your manufacturing plant has an annual diversity training program, a video can serve as a reminder and lead off a discussion session. The best way to begin is by identifying the key point you plan to make.

Identify the audience

Your video style will differ according to its target viewers as well. For a large workshop, you may use a more general script and perhaps fewer characters or larger movements. The demographics of trainees may come into play, or their level of education, or even their style of communication. A feature film production with melodramatic detail may not resonate with type A, high-energy audience members.

Decide on a video style

The difference between “Lawrence of Arabia” and “The Blair Witch Project” is perhaps a dramatic way to describe the contrast between two video projects. Certainly, when you are talking about a corporate educational tool, there probably won’t be that wide a range of differences. There are, however, choices in how it is shot and edited – it needs to reflect your brand and effectively reach the minds of your target audience.

Write a script

You have to work closely with each team member to create a script that adequately informs your employees. Their level of performance will depend, in part, on how they were trained. This is another key component of your training video, as it encompasses the purpose of the project as well as the speech you need to use to gain traction with viewers.

Create a set

Like an art director on a film, the set needs someone to determine the most effective scene for the video production, even when it’s simply a corporate tool. Your videographer’s creative team should know how to further your messaging through an appropriate set.


Corporate Training Video Production

Should I get an employee training video?

Corporate videos used for any purpose are adept formats to bring the material to life. When content is dry, the matter of fact, or otherwise commonplace, keeping your audience engaged becomes more difficult. The popularity of how-to videos on YouTube and video sharing on Vimeo is proof enough that people want to see demonstrations more than they want to read complex manuals.

No one doubts the cost-effectiveness of a video production to instruct staff members, particularly when you have a protocol that includes multiple sessions. The organizational aspects alone can take a lot of personnel time and sometimes involve rental space and food preparation.

If your industry has a lot of regulations, you may be spending too much time leading instructional sessions with employees. If your regulations change, or if you have annual training sessions that are the same year after year, a video is a wise idea to convey that information.

Imagine the savings of time and energy when you have a one-and-done training video that you simply replay for employees each year.

If you are a business owner in the financial arena or you operate in a state that frequently changes regulations, you may choose to create an animated explainer video or a similar video tool that can be easily updated. It is a best practice for creative industries – to communicate in high-tech methods that are not standard and predictable.

New employees need a company overview and the style of training video you present needs to be a style that transfers information and maximizes retention.


Corporate Training Video Production

Do I need video production for training workshops?

When you onboard new employees, corporate training is a necessity, so you probably already have the content in place. You may also have a member of HR or an executive who leads new staff members in your training program every hiring season.

If you have a powerhouse in place who wants to continue taking the lead, you don’t have to eliminate the task of training from their duties. A hybrid training program using a video to communicate the facts and an animated staffer to deliver the personality can be a winning combination. Airlines are a good example of an industry that’s upped their game with comical animated explainer videos to augment the demonstrations by their flight attendants.

Your explainer video can utilize SVG animation to add color changes and character movement to drive home your key points and entertain, which aids in holding the attention of viewers. Whether you use motion graphics or live-action, a training video for new employees can both achieve your educational objectives and clarify your company culture. By telling your company’s story and showing the vibe of your office you make newcomers feel more comfortable and help them in the assimilation process. Including employee interviews to offer insights is the best practice in company culture video production. You can create a similar video product to use as a recruitment video.

Each business owner conducts training workshops differently, but most of them can utilize video in certain ways. Remote learning experiences are understood by workers in every field. To enhance the virtual training experience, you can create an interactive video. Employees can click on objects and gain access to other media through hot links. It engages viewers as they choose content that resonates with them, which improves their ability to absorb and retain information.


Corporate Training Video ProductionWhere do I find a video production company?

COLDEA Productions is a team of professional artists with experience in creating custom corporate videos for business owners of all sizes in industries of many kinds. With a background in filmmaking, we help you create the narrative you need, one that educates and unifies your staff, always projecting your main message.

If you need a video to screen share on Zoom calls or if you want to update your sales training, we can create an effective video that gets the job done. We begin by getting to know you and your company to be sure we provide you with materials that are consistent with your brand.

Testimonials from our clients show that we can handle the most complex commercial projects and that we are a reliable team that routinely exceeds expectations. Your training video is shot in high definition so its clarity and professionalism match the quality of your company’s standards.

As a team of artists, we have expertise in creating animated training videos as well, leaving the PowerPoint caption presentation behind in favor of motion graphics with clever writing.

The final product we deliver to you will equip your employees in a streamlined fashion using your stated intent and containing your priorities and values. You are able to bring longtime employees up to speed on new regulations and onboard new hires about the company’s products and services.

If you’re merging with another company and have new rules to adopt or the leadership needs retraining, we equip you with a tool for online learning to get the company on the same page.  Small businesses are better able to scale their companies and connect with new customers using this method.

The e-learning experience is growing in its importance and, therefore, business owners owe it to employees to get on board. A corporate training video production from COLDEA Productions is more than just useful – it’s a solution to your need for an effective educational tool.