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With companies, schools, and the military relying more on online video and recruiting video production for recruitment efforts, it has never been more important to use video production to reach the largest amounts of viewers to maximize the power of these specialty marketing videos.

Videos used to recruit employees, students, and others have been in use for many years. With the advancement in video technology and the rapid rise in popularity of video content on the internet, they have never been easier to produce and distribute. In today’s crowded digital spaces and with recruiting competition at its highest, it is crucial to have a professional video production house like Coldea Productions create the most effective videos to attract top talent from the pool of prospective employees, athletes, and service people.

What Are Recruiting Video Productions?

Recruitment videos appear on job sites to get the attention of job seekers and have them apply for open positions. Companies are seeing how effective the best-recruiting videos are in drawing talent in various industries for specific jobs. The easiest way to recruit all kinds of talent is to present engaging, dynamic video showcases of the subject that can be distributed to a variety of platforms and networks.

Corporate candidates, college coaches, and military recruiters are typically bombarded with recruiting materials for many different avenues. Professionally-produced recruiting videos will attract new recruits of the highest caliber to fit your needs. 

Best Practices for Recruiting Video Production

Recruitment videos do not have to be long, heavily produced, and expensive productions. A little goes a long way when the video production professionals at Coldea Productions create highly effective recruiting training videos that will impress college coaches, prospective employees, and military personnel. The important thing is to present the information in an authentic and engaging way to showcase the job or the applicant.

The following are some helpful tips and best practices for creating recruiting videos that will make you stand out among the rest.

Keep It Fun

Just because the material and information being delivered is serious and will have real-world consequences that can change the path of people’s lives does not mean you cannot have fun with it. Let the personality of your company or recruit come out in fun and entertaining ways. Use humor and lighthearted fun that combines the best attributes of the subject to take your recruiting video to the next level.

Keep It Short

The attention spans of video viewers have never been as short as it is in today’s crowded digital age. Keep in mind that your video is likely one of many your target audience will be looking at. The last thing you want is to bore them or make them feel like your video goes on too long. The chances are good your video will not be watched more than a couple of minutes, no matter how entertaining or compelling it is.

Keep It Conversational

Make it seem like you are speaking directly to the influential viewer. While providing valuable, serious information, keep the tone conversational, and almost casual to keep the viewer interested and engaged. Try video recording a few takes with no script, just speaking off the cuff. It may not qualify for the final product, but it should give you a feel for what you want to talk about and how you want it presented.

Multiple Calls to Action

Let the viewers of your recruiting video know how they can reach you by adding in clear, multiple calls to action throughout the presentation. The next steps may be for recruiters to be directed to a professional blog page or career site, or it may be as simple as your phone number or email address.

Company Recruitment Videos

More than half of all businesses that use video to attract the best and brightest candidates in their field are able to fill their needed positions quicker with qualified, experienced workers that will help boost production and revenue for their company.

Discovering new talent that will be the best fit for your business operations can be the difference in your long-term success. The global market competition makes it more difficult than ever to weed out the most qualified candidates. The company recruitment videos created by the video production professionals at Coldea Productions will help you to attract the people to add to your staff.

Video is an effective medium to showcase your business and the way you run your company and will set up expectations for the positions you are seeking to fill. The finest candidates will likely have their choice of several different options. Company recruitment videos are excellent vehicles to highlight your business and showcase the benefits of working for you.

The most memorable and effective recruiting videos will tell their company story and share the positive experiences of existing employees. Some ways to showcase the culture of your business and help your videos stand out among the rest to include:

Showcase an Employee

The best way to show a potential employee what it will be like to work for you is to showcase a current employee. Tell their story and demonstrate to prospective candidates the benefits of working for your business through the eyes of a happy, satisfied worker. This will put your prospects in your subject’s position and help them to envision the positive experience of working for your company.

Highlight Why Your Business Makes a Difference to Employees

The most qualified and respected candidates looking at your most important positions in the company will need more information than salary and job requirements. Show them how working for you will make a positive impact in their lives in the short- and long-term. Highlight the passion and dedication of your staff and showcase the benefits your employees receive.

Get Personal

Fair wages, health benefits, and vacation time are important aspects to provide to potential employees, but how they will be treated, and the culture of your operations is just as important. Your company recruiting video needs to speak to the best qualities of your business that prospective candidates will find most helpful and interesting. Show the human side of your company organization and focus on the ways they will treat personally as a member of your business family.

Insert Humor

Humor is a great unitor and helps to lighten the heavy nature of looking for a job and finding the right candidates. It can often be hard to strike the right balance with humorous elements and comedy is subjective. When done well and the content is universally funny, these videos can be effective at reaching the largest number of qualified candidates and will be more likely to be shared with others.

Promote Your Company Recruitment Videos

You will want to get your company recruitment videos in front of the most people possible to increase the chances of finding the best fit for the available positions. Use your website, social media accounts, and other industry-related digital properties to cast as wide a net as possible.

Military, Police Recruiting

The United States military is continually looking for ways to recruit new members for the next generation of armed forces personnel. All branches of the military have their own marketing departments that produce recruiting videos to attract the best of the available young Americans willing to serve.

Whether for an Army recruiting video, Navy recruiting video, or Coast Guard recruiting video, the production values have increased with technological advances that have made these kinds of video content effective at making a life in the military as attractive and worthwhile as possible.

Police forces throughout the nation are at a crossroads for attracting the attention of potential recruits that are willing and able to contribute to society in a meaningful way. Effective police recruiting video presentation can draw the most qualified candidates who will honor the badge and dedicate their careers to protecting and serving in their communities.

High School Athlete Recruiting Videos

Thousands of college coaches across the country go through a complicated process of searching for the best high school athletes that can help their sports programs reach the next level. Even more, high school athletes and their parents spend a lot of time and effort trying to find the right school that will suit their talents and needs. There is nothing more impactful than a powerful highlight video showcasing the talents and skills of a high school basketball, football, baseball, or soccer player looking to take their game to the next level

The team of professional video production specialists at Coldea Productions works with entities on both sides to create the most effective videos that will achieve specific goals and objectives.

Whether you need to produce a high-quality baseball recruiting video, a soccer recruiting video, or any other college recruitment video, the following tips and guidelines will help you put yourself or your program in the best light.

Do Your Homework

If you or your child is a high school student looking to create and distribute a highlight video to distribute to colleges, it is important to spend the time to do your homework and investigate which schools would be the best for your situation, talents, and academic achievements. Before sending out the finished product, choose those colleges where the athlete can complete and will fit in best.

Make a Connection First

Most coaches make an effort to view all of the college recruiting videos that come their way, but they often will have to sift through a lot of them. The chances of getting their attention will increase if the student has made prior contact through an introductory email or phone call.

Keep It Short, Simple

College coaches watch game footage and sports highlight videos for a living. They do not have the time or inclination to watch a two-hour video or game footage. The most effective highlight reel is around five minutes or less. Let your performances and career highlights do the talking. Avoid showing crowd shots, using music, or adding fancy transitions that will distract from the highlight reel.

Provide Relative Statistics, Contact Information

In addition to showing game footage and a highlight reel, include statistics and measurements that are most relevant to the sport. Also make sure they know how to reach you by showing your phone, email, address, social media pages, and other contact information.

Post-Videos Online

Posting your sports highlight video online through a website or your social media accounts will make the content easily accessible to coaching staff and recruiters. Sending a YouTube link is far easier for them to view and share than sending a DVD or thumb drive through the mail. 

Follow Up

Creating and distributing your college recruiting videos is just one step in the process of finding the right school for the student-athlete. It is crucial to follow up to make sure the video was received and discover the next steps. College coaches are looking for confident, dedicated young athletes with the ability to communicate. Making an effort to follow up can make a big impression on the decision-makers.

Why Choose Us?

Finding the right collegiate athletes, qualified employees, and others can be challenging in a hyper-competitive world like college athletics and corporate business operations. The team of video production professionals at Coldea Productions creates powerful, creative, and effective recruiting video production content for a wide range of uses and applications. Put yourself or your business in the best light so you can find the right fit for you and your business. As the coronavirus pandemic continues, it is more important than ever to find alternative communication channels and Coldea Productions is uniquely positioned to produce video content that will engage and inform viewers all across the world.

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